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Surgeon General’s Warning: Pot Dangerous, Causes Physical Dependence, Has No Medical Value!

The following article appeared today in Cannabistical.com, and is syndicated here at StatenIslander.Org with full permission. The author, Mr. Abis-Mokir (an obvious pseudonym, which when spoken sounds like “Avid Cannabis Smoker”), covers the topic of the Surgeon General recently penning an advisory against marijuana use by young people or pregnant women. Herein, the author brings the reader to examine the facts surrounding marijuana prohibition, as well as some fundamental questions about health and social issue that arise by keeping marijuana illegal. -Archie Frank, Editor

by Avi’d Khan Abis-Mokir, b. 1967 (pseudonym)

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The Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Jerome M. Adams, today issued a significant advisory, warning Americans that marijuana is not a benign substance, and that it can irreparably harm young people and pregnant women. In his own words, HHS Secretary Alex Azar had this to say, “Marijuana is a dangerous drug, especially for young people and pregnant women…This historic Surgeon General’s advisory is focused on the risks marijuana poses for these populations, which have been well-established by scientific evidence. As indicated by President Trump’s generous donation of his salary to support this advisory, the Trump Administration is committed to fighting substance abuse of all kinds, and that means continuing research, education, and prevention efforts around the risks of marijuana use.”

Is this what those of us who chose to vote for President Trump were promised? In 2018, President Trump suggested he’d likely to support ending the blanket federal ban on marijuana. But now, only a short time later, and we have not a “fair” assessment weighing marijuana’s risks and benefits, but a scare campaign, paid for by our President’s own salary? Is this not a clear a conflict of interest? Is this not a betrayal of his voters? Marijuana smokers hail (or inhale) from both the blue and red teams. It’s just the poorer citizens who end up penalized, disproportionately including Black and Hispanic people, young, middle-aged, and elderly.

Lemon Kush Image Credit: Eggrole

Lemon Kush Image Credit: Eggrole CC

How could the Surgeon General possibly maintain impartiality in such matters, when his very salary is paid for, contingent on the fact that marijuana be painted as harmful? This is not what I voted for in 2017, when I cast my ballot for President Trump. In fact, President Trump is going back on his libertarianesque campaign promise to let states decide, instead promulgating 80s-era drug-war-styled “studies” that are paid to find the result that the funders are seeking. Preposterous. Truly shameful,indeed!

Where is the uproar, from the Surgeon General, over heroin, fentanyl, and other synthetic opiate analogs? KIDS OVERDOSE AND DIE EVERY DAY IN EVERY TOWN AND CITY, IN EVERY U.S. STATE. As tent cities grow across OUR LAND, FROM coast to coast, with addicts lying prostrate on the ground with a needle stuck in their arms, unconscious, surrounded by rats and feces, we are warned that marijuana is the real issue we have to content with? Is this seriously happening? I have to ask myself repeatedly, as this is beyond ludicrous. As China and other countries look at our news and see this sad debacle, our President pays personally for a study to show how bad marijuana is. What’s the strategy here?

Has “Big Pharma” gotten to President Trump? Why the sudden vigor in pursuing marijuana? Cannabis successfully replaces multiple categories of prescription drugs, including pain killers like Vicodin®, anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax®, stimulants like Adderall®, sleep aids like Ambien®, and antidepressants like Zoloft®, as well as seizure medications for epilepsy, glaucoma medications, and anti-emetics for nausea. Likely, the list is even longer. Are we to believe it’s impossible, as no one plant could deliver so many benefits? What about cannabis replacing opiates, or helping opiate addicts to get off their poison?

Let’s consider aspirin, an analog of the naturally-occurring salicytic acid that accomplishes so much. is that also just imagination? Fortunately, studies over more than a century have uncovered the myriad of benefits derived from one drug, aspirin. And, even with aspirin, there are risks. Tinnitus, stomach bleeding, and other side effects are a possibility. So, one chemical in a single plant can, if fact, treat many conditions and diseases, yet hold some measurable risk.

