Classic Car Show & Market At Holy Family Church Last Weekend Provided Fun For The Whole Family

This was the 6th year that Holy Family in Westerleigh  has hosted the Classic Car Show & Market, and it was a lot of fun for everyone. The weather was beautiful, and they had the biggest turnout of visitors that they have ever had, with more than 500-600 adults attending, many of them with children. It was also the largest car show that they have yet had, with 130 cars admitted to the show. Visitors to the show paid a $5 admission fee, and children were admitted free.

The Church of the Holy Family Classic Car Show. Saturday, September 7th, 9Am – 2 PM. Image Credit: StatenIslander.Org

The car show this year had a 1932 Ford Low Bow that won Best In Show. However, many, including Alex who ran the show, and myself, had a different favorite car: the restored fire truck that was at the front of the car show, right near the doors of Holy Family.

There were about 40 trophies awarded to the cars and their drivers at the show, in addition to the Best In Show trophy. The car drivers are happy to receive their trophies, and display them proudly. Since this was a charitable event, there were no cash prizes, but I was told that most of the car drivers prefer the trophies anyway.

Holy Family Church In Westerleigh Classic Car Show and Market September 2019 (17)

The Restored Fire Truck At Holy Family Church In Westerleigh Classic Car Show and Market September 2019. Image Credit: StatenIslander.Org

Usually, one would think that a car show would not be a lot of fun for children, but the people running the car show thought of that beforehand. They had two individuals from a clown company called Best Clowns located in Manhattan. The two people from the company were not both dressed as clowns, though.

One of the clowns did face painting and made balloon animals for the children. The other clown dressed up in costume and was walking around the car show dressed as Marshall from Paw Patrol, then later as Woody from Toy Story, making kids laugh and having a super fun time. Lots of kids and their families attended, and this made the car show fun for everyone.

What Is This? My Notes On This Car Are, Sadly, Misplaced! Any Readers Know? Image Credit: StatenIslander.Org

Inside, there was a flea market with over 50 vendors, selling all types of different items, including Halloween items and other types of items that are traditionally found at flea markets. Kids and parents alike doubtlessly found tons of fun items to buy that they could use for decorating for the upcoming fall season.

The Holy Name Society has been around for a number of years, and is a charitable organization. All proceeds of the car show went to support this valuable community organization. Alex Pagliuca was in charge of the Car Show, and anyone interested in hosting future events organized by the Holy Name Society can contact him.

The SICKEST GTO Ever! Note the Rims, Incredible Blue-Green Paint, and Lines. A True Classic. Holy Family Classic Car Show. Image Credit: StatenIslander.Org

The Holy Name Society hosts a number of other events, whose proceeds go to local organizations, including the Holy Family Church itself, and its charitable programs, Good Counsel, The Kidney Foundation supported through the Staten Island Car Club, The Crossroads Foundation, Seton Foundation, Seaview Auxiliary Group, and many others.

One of the most significant contributions that this charity makes, however, may be to the local families in need. Whether they have suffered a loss of a family member, a disability or other issue preventing them from working, they have helped a number of families to weather the storms in their life. There are some families that this foundation has directly helped support. Just knowing that the funds are supporting people in your neighborhood that need help makes people feel confident that their money is being used well.

Holy Family Church In Westerleigh Classic Car Show and Market September 2019 (17)

A Corvette Sting Ray From 1967. Incredible. Just Incredible. Holy Family Church In Westerleigh Classic Car Show and Market September, 2019  Image Credit: StatenIslander.Org

Holy Family Church In Westerleigh Classic Car Show and Market September 2019 (17)

White 67’Vette Sting Ray, Rear. Note the curved Rear Deck Glass That Year. Image Credit: StatenIslander.Org

This year, the Car Show did a lot of word-of-mouth advertising to produce such a high turnout. They posted their event on Facebook groups, they gave out fliers at car shows in New Jersey and Staten Island, they sent several email blasts beforehand to those on their email list, and a great many businesses on Staten Island donated gift certificates, dinners, and other items for the Car Show, and they were provided with fliers to give out.

As Alex read to me the list of all the businesses on Staten Island who had donated to make the car show a possibility, it was clear that there were quite a lot of them. According to Alex, every restaurant on Staten Island supported the car show with gift certificates that they could raffle off. The vast majority of Staten Island businesses also donated something to the show, or helped promote it.

