Virus Particle. Image Credit: Coan Fuzzy US+Dee3

Covid-19 Pandemic Proves Why Universal Healthcare Is A Necessity

We all have our opinions on health care.

Some say it should cover every American, others claim such a program would bankrupt the nation.

In fact, all first-world nations have universal health are of some type. Except the U.S.

Claims that covering extending health care coverage to everyone in the country will decimate the U.S. economically are unfounded. Most will not need much health care, only a yearly check-up.

Virus Particle. Image Credit: Coan Fuzzy US+Dee3

Virus Particle. Image Credit: Coan Fuzzy US+Dee3

But for those underprivileged people who suffer from debilitating illness and disease, treatment will be within their reach. It’s just more compassionate.

And, it makes more sense. Now that there’s a serious virus spreading around the world, every American citizen is a potential victim. And, an unknown source of the disease, as asymptomatic individuals can still transmit the pathogen.

Anyone can get infected. What if someone doesn’t have health coverage? How can they get tested?

New Jersey is making Covid-19 testing free for those without health coverage of some type. This only makes sense.

If a person has the sniffles, and suspects they may be harboring Covid-19, shouldn’t the entire community want that person to get tested?

Shouldn’t it be a priority to eliminate potential disease vectors? Once someone knows they have fallen ill, they can self-isolate and get medical treatment.

But again, what if they don’t have health care coverage? Isn’t the fact that they are remaining ill a threat to the larger community in which they reside?

If they spread illness to others, those other people who have become infected as a result must then pay for health care costs associated with treatment, and can likewise spread the disease further.

It’s truly uneconomical to have a segment of society that cannot receive treatment for medical issues. Without some form of universal health care, everyone’s lives are in jeopardy, and the costs associated with such risks are astronomically high.

Of course, this also applies to other contagious pathogens. A person without access to healthcare cannot be treated, nor can their definitively ascertain what’s of issue, in the first place.

From a strictly health-oriented and cost-conscious viewpoint, it only makes sense to have a system in place so that any citizen, or non-citizen, really anyone here in the U.S., can access medical care, free of charge.

We don’t need to scrap private insurers. That industry can still serve whomever it’s presently serving.

But anyone not presently insured should be. For free. Not at risk of fines, not by threat of penalty. Obamacare was but a first tentative attempt, and it failed. We must grow from the lessons learned.

Health coverage should be in place as positive proof of our nation’s commitment to advancing society and culture, and being on the forefront of technology, medical science, and health.

Of course, there’s also the argument that it’s uncompassionate, and un-American to leave our fellow brothers and sisters in the dust when they fall ill simply because they are also struggling economically. That’s another argument, but one that’s often made because it’s rooted in ethics and reality.


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