Perhaps pressure form the the alcohol lobby also came into play, which funds anti-marijuana legislation to the tune of many millions of dollars every year. Honestly, I’m quite disappointed. It would have been better to fund a study on opiates, showing a fact-based set of reasons to kids why opiates are a complete dead-end, and why skid row is an opiate addict’s final destination, almost guaranteed. With our nation facing a drug crisis of epic proportions, going after marijuana (users) now seems quite bizarre, frankly, and a pursuit entirely without merit.

And it doesn’t stop there. The private prison system advocates, as well as law enforcement unions, have also both pushed to keep marijuana illegal for longer than you might imagine. Don’t our police have better things to do than pursue “Marijuana offenders?’ What about our prisons? Is that what we warehouse men and women in cages for, smoking harmless flowers? Marijuana’s worst health issue centers around its illegality, studies have repeatedly demonstrated.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s recently released 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) recently announced that marijuana is the most widely (ab)used illegal drug. Is this anything anyone didn’t already know? While Surgeon General Adams states, “There is a false perception that marijuana is not as harmful as other drugs. I want to be very clear – no amount of marijuana use during pregnancy or adolescence is known to be safe,” the reality is that pregnant women are routinely given a plethora of pharmaceuticals with known and unknown hazards.

Even Pitocin, a chemical routinely administered during both natural and Cesarean pregnancies, is not a completely benign drug, that may adversely affect both mother and newborn. And neither Pitocin, nor vaccinations during pregnancy, have been tested for safety. At All. Shocking, but true.

And, suggesting marijuana is as “harmful as other (illegal) drugs” might send the false message (to kids) that other illicit substances are,in fact, as safe as marijuana. In any case, there’s no equivalent to a crack baby from a mother who smoked weed. It’s just not factual. And no one has ever suffered delirium tremens from cessation of even heavy, long-term, cannabis use.

Availability is another key focus of Surgeon General Adams health advisory. What can we say of availability? Marijuana is readily available, as is heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, and methamphetamine. Are alcohol and tobacco readily available to young people? Growing up in the late seventies and early eighties, cigarettes, beer, and even hard liquor, were readily obtainable at local delis by just about any teenager.

Now? With strict regulation, kids have far more restricted access to these substances. If marijuana were made legal, and not merely “decriminalized”, as was done in New York City and so many other places, it would mean that black-market hustlers would have to seek a day job. Right now, NYC is a haven for cartels to sell unregulated cannabis products to the public, as millions and millions of adults choose to use the drug.

If cannabis were legalized, it would mean that in order to buy weed or oil extracts, you’d have to present a valid ID, just as is the case when purchasing alcohol and tobacco products. So, keep cannabis illegal and hope for the best? Did that work during alcohol prohibition? How does keeping a substance classified as illicit discourage black markets, and the cartels such markets both create and cause to grow and thrive? Further, when we the last time a crime syndicate cared one iota about selling drugs —any drugs — to young people? Or drug purity? Legalize marijuana and these issues are no longer there. Done. Caput.

The advisory leans on the worn 80’s Drug War canard: Marihuana is a gateway drug. Actually, the first drug most kids abused was often alcohol or tobacco, and the “gateway” hypothesis never panned out in the real world. Most marijuana smokers (or edible eaters) would be horrified to even consider consuming heroin or meth. And that’s the truth. Surgeon General Adams advisory continues, “[the advisory is]…intended to raise awareness of the known and potential harms to developing brains, posed by the increasing availability of highly potent marijuana in multiple, concentrated forms. These harms are costly to individuals and to our society, impacting mental and physical health and educational achievement and raising the risks of addiction and misuse of other substances.”

Were these risks of physical dependence, and damage to developing brains, provably true, again, legalization would again bar young people from exposure to such risks. Studies conducted in the past regarding loss of IQ among kids who started smoking weed early did not adjust for socioeconomic data and other factors; kids who begin smoking marijuana in sixth grade often have a host of other issues in their lives, usually preceding marijuana abuse, and usually far more pressing. They should be playing with Pokemon and thinking about their crushes, not taking drugs OR drinking alcohol, at that age! Yes; a twelve year old smoking weed is drug abuse; marijuana should be reserved for adults. (That is, excepting medical need; the case of kids being helped with intractable epilepsy is but one example.)

