Richmond County Fair Labor Day Weekend Sees Islanders Having Fun for 40th Anniversary Gathering

This Year, Richmondtown hosted Our Island’s 40th County Fair on Labor Day weekend. For a long while, the fairs had stopped, but way back when, the celebration was held yearly. It’s a good thing the fair is happening again. Islanders get to witness just how cool and diverse, culturally, Staten Island has become. Music, food, and fun. A place for the arts to shine brightly. Contrary to what many think, the Richmond County Fair isn’t just an event for kids.

Our own Island brewery was on tap. Bands, DJs, live graffiti, and more, made the event fun for everyone. City kids would be envious; truly, this event rivals anything Brooklyn hipsters or Manhattan culturati might dish up. And, I’m not exaggerating. Staten Island is quickly becoming a place where culture, in all its forms, thrives.

At the County Fair, everything under the sun that’s fun, could be found amongst the ruins of Americana historic buildings, among structures still standing boldly that have weathered centuries of time and the elements. Contests for both kids and grown-ups, alike. The water balloon toss. The three-legged race. Hula hoop contests. Potato sack races and the shopping cart scurry.

Truthfully, I thought this was going to be lame covering this event for the Staten Islander News organization. I was so wrong. I was wowed. And, that’s no easy feat, trust me. Some hokey jokey County Fair? I’ve stayed as far as possible. But when my editor, Mr. Frank, asked if I would cover the event, I couldn’t refuse. Drinking local beer while toiling away? How could that be so bad? It would be, at the very least, tolerable. Now, I can’t wait for next year’s County Fair.

There were two giant sound stages with ample sound. A live-broadcast SI radio station. Other bands playing in smaller (yet no less cool) areas. Pie eating contests. Hot dog eating contests. Meet and greets. Industry panels. Artist networking. A US Armed Forces Veterans Tribute ceremony. I couldn’t possibly report on it all! I attended the fair on Saturday, so my photos are from that afternoon.

Richmond Town, USA. This used to be where Islanders would have dealt with the law, the center of Staten Island municipal government, until St. George became our new center for such matters. This is where the old Borough Hall yet towers. We usually pass through trying to get somewhere else, barely paying attention to what includes the oldest buildings in the United States.

Drivers usually hiss under their breath, uttering words we’d have to bleep out, as they wait to ascend the winding Snake Hill Road to get to the Mall or home after work. Few look around to appreciate all Richmondtown has to offer. But think back to elementary school class trips, and you will surely recall a day of incredible fun. The period actors love the visitors, and love what they do, imparting an impassioned realism that can’t be questioned.

If you’ve never been to the Richmond County Fair, maybe think about going next year. It’s only going to get better. It’s authentic Staten Island fun at its best. Don’t miss the craziness. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you still think Staten Island is a “sucky bedroom community” as an ill-informed Brooklynite hipster (recently transplanted from Ohio hah) told me recently at a Brooklyn bar, you’re living in an illusion. Time to get up to speed. -Pat.

2019 Richmond County Fair 40th Annual Festival At Historic Richmondtown in the Lush Forested Heart of Staten Island, NYC, NY,USA
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Tickets Are Still Quite Reasonably Priced. Richmond County Fair 2019 40th Anniversary. Richmondtown, Staten Island, NYC, NY,USA
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Flyer For the Labor Day 2019 Richmond County Fair.  Image Credit:

Flyer For the Labor Day 2019 Richmond County Fair.  (Reverse) Image Credit:

Flyer From Richmond County Fair 2019

Flyer From Richmond County Fair 2019. Image Credit:

Video From RichmondTown Richmond County  Fair 2019 Credit:

WeJustWorkin. Providing Alternative Music, Rock, Hip Hop, & Art. The Band Plays In A Foundation That Dates From When? 1600? How Cool Is THAT?! Image Credit:

Picnic Benches Line the Walls. Shade Seats On Right, Sunny On Left. I think We’ve Approached Maximum Insanity with This Venue! Image Credit:

The Barn Burner. Robots Will Kill and Other Local Artists Writing.  Islanders Get to Do Some Spraycan Art On a Barn That Is Raised For the Event. Image Credit:

Tents In the Foreground. History In the Background. Crazy Juxtaposition! Image Credit:

NYC Arts Cypher Graffiti-Style Piece In the Making. Image Credit:

Can YOU Identify THIS Historic Building? Ya’ Gotta’ Admit, SI’s Got the Coolest Historic Village Around! Image Credit:

Caulipower Pizza Truck! Gluten-Free Cauliflower Crust. Offering ONLY FREE samples! Image Credit:

Guyon-Lake-Tyson House Open For Guests! We Haven’t Been Here Since Elementary School Trips! Yippee!  Image Credit:

Richmondtown and the Most Authentic Period-Actors. Life in 1600 Looked Like THIS! Note the Fireplace. Image Credit:

