America A Horse With No Name Album Cover

St. George Theatre Hosts “America”, Band Famed For 1971 Classic, “A Horse With No Name” (Oct 11)

America A Horse With No Name Album Cover

America A Horse With No Name Album Cover

We’ve all heard America’s Classic Americana tune, “A Horse With No Name”, released in 1972 (’71 in Canada, for whatever reason).  For some of us, flashes of images of fueling up, or motoring along Victory Boulevard with the wind blowing, invade our memory, reinvigorating the soul. For others, this track evokes fond memories of childhood, when the track was popular, in their own lives. That would be true of the author.

For still others, yet unborn by decades, America and “A Horse With No Name” are but incredible icons of 1970s Americana. Younger generations groove on this kind of stuff, and love popular culture.  Dewey Bunnell, Dan Peek, and Gerry Beckley were the original band members. Musical history is like religion for some younger people, and America is a holy grail of pop music culture.

It’s not just the author’s opinion; in 1973,  America garnered the  Best New Artist Grammy , as well as a nomination for Best Pop Vocal Group at the 15th Annual Grammy Awards.[1] Further proof that America is the Real Thing: In 2006, dacades after their first hit single, the band was inducted into the  Vocal Group Hall of Fame Not enough proof? Visit their Hollywood Walk of Fame star in LA. Miss this one and you’re going to miss something worthwhile.

the band "America" Youn Can Do Magic Album Art

the band “America” Youn Can Do Magic Album Art

America also returned to the fore in 1982 with their next big hit single You Can Do Magic“.

Just to hear these two tracks performed live by Living Musical Masters is enough to soothe and reconnect with reality.  Will you be attending? One of the hip young set soaking up Classic American Culture? Or a Culture Vulture, an older Islander who has the young ones beaten by scores, having had the great luxury of many  decades  lived to the max chock full of meaningful cultural experiences?

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    Although, I am fond of music of those years, I hear about these three men for the first time. I will definitely find their songs. Thank you for sharing this information.

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