That brings us to the Surgeon General’s other big message: There is no medical marijuana; it’s a complete farce, a fabrication. While Surgeon General Adams stated that “…we don’t talk about medical foxglove…” in a June 24th video published by the Aspen Institute, he completely disparages herbal medicine, a discipline extensively studied in the last twenty years, respected by traditional cultures worldwide (like Auhurvedic medicine in India and so many others), as well as research from renowned universities and institutes in the US and abroad.

Sometimes, in fact, we do take a raw herb as medicine, baking it into a brownie or imbibing in a tea. There are thousands of medicinal herbs that have been studied, whose phytochemicals and constituents are documented and well-known. Truly, this nay-saying of herbal medicine is a frightening development, clearly undisguised cheerleading for the pharmaceutical industry, which cannot possibly profit from marijuana (or any other herb) that cannot be patented. Yes; like the Surgeon General says, “plants we can grow ourselves in our yards.” How accurate!

That’s not all. There’s more. The Surgeon General recently stated, “…this isn’t your mother’s marijuana…marijuana a decade ago was 5% THC…you now have..strains that are 20, 30% THC, and they’re concentrating them…you’re getting 90, 95% THC.” Ask Ed Rosenthal or other marijuana gurus who’ve been around since the seventies whether marijuana was so weak in the past. In fact, the outdoor weed imported in the seventies was often quite strong; 80s and 90s weed was also often potent; strains that have high THC have been with us for many, many years. This “stronger weed today” meme is another misnomer. Ever hear this one in the mass media lately? We wouldn’t be too shocked. Lies often repeated tend to develop a life of their own.

Look carefully at the weed available in places like New York City, where cannabis use has been decriminalized (again), having been first decriminalized in the 1970s. (New Yorkers can only smoke in private, of course, and merely acquiring weed is still a crime.) Much of NYC’s “decriminalized” weed is hydroponically grown, and most has been “blasted” with solvents. What does this mean? And, with “decrim” weed, users are exposed to Eagle 20, or mycolbutanil, a fungicide that cartel weed seem rife with.

And, that’s not all; there’s also fake vape pens filled with something other than what is on the fake label, recently sending dozens, possibly hundreds, to hospital emergency rooms across the country. Yes; even in areas where cannabis is legal. Why? Black market profiteers promise cheaper prices, with fake packaging mimicking the real, lab-tested stuff. In other words, black markets are bad, but bathroom gin should have led us to that conclusion a long time ago.

In effect, buyers, unaware, are purchasing cannabis that has been stripped of its cannabinoid-rich oils; cartels now sell the oil as a separate product, as well as the cannabis flower the concentrated oil was derived from. Smoked marijuana, purchased illicitly on the streets of New York, is often sold without much pot(ency). While it’s true that waxes and oils may be quite strong, in areas where it remains illegal, there’s no guarantee. No testing. No oversight. Just what a cartel loves.

Why is this a hazard? The solvents employed in the removal of the oil from the flower buds are not necessarily safe for consumption, and there’s no way such solvents are completely removed. Upon further consideration, should consumers really be relying on a cartel to bring them weed in the first place? Now, if weed were without any positive characteristics, a highly dangerous, physically-addictive substance, capable of causing debility and death, no one would argue that there should be no consumers for this substance. But that’s just not the case.

And if it were, indeed, more potent, so what? Our Surgeon General’s analogy between “…your mother’s weed…and today’s weed…like the difference between you having a glass of wine and a pint of grain alcohol” just does not hold any truth. A bottle of grain alcohol can cause death. In fact, it can take a lot less than that; a young adult can buy enough alcohol to commit suicide for well under fifty dollars.

Even 90% THC extract cannot accomplish this. Ever. No stomach pumps. No dying. At worst, temporary “cannabis psychosis,” a term coined by the medical system to describe the temporary severe psychological effects caused by having too much weed, are the sole result of “overdosing” on cannabis preparations of any type. That, and possibly also temporary tachycardia.