Fireplace In Yet Another Room of the Guyon-Lake-Tyson House. Note the Incredible Attention to Detail. Image Credit:

Bedroom of the Guyon-Lake-Tyson  House. Image Credit:

Roll-Top Desks Rule! Bic Pens Just Didn’t Exist. Ball-Point Pens? NOPE! A Quill For You! Image Credit:

The Artistry Is Incredible. Each Tile Has Its Own Motif in the Fireplace Surround. Image Credit:

A Staten Islander In 1600? Going Fishing? Note the Open Space. The Tiles Impress. Image Credit:

Of Course, Being On the Lower New York Bay and Raritan Bay, the Ocean Only A Few Miles Out, We Find Sailing Ships Adorning the Tiles. Image Credit:

Did This Blacksmith Get Transported Through Time? Note the Anvil In Foreground! Image Credit:

Things Just Aren’t Made the Way They’re Used To. Getting a Lot of Life Out Of This Forge. See the Multiple Patents?  Image Credit:

Richmond Creek Flowers Grow. What Are the Red Things? Aphids?! Ewww! Image Credit:

Not Just For Kids! People of All Ages Enjoy the County Fair. Son Rise Faith Church Tent, Foreground. Image Credit:

Step Right Up! Signage For This Year’s Richmond County Fair. Image Credit:

Bury the Hatchet Lets Guests Test Their Axe-Throwing Skills. Image Credit:

Pulling the Axes Out of The Target. Image Credit:

Hula Hoops! Kids of ANY Age, From 9 Months To 139 Can Take Part. just Pick Up a Hoop and Start Shakin’! Image Credit:

Axe In Mid-Air. Contest Is Held In Yet Another Ancient Foundation. Image Credit:

Guests Chill Out and Relax In the Dappled Shade. Ahhhh. Finally, A Moment Of Peace! Image Credit:

Picnic Benches Where Islanders Can Hang Out, Talk, and Enjoy the Day. Image Credit:

HEMP Me! Heavenly Hemp CBD Oil Sells Zero-THC Hemp Oil. Very Friendly and Knowledgeable Booth Attendant! Image Credit:

A Real, Live Flea Circus! Probably the Coolest Draw Here. (No Joke!) Image Credit:

Phydeaux’s Flying Flea Circus & Wahoo Medicine Show. As Authentic As It Gets, Kids. Image Credit:

Some Real Wahoo Medicine to Aid What Ails Ya’. Image Credit:

Those Wee Fleas Have MAD Skills! Image Credit:

A Crowd Of All Ages Gathers and Listens.  And Watches. Fleas Are Not Easy to See! So Keep Your Eyes Peeled! Image Credit:

Of Course, Any Good Flea Circus Is Followed By A Pitch For Some Good Ole’ Wahoo Medicine. Image Credit:

Love Earth Vegan Cafe & Allergen-Free Bakery. Opening SOON! (4916 Arthus kill Road)  Could This Be? A Place For Vegans Like Me? WHAT”!” Image Credit:

Lefty’s Hand Rolled Cigars. (347-884-7257) Patrons Learn and Enjoy. Image Credit:

Quite. A. Crowd. Trust Me, EVERYONE Was Having Fun. Even Me. And, That’s NO SMALL Feat. Image Credit:

Frizz Coffee Booth. Sweet Bubbly Espresso Drink Imported From Italy, With No Preservatives, No Junk! We Tried it. It’s Better Than That Something Special Soda. Hint. Hint. Image Credit:

The Interior of the Car Raffled off. Note 1980s-Style Car Phone. You Have a Call, Sir. It’s Your Blowdryer Calling! Image Credit:

I Never Did Find Out Who Won This Car. Staten Island Region AACA. Shoot! I Forgot to Buy Chances To Win This Sweet Camaro RS! :(( Image Credit:

Rolling Thunder New York 2 Trailer, Background. Some Sort of Roadster, Foreground. Sweet Rims. Image Credit:

Rolling Thunder SINY. “Help Us Help A Vet.” Truly Noble, Warm & Sincere People. Raffle For Scott LoBaido Original Painting, Signed by Travis Mills (“Never Give Up, Never Quit.”). Image Credit:

Oldsmobile. Another Sweet Antique Car On Display. Image Credit:

POW-MIA Banners. Armed Forces Flags. All High Above the Fair-goers. Who Noticed? It’s just Like Our Military Men and Women: They Go Unnoticed By Most, Yet Keep Us All Safe. Image Credit:

An Older Model Firetruck. Image Credit:

The Legend Reads: “Always remember the South Street Fourteen.  September 11, 2001. Box 5-5-8087. We must ensure that future generations will be able to read their names, know what they did, appreciate their heroism, be inspired by their sacrifice, and ensure that they are designated as role models.” Image Credit:

I Need To Know When Such Cool Fire Trucks Were In Use! My Guess? 1965? Am I Right?! Image Credit:

F.D.N.Y. RE5CUE. “This recue truck responded to the world trade center on 9/11” Image Credit:

Fire Safety Education Unit. (718) 281-3870. Image Credit:

Readers: Please tell Me What This Building Is. Thank You! Image Credit:

I LOVE How The Sun Shines Over The Building. Touched By Angels, This Day Was. Image Credit:

Everyone Is So Engrossed In Life And Having Fun. WHAT A DAY! Image Credit:

Back To That Showcased Antique Olds Impala SS. Chrome Bumper. Crazy Rounded Tail Lights. Sweet! May I Have  a Ride, Please? Pretty Please? Image Credit:

Rolling Thunder New York Banner, Foreground. Old Staten Island Boro Hall, Background. Image Credit:

Guests Milling About. Montalbano’s Sausage and Peppers Tent. Can You Smell the Peppers and Onions Through Your Screen? Image Credit:

The St. George Theatre Booth. (718.442.2900)This Is About The Most Beautiful Theatre I’ve Seen. And, I’ve Seen Live Music Shows In More Venues Than I Can Count Or, Rememeber. 😉 Image Credit:

Authentic Cider Press For ~1860. We Ducked Into the Air Conditioned Museum For A Few Minutes to beat the Heat. Image Credit:

The Placard For the Above Cider Press. Image Credit:

Exhibit Celebrating the Richmond County Fair. Image Credit:

Richmond County Fair Flyers From 1981, 2000, 2002, & 2005 Adorn the Walls In This Temporary Display. Image Credit:

Richmond County Fair 1905 Souvenir Programme (Official). Sponsored By the Richmond County Agricultural Society. Image Credit:

Richmond County Fair 1926 Pass. Issued to ONE PERSON ONLY! Tight Security! The Great Depression Hadn’t Yet Happened! America Was Still Riding High After the Hard-Won Victory In the Great War (WW I) Image Credit:

Spiral Steel Staircase In the Museum. Image Credit:

Signage: “Museum Open COOL!” Indeed, It Was. AC Is Nice On a Hot Day In the Sun. Image Credit:

The Museum Was Once the County Ckerk and Surrogates Office. Stone Dates Building to 1848. Newish For Richmondtown! Image Credit:

The Skies Were Blue, the Breeze Fresh On Saturday At The Richmond County Fair. Image Credit:

Blowing GIGANTIC Balloons With String? New to Me! Image Credit:

Now THAT’S A Bubble! Image Credit:

Kids Marvel At the Amazing Bubbles! Image Credit:

Historical Reproductions (Inspired By Original Artifacts) Made In the Richmondtown Carpentry Shop. I Remember Watching This in Third Grade. Image Credit:

Sound Stage with Performing Band. The Musicians Surprised Me and Were all Top-Notch. Image Credit:

Attendees Enjoy the Day On Benches As the Band Plays On. Image Credit:

Just Look At Those Speakers! The Sound Was MONSTEROUS! Image Credit:

Staten Island Tech (One of the ‘Elite 8’ High Schools in NYC)  Green Tech Club Built a Solar Racer. I Attended This School! Image Credit:

The Old P.S. 28, Right In the heart of Richmondtown, Proper. Image Credit:

Everyone Looks So Happy To Be Here! Image Credit:

Kids Rides. Amusement Park Games. Image Credit:

Wild Bill’s Olde Fashioned Soda Pop Co. Image Credit:

Richmondtown Print Shop. I You Have  A Wanted Poster, We’ll Print It. Image Credit:

Some lowly Thief Was Rustling Fences! Go Get ‘Em Cornelius! Image Credit:

Sand Art Tent. Old Town Hall, Background. Image Credit:

Yet Another Cool Buildind. What a Setting For a Celebration! Image Credit:

Choo Choo! Train Crossing Shuttles Guests Around, Courtesy of Spectrum. Image Credit:

Horsey Rides! Wait, That’s  A Pony! Little Girl Loves the Pony. Image Credit:

What a Day of Fun In the Sun. Thankful I Attended. Image Credit:

This Thingy (Hitching Post) Was On Main Street. It Was For Tying Your Horse Up While Doing Business. Maybe Paying A Horse Parking Ticket? Image Credit:

Happy Trials Pony Rides. (732) 251-4240. Our Island Once Had Many Horses and Ponies. Image Credit:

Here Comes the Train, Again! Make Way! Tired Feet Appreciate. Image Credit:

Firehouse Dalmatian Bounce House! Image Credit:

Staten Island’s ONLY County Fair signage Near Snake Hill Road Bottom. Image Credit:

Staten Island’s Flagship Brewery Co. Truck Serves Cold Beer, Made Right Here on SI. Bechtel and Other Breweries Were Once Found In  Stapleton, a Former German-American Enclave. Image Credit:

Throw An Axe. Or Just Grok the Scenery. Image Credit:

See the Axe Captured Mid-Flight? Image Credit:

More Hefty Speakers. Blasting Early 60s Tunes. My Favorite. (That and Death Metal) MakerParkRadio.NYC  Online Radio Image Credit:

Maker Park Radio Signage. Image Credit:

Lefty’s Hand-Rolled Cigar Truck, Rear. Image Credit:

Richmond District Free and Accepted Masons Signage. Pathway to Light 2018-2020. Staten Island, NY. Image Credit:

Fun &  Games. Image Credit:

Peace. love. Pics On An Authentic VW Baby-Blue Bus! Image Credit:

Staten Island Region Antique Auto Club of America Tent and American and Armed Forces Flags. Image Credit:

Stilt Walkers or just Very Tall Ladies? You Decide. Image Credit:

Enjoying a Mug of Beer While Dancing With A Couple of Very Tall All-American Ladies. Yes; They Danced All Around, As Tall As They Were! Kudos! Image Credit:

SOAKED! Kids Of All Ages  Throw Balls and Get the Dude to Bathe. Again, and Again. Image Credit:

Hats off To Richmond County, USA. Image Credit:

Attendees Trying to Pack In As Much Fun Before it’s Over. Image Credit:

Another kid Hit The Bulls-Eye! And, Down He Plunges! Image Credit:

City of new York Parks and Recreation Sound Stge, Rear. Image Credit:

Boy Scouts of America Tent. Image Credit:

Hot Dog and Pie Eating Contest. Signage. Image Credit:

Groove to the Sound. Which Band Was This, Again? Readers, Help Me! I was Having Too Much Fun, My Reporting Suffered! Image Credit:

Squeeze Box. Image Credit:

Getting Down to the Funky Sound! Image Credit:

Hey! That’s a Historic Richmondtown Shirt! Nice. Image Credit:



...hopefully I wrote better than I take selfies. (Nepal)


  • Avatar R.Y. Takahashi says:

    I was there. Been to other events like this but never on SI. Worth my ten bucks. 2 thumbs up.

  • Avatar still confused says:

    sick camaro rs

  • Avatar Celtic_Pride says:

    Didn’t make it this year. Actually I’ve only gone once before and it didn’t look like this. Looking at the photos, now I regret it. The fair looks like a lot more fun for adults now. Shouldn’t have listened to my wife. For a family of five it would only be $35 with three kids. Instead all we did was hang out around the house and then go shopping and then out to eat. It ended up costing me more and last weekend was like every other weekend this summer. What a waste of a day. I will try getting out there next year. We live only like five minute’s away. Experiencing deep regret right about now.

    • Avatar TheQuestionableJoe88 says:

      haha I know what u mean. I try to save by not wasting money. We have a crazy inground pool with wet bar and a nice yard. But I hear u. My wife is the opposite. She’s always trying to get me to go to these kinds of things. Go out to eat. Etc. I’m more of a homebody so I don’t mind staying in.

      Yeah, the photos look good. I missed an event worth remembering. I live by Tottenville so it’s a ride for me and the wife (with two kids) but just working and chilling in the backyard and ordering takeout gets a little routine. Can’t say I mind. I worked hard for my home and I like every minute I don’t hve to deal with crowds.

  • Avatar TheQuestionableJoe88 says:

    What ever happened to the Huck Finn contest? I remember that from when I was a kid. Never entered it. Just remember seeing the show. Did they do away with that? 🙁

    • Avatar Celtic_Pride says:

      You live in Tottenville and don’t know the answer? Shame on you! 😳

      Don’t you ever leave your yard on the 4th? HINT. HINT. 😕 Your yard sounds nice but c’mon. You need to get out more. Don’t need to go TOO far. HINT. HINT.

      Remember yet? Think you are a tad confused, buddy. 😉

      BTW how do you create accounts on this newspaper? Every other online news allows that that I’ve ever seen. It’s annoying have to enter my info again and again.

  • Avatar Bethany B says:

    Impressive photography, guys. I never seriously gave any thought to the RC Fair before. I thought it was just for kids and families, but it really does look like any adult could have a memorable time. Next year, I will seriously consider attending on at least one of the days.

  • Avatar island skipper says:

    I attended this year and brought my wife and kids along. My son had a blast watching the hatchets get tossed. (He’s too small to do this himself) My daughter is a little older and loved the hula hoop contest and the pony rides. My wife and I enjoyed the local beer and just how friendly everyone was. I couldn’t believe I was on Staten Island. We’re really lucky that so many people decided to put so much effort into this. And the weather was incredible. I actually wasn’t stressed out for a change.

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