Speed Camera between a school and the highway.

Speed Camera Locations on Staten Island – Interactive Map

This is a clickable and zoomable map of the speed cameras on Staten Island. The purpose of this map is not to enable drivers to speed, but to alert them to areas where speed cameras are placed.

Staten Islander News Service does not encourage drivers to break the law or speed in School Zones! This is just to help inform the residents of Our Island.

The speed camera locations are somewhat general, in that the map icons are within about a block of the speed cameras themselves. Data was obtained from a variety of public sources.

All drivers should keep in mind that, no matter how comprehensive this or any other map of stationary speed cameras is, there are also mobile units, which the city moves around to different school zone locations each day.

They have been described as nondescript white vans, and when we see one, we will photograph it and upload it here so that you know what to look for.

A photo of a stationary speed camera is below. They are usually placed just behind large trees or telephone poles, so that by the time you see them, you have already been ticketed.

Speed Camera between a school and the highway.

Speed Camera between a school and the highway.

If you would like to visit a map of all the school zones in New York City, including Staten Island, check out this helpful map created by Igal Dvir.


  • Avatar ................. says:

    irresponsible reporting

    • Avatar StatenIslander.org_Editor says:

      Dear Reader:

      This information is already in the public. None of this is a secret.

      Please note that is not an invitation to break any laws. This information is not provided to help drivers evade the speed limit or otherwise drive recklessly.

      Staten Island residents pay taxes, and those monies go toward projects like these. It’s every Islander’s right to know how, and where, their taxes are spent.

      If Islanders wish to fight this development, we all need correct information. It’s our right as Americans to protest, if we so choose.

      It’s not our right to break laws or vandalize. So, please do not destroy these speed camera units, or otherwise impair their ability to function.

      The editors at Staten Island News Service believe that clear demarcation of school speed zones is in order, as is the case in most towns in New Jersey.


      Thank you for your particpation in this ongoing discussion.

      -Staten Islander News Service Editors

  • Avatar 100% POLISH-AMERICAN says:

    I know marking the cameras with spray paint is illegal, but you gotta love the American Spirit in these acts.

  • Avatar Kerri T. (10307) says:

    It’s refreshing to see a different viewpoint. Staten Island residents should be glad for this.

  • Avatar Thomas Altfather Good says:

    Thanks for doing this Hannah. It is good to know where the speed traps are – the camera you depicted is positioned to get people exiting the expressway, ostensibly because it is near PS 861. However, it is clearly a revenue generator and that appears to be its sole purpose. A number of other cameras are more legit but I would, as a motorcyclist, prefer to be pulled over by NYPD so that it would be possible to say either, “Yes, I screwed up” (and graciously accept the ticket) or explain any extenuating circumstance (say, avoiding a road rager). Red light cameras are useful I suppose but again, as a biker, I always juggle risking a ticket or getting hit from behind by some driver in a hurry. I think the cameras are a poor substitute for law enforcement. I give the biker wave to every cop I pass. I’m glad they’re out there, I wish we had more.

  • Avatar Walter Ziegler says:

    add new speed camera to Merrymount @ Shiloh

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