In fact, cannabis is essentially nontoxic; water, needed by all lifeforms, is actually far easier to drink to the point of death with. With an LD50 that is actually easily approachable, a person can die from drinking too much water, while marijuana’s LD50 is virtually impossible to attain.  (The toxic dose of THC in a 65kg adult is estimated to be 8.45kg; ethics bars us from knowing precisely what an LD50 for cannabis might be.) So, there really is no “overdosing”; it’s just a term that’s misapplied. THC and other cannabinoids are not toxins, unlike virtually every other substance humans employ to modify our conscious state.

“Nearly 1 in 5…people who began marihuana us in adolescence..become addicted.” The Surgeon General should encounter real addicts: Those hooked on heroin, alcohol, meth and cocaine. Any herb users among the readers? Personally,I’ve never had an issue stopping my marijuana consumption cold turkey. Stopping drinking coffee was more difficult. Who are we kidding? I suppose those with no marijuana exposure (a very small number at this point) might fall for this tripe. Marijuana just isn’t physically addictive, even as new studies come out stating such.

But none of these points are factual or science-based; to merely repeat an untruth does not bring it into the domain of provable medical fact. No one dies from weed. No one ends up with a debilitating health conditions, like sclerosis of the liver, or permanent brain damage, both possible outcomes caused by drinking too much alcohol. Now, according to the Surgeon General, one if five pregnant women in California use marijuana regularly. Is that even so bad? Possibly.

But without proven research, we just don’t know. Marijuana has a long history of use in cultures spanning the globe. To fully investigate this, a longitudinal study would have to be conducted, a study that’s impartial and look at historical, as well as current use. How many pregnant women also eat sugar? How many eat basil? There are hazards associated with both, you know. But is it significant enough to warrant a ban on the practice? And, how many of these women the Surgeon General cited are using cannabis as a substitute for other, more dangerous drugs, with far worse proven side effects, in those seven categories listed above?

For now, maybe pregnant women should wait and hold out on smoking that joint. Just to be safe. But what if they instead seek out their doctor’s help and get a benzodiazepines prescription for their pesky anxiety caused by PTSD? Is that necessarily better that cannabis, a more healthful choice? It’s not like our medical system keeps pregnant Moms away from all drugs. While it’s true that having illicit substances in the bloodstream can even lead to CPS taking custody of a newborn, marijuana is not crack; weed is not heroin; wax and shatter are not fentanyl. Let’s be honest.

We should re-examine everything we know, and challenge the “authorities” that claim they’re looking out for us. It seems, actually, they’re looking out for someone else’s bottom line or job security. How very dreadful, to find this to be so! I just wonder how many other Trump voters have had enough with all this and won’t even consider voting for him again. No; I’m not going Democratic; Bernie or Hillary will have to get into office without my help.

But I am not sure that, in good conscience, those who had voted for President Trump in the last election will necessarily do so again, in light of the Surgeon General’s latest cannabis advisory. Will voters help President Trump with his re-election bid with their votes in the 2020 election? I’ve been able to tolerate a trade war gone sideways, resulting in harm to US farmers and industry, because the end results will be worthwhile; the name-calling of political opponents (yes, I am also a weed smoker who is very much pro-Israel) and calling Jews disloyal whom are not (necessarily so); but reverting to 1980s Drug War falsehoods and fear-mongering is just wrong on so many levels, and upsets me on a deep level.

It’s not just about weed; it’s self-determination and honesty in government that’s at stake. Plus, the mass incarceration, going on for decades and decades now, of black, white, and other races of people. Their only offense? Smoking a relatively harmless plant that happens to be, illogically, illegal, legislation passed so, so many decades ago, under questionable pretense. This is clearly not what we voted for. I feel sad and disappointed.

Our present Surgeon General is a Black man., the fourth Black Surgeon General, so there’s no way he lacks concern for people of color. But when he states, “…you already have a liquor store and smoke shop on every corner in every Black community. I don’t know that adding a marihuana dispensary to that mix, we’re going to solve our social justice ills, ” the Surgeon General fails to realize that on the corner –literally — there’s already a weed dealer.

And, unlike those selling their wares in the liquor stores and smoke shops, the corner drug dealer faces no regulations, no scrutiny at all on the purity, or anything, regarding the illegal drugs they sell. And, such drug dealers often sell other drugs, here showing how Marijuana Prohibition actually creates the “Culture of Gateway Drug Use.”