The Checker Marathon. Made In Michigan From ’61 to ’62 By Checker Motors Corporation. Image Credit: StatenIslander.Org

Some of the more notable businesses that came to his mind were Williams Eyeworks, who donated a pair of glasses valued at over $250; Castellano’s House of Music donated a guitar and learning kit valued at $150; and the St George Theatre donated tickets to one of their shows. All of these donated items were raffled off, where people could purchase a raffle ticket for $1, or they could buy a 50/50 raffle ticket for $5 each, or 3 for $10.

Nearly every pizzeria and every Staten Island restaurant donated a gift certificate for people to win in the raffle. Staten Islanders were thrilled to receive a chance to win a raffle for their favorite restaurant, and there were many raffle tickets sold at the event.

Why So Many Corvette Pics? Guess the Photog Loves These! Image Credit: StatanIslander.Org

There was also food provided with admission to the car show. Early in the morning, until 10:30, there were bacon and egg sandwiches, crumb cake, and bagels. In the afternoon, there was a barbecue outside, providing burgers, hot dogs, and sausages. Due to the great attendance at the event, they had to wait a while, until after 1 pm in fact, to call out the raffle prize winners, in order to allow people time to eat before the winners were announced. This caused the event to run overtime, not ending until at least 3pm, instead of the scheduled 2pm.

Holy Family Church, Background. Anyone Who Has Lived On Staten Island MUST Know What Car This Is. Or, You Must Leave Now. (JK)  Image Credit: StatenIslander.Org

Some of the proceeds from the event went toward paying the Car Show judges for their time, as well as for the clowns, the food, and everything else that made this event more fun. Since many businesses donated for the raffle, the Society was able to raise money despite these costs, which will be put to good use in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about other events provided by the Holy Name Society, you can contact them at Alex’s number above, or by visiting their page on the Holy Family website

Blue Impala SS With Bel Air Behind, Decked In Chrome, Rocket Lights, and Fins, Galore! Holy Family Classic Car Show. Image Credit: StatenIslander.Org

Some of the upcoming events funded by the Society are the Doo Wop Dance on December 7th, a Saint Patrick’s Day event in March, and their most popular event, the Thanksgiving Dinner. The Dinner is limited to 300 people, who are chosen from who have no families, along with individuals who parishioners or friends of the parish know will be alone on Thanksgiving.

As previously mentioned, all of the donations to the Holy Name Society, both at their meetings and at their hosted events, go toward funding these events as well as other societies that the members and parish have chosen as good causes. Those attending the Car Show, and other events, are undoubtedly happy to know what the Society is doing with the money that they have donated.

Holy Family Church In Westerleigh Classic Car Show and Market Septmeber 2019 (8)

Black ‘Vette With Dual Double Exhuast In Center Rear. What Year Was This? Quick, No Checking! Holy Family Church In Westerleigh Classic Car Show and Market September 2019. Image Credit: StatenIslander.Org


  • Avatar DaRLeNe D says:

    The blue-green GTO is about as crazy as it gets. I’ll take one, please. 🙂

    If I had that car, I’d be awed every time I went in the garage to get something. Just stop and stare. What was I doing? Oh, yeah, getting some seltzer. haha

  • Avatar Little GTO 389 says:

    Ditto that. That GTO rocks! I don’t even need to have one. Just looking at the lead photo with this story has me spellbound. Imagine what that thing does when moving?! ?! ?!

    Is that a 1968?! ?! ?!

    That’s when Pontiac still made real cars. The 68 was Motor Trends car of the year. (when that still meant something)

    350 hp (260 kW) at 5,000 rpm

    4 piston caliper brake system

    Sweet! Too bad American auto manufacturers make mostly junk now.

    Little GTO

    • Avatar Stan The Man says:

      I still try to buy American. Cars are no exception but the choices really are limited if you are talking about a quality automobile that looks good, responds well, and is worth the sticker price. There were metal monsters. Fiberglass is lighter but it’s not really the same. I’d take any 60’s or 70’s made US car over anything we can get our hands on today.

      • Avatar Ford Dude says:

        I’ve stuck with Ford. GM went downhill, from its heyday. Chrysler…not even in the Seriously, tho, if you want a good car for your son or daughter’s first car, find a used Ford. They hold up well.

        The car show looked like it was good way to spend the afternoon. Wish I had known. I’d have taken my two sons and daughter there. They don’t get to see too many beauties like these on the road.

  • Avatar Krackers Jack says:

    ?These cars are incredible. ?

    It’s like a rolling ??Americana?? car culture museum that’s only going to be in town for a few hours.

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