While stating that Black men are arrested at four times the rate of White men  for marijuana use,, the Surgeon General fails to recognize that legalization would end this travesty. I believe he is ignorant of fact, rather than deceiving by choice.  He seems like a decent military man who joined the Public Health Service Commission Core because he cares about helping people, and our American communities.

I thought our President was more of a libertarian, more about true American values and the supremacy of the Constitution. States rights. Freedom for all. I fear I may have been wrong; I certainly hope I was not. I may not be voting in the upcoming Presidential election, not because the Surgeon General advised pregnant women and kids not to smoke weed (I can agree with that, for the most part), but because of all the other anti-marijuana propaganda he spewed, paid for my President, personally. I helped to cause this latest mess by voting for him. I thought former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his antiquated viewpoints on weed were antithetical to President Trump’s leanings, and once Sessions was gone, the situation might improve. Now, I can’t be so sure. And, I doubt I’m the only one.

While the 2018 Farm Bill was a great step in the right direction, legalizing non-drug hemp and hemp by-products, more progress must be made. “We have to take care of our farmers and ranchers, and we will take care of them,” President Trump pledged. And, that was truly noble, a game-changer for cash-strapped farmers who may now till their fields for industrial hemp, as well as the CBD that is found in hemp’s flower, and the life-giving seeds, an amazing source of complete protein and rare omega-3 fatty acids.

CBD is now everywhere; it’s no wonder, considering all the conditions its users claim CBD aids, swearing by its effectiveness. And, this is no placebo. Long-time sufferers are being helped. And, in this instance, there’s no way to claim that users are just trying to “get high”, making spurious claims so they can use an illicit drug. CBD is real; the endocannabinoid system is real; apparently, endocannabinoid deficiency is real, as well. So for this, we must rightfully thank President Trump for freeing the people of the US to use a natural remedy that works wonders.

The real answer would have been to legalize marijuana. I can’t believe that the President didn’t realize this would get people from the left, right, and center to rally behind him. Cannabis is a lot of different things to different people. And, lots of people use marijuana. It’s already been everywhere for a long, long time. The present prohibition is overly restrictive and has no place in our free country. Why not do a 360 and get on board with what the people want? It’s no small issue, and the change in position would get many people on board with President Trump.

I’ve smoked with staunch conservatives. I’ve smoked with socialists. I’ve smoked with centrists. I’ve smoked with leisure class fund managers, working class laborers, musicians, artists, teachers, and even cops and firefighters. I’ve smoked with Christians (Catholics, Protestants, Presbyterians, Methodists, Lutherans, Baptists); I’ve smoked with Jews (religious and non-observant folks); I’ve smoked with atheists. Muslims. Buddhists. Hindus.

The list goes on. In actuality, marijuana brings people together. For those who don’t know, firsthand, it’s nothing like drinking with your buddies. Rather than getting combative and having a lowered threshold for inhibitions, speaking words without thinking, people smoking together open up, both emotionally and intellectually, and end up finding common ground.

And of course,in all this talk of medical and “recreational” marijuana, we completely neglect spiritual and religious use of the plant, so common throughout cultures worldwide. Hindus, Rastafarians, and Zoroastrians are but three such groups. It’s not an excuse to “get high.” These faiths consider weed an intrinsic part of their worship of the Creator.

It’s time for a change. Mr. President, please legalize the weed! please, sir, come through for your constituents and those who despise you, alike! Your opponents will be left speechless. Your proponents will be relieved. Spring this on the populance before the election and see how many points your ratings rise. There’s no way this could backfire. It’s what history is calling for, and the inevitability of ending weed prohibition is certain. Whichever president takes the bold move to do this will go down in history as a trailblazer, finally taking a strong stance and stopping the equating of “criminal” with “weed-blazer”.


  • Avatar matty c says:

    Pure tripe. I read this ridiculously long article and now I wonder why I took the ten minutes out of my life.

    I’ve been on the job and have seen people going nuts on spice and K2. K2 is not ketamine. K2 is synthetic weed.Thta just means it is made in a lab nothing more.

    Don’t legalize today or ever. CBD is OK. It’s not even a drug.

    But THC and marijuana and vapes are all bad news.

    Do yourself a favor and think about how liberal the author is. Who is this guy? He doesn’t even have the **** to give his name? Says something about how much he even believes what he is saying.

    Be smart and avoid these drugs and you’ll avoid a life of pain. Plus pot is still illegal. Decriminalization is nonsense. Yo can still get arrested. And even for the non-arrestable offenses you can still end up with fines and of course it never looks good.

    • “on the job”?

      What job would that be? Probably an EMS guy that was fired five years ago.

      Second guess: Emergency room physicians assistant. (fired ten years ago)

      Third guess? OK, I’m really trying now. Drug counselor!(fired fifteen years ago) 😮

      Do I win? 😉

      PS I could give a f*** about pot…….its JD all the way for me baby!

      My solution: take the potheads and put them all to work and pay them in pot. hahah That would work. They’d move mountains!

      Pot is Demotivating? Nah…….we have it all wrong!

    • Avatar Celtic_Pride says:

      K2 and Spice are not cannabinoids. They are lab chemicals designed for research that fit the brain and body’s endocannibinoid system. Both K2 and Spice are FULL AGONISTS. All of the naturally occurring cannabinoids like are found in marijuana are only partial agonists. Basic chemistry. Because of this humans cannot OD on cannabis. But when it comes to K2 and Spice it’s a different story entirely. Users can get psychotic in the real sense and even go into a coma or die. Get your facts straight. As far as the author remaining anon, look at how the shills come out for this story. They hijack the comments and make it about something other than the issue. I don’t care what job you work. Your facts are wrong. That scares me. I just hope you aren’t an EMT.

  • Avatar matty c says:

    I doubt you’ve ever smoked pot with cops and firefighters!!! Pure BS.

    Look at how much this guy just talks and talks. Why? He’s a pothead who wants weed legal so he can get high all day without worrying about having to buy it on the streets.

    This paper was going strong until this. I hope the editors choose not to include garbage like this again.

    Oh, and he’s a Trump voter? More BS. I don’t buy it. He was probably at home stoned on election day, counting the raindrops on his window. Too bad he couldn’t get past ten without starting over.

  • Avatar A Concerned Staten Islander says:

    Matty is 1000% right. Take this article down NOW! This is not news reporting.

  • Avatar Kevin O'Leary says:

    Yeah, “cannabistical.com” sounds like an objective place to be getting news stories from. lol Great job!

    How do you call this a news organization? Oh, that’s right.

    You’ve joined the majority fake news liberal press.

    Again great job!

    Keep up the “good work” like this and your paper may just go somewhere.

    Seriously, editors, please stop with the pandering to the liberal readers. Staten Island is about 90% conservative, so you’re winning no friends here.

  • Avatar Not Your Business says:

    Listen to me, Archie Frank. If I ever see you, you’re going to have to deal with me. That’s not a threat, that’s a promise.

    Now let me explain before you go and **** yourself. By deal with I only mean I’m going to grill you. And catch it all on camera.

    Maybe prepare yourself now.

    Questions like:

    Why are you so interested in marijuana legalization?

    Do you own stocks in any companies?

    How much marijuana do you smoke a week? A day even?

    Did you ever get arrested for pot?

    Do you do any other drugs?

    How much does Canabistical pay you to post their junk?

    Do you ever fact check ANYTHING?

    Are you a brain specialist?

    Do you know broken windows works? Stop and question works?

    Do you care more about saving your fellow New Yorkers from violence or getting high?

    There’s already medical marijuana for people with a valid need so why do you need it legalized?

    We can have a little chat. I’m a nice guy.

    I think by the end you’ll be seeing things my way. Maybe I can take you for a ride and buy you lunch. I’ll show you how junkies and addicts spend their days. Your headed for skid row.

    Matty C. is right on with this and so are the other commenters. If you want to gain our respect this is not the way to do it.

    Why not write news like John McCone? At least his articles make sense and aren’t pure fantasy of a liberal living in dreamland. I bet you are 55 and still play video games and D&D.

    • Avatar StatenIslander.org_Editor says:

      “That’s not a threat, that’s a promise.”

      So a promise of a threat; lovely.

      “Why are you so interested in marijuana legalization?”

      For one, I’m not the author of this article; I’m not even the editor. It’s from another news site. But I’ll bite. The author says it all. Plus, sounds like your job involves dealing with the public. Am I right? Isn’t policing marijuana use a waste of our city’s resources? And, I’ll save you some time.

      “Do you own stocks in any companies? ”

      I assume you mean cannabis-focused? Nope.

      “Did you ever get arrested for pot?”


      “How much does Canabistical pay you to post their junk?”

      Usually, a news outlet pays to have a syndicated article hosted. You’ve got it backwards.

      “Do you ever fact check ANYTHING? ”

      We fact check everything. Cite something you’ve found that is inaccurate.

      “Do you know broken windows works? Stop and question works?”

      Debatable. If you wish to write an editorial, maybe we can publish it.

      “There’s already medical marijuana for people with a valid need so why do you need it legalized?”

      See above.

      Cannabis, in all its forms, kills no one. I’m willing to bet you drink. What if we try taking away alcohol because it kills? Wait; we tried that and it only killed more. And, now we have fake vapes, Eagle 20, and more.

      Answered satisfactorily?

      -Archie Frank, Editor

  • Avatar KEEP WEED ILLEGAL IN 2019! says:

    Just like any other news site. These guys crave clicks. Nothing more, nothing less. Shameless.


  • Avatar Archery Ace says:

    Great article. I, for one, appreciate that there’s a news service out there finding these stories. Much more detailed than other news options on the same story.

    Personally, I find this to be a pro-Trump ad of sorts. It’s tricky to find, but it’s in there. The author seems to waffle a bit about his feelings toward Trump. In the end it sounds like he’s going to vote Trump again. That is OK, it’s a free country but be real and think about our other choices and what they have to offer.

    My Trump tax cut? An increase in taxes I owed. I liked some of the promises (not all) and very little of what’s gone down. Not a Dem fan at all so it’s entertaining to watch them whine on here.

    This topic seems to bring out the best and worst in people.

  • Avatar ???????????????????????? says:

    tfs with the pic for this story???????????????????????????

    • Avatar ??guess?? not the jeans says:

      It looks like they are suggesting that the surgeon general advisory is a fake, as it says OR CON. Now curious. Editors? Am I even close?

      • Avatar StatenIslander.org_Editor says:

        Good guess. Not correct. The image was supposed be the logo for “Cannabistical” which includes the text, “Of, or concerning cannabis.”

        What you saw was just a small part of the logo. So, you were see the “OR CONC” part of the news site’s tagline.

        We’ve fixed that. Thanks for the heads-up.


  • Avatar The World Is a Mess says:

    Author of original article is “pro-Israel”. And their name is “Khan”. What gives?!

    Can you be pro-Israel but not support 100% of everything that Israel does? I love the Yankees but not everything Boone does.

    I am not an anti-Semite. Trust me. I work with Jewish people. I have Jewish neighbors. But the Middle East is a mess.

    The author claims they care about MJ b/c it’s a “human rights” issue. I think it’s just b/c they want to get HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH. Prove me wrong.

    Palestinians are not all terrorists. They are brown people, too.

    There are innocent kids and old people there. The kids are being taught from early on to hate. But with walls and fences and guard towers all around them, it’s easier.

    I know Israel is our best ally in the ME. AOC and the “squad” are just dividing people. Maybe they have good intentions? I don’t know. I think maybe they just want to be in the limelight and score points.

    Either way, I think Khan is just bringing up human rights for his own selfish reasons. Again, prove me wrong.

    • Avatar Candice B says:

      The Middle East is a complex issue.

      Israel’s walls are defensive. Suicide bombers were killing innocent people in Israel. The Iron Dome is also defensive. Lobbing missiles into civilian areas is just not right.

      Has Israel ever taken a misstep in dealing with the Palestinians? Time will tell. What about the Palestinians? Terrorism is wrong. Plain and simple.

      Both sides may have contributed to escalating the dehumanization of one other. That can’t be good.

      There is no easy solution. Only guesses. And learning from mistakes.

      The author’s name is a pseudonym. It says that at the beginning of the text.

      Pay attention. It seems it’s just a bit of playfulness, nothing more. Sound it out and it’s “Avid Cannabis Smoker.”

      As far as the author lacking sincerity, I see no reason to believe this. You like to oversimplify things, apparently.

      This issue is tired and very old. (just like me)

      They were saying the same thing in ’82 about pot being super strong, not like “Dad’s” pot was. Just legalize it already. That what America wants. It’s everywhere already, anyway.

      Deal with the current crises and move on.

  • The Mad Reefer The Mad Reefer says:

    September 3, 2019 at 9:54 pm



    I have my own account now. DOPE

    • Avatar TH3 GR1M R33F3R says:

      |\/|4d Reefer, T4ke A SEat.

      T3h el1te WeeD smoK3r 1s In tH3 h0UsE.

      4nd 1 W0n’+ +4k3 n0 D3f34+.

      N0+ m33k 0R Qu13+ L1k3 N0 Wh1+3 L4b m0US3

      The Grim R33f3r wIll SmokE Y0u!

      +34ch U wH4+’Z f4Ls3 4nd +ru3

      +1l U h34D sp1nZ FR0M kN0wl3dg3

      SCH00l1nG u L1k3 u w4Z 1n c0ll3G3

      +1L mY +34CH1Ng 1Z +hR0UgH

    • Avatar Just Say No 3.0 says:

      “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is advising people to stop vaping.

      So far, five people have died in a multi-state outbreak of lung disease believed to be a result of vaping.

      The CDC has also gotten reports of nearly 500 vape-related illnesses.”

      MOBILE, Ala (WPMI)


      Reefer madness, huh? You are an i****.

      Explain these deaths and illness caused by pot vapes.

      Oh. Silence?

      That’s because you can’t. Russian roulette. These drugs can kill you. It’s what we’ve said all along. When will people learn?

  • Avatar Kenneth says:

    Mad Reefer will smoke the Grim Reefer? Trying my hardest to visualize that. What’s next? The Refrigerated reefer will cool you like kiefer?

    Clearly, the Mad Reefer was the original, but that’s an interesting copycat out there with this Gr1M R33P3R moniker. Witty take on GRIM REAPER. Clever. 5 points for that! Wh4t’s w1th the numb3rs all ov3r? Is that what passes for cool these days? Maybe try writing something other people can understand next time. And since these are comments, maybe read the editorial and note your reaction? Novel idea, just saying…I feel like this is the product of our young people and their two second attention span. Read? Who me? Why do that when I can rap and use numbers instead of letters? Whee! A dragonfly. SMH Guess I’m old for 60.

  • Avatar J S T E R says:

    Mad Reefer looks like its the the same person as Grim Reeper. Kinda obvious actually. First dude says DOPE which is street slang & second dude starts busting rhymes? I also wonder what’s up with the numbers everywhere? Gang messages in code?

    About the article. Its OK but way more politics than needed. U could have said all that without mentioning politics at all. Weed isn’t crack. That part is true. But our country is a mess and briniging up Trump just makes ppl turn off to u. My suggestion is to keep politics & life in different stories. Weed is not killing ppl. Facts hurt.

    • Avatar still confused says:

      surely gang messages in code 🙄

    • J S T E R says: My suggestion is to keep politics & life in different stories.

      I agree totally. This story was all over the place.

      Next time pick a topic and stick with it. The author made my head spin. Was it about Trump? Ganga? The Surgeon General? No focus. Click on my name and get a clue.

  • Avatar DM414 says:

    please be realistic and realize pot makes u lose brain cells and these guys only want to get stones

    not a health issue

    keep it illegal

    • Avatar R.Y. Takahashi says:

      “these guys only want to get stones”

      I picture a bunch of confused doods panning a riverbed for smooth stones. LOL

      Are you sure you weren’t “getting stones” while you wrote this? 🙂

      Good article. Fine reporting. Keep it up. Only criticism is SIer needs articles posted more often.

  • Hello, you used to write fantastic, but the last few posts have been kinda boring… I miss your tremendous writings. Past few posts are just a bit out of track! come on!

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