The Scales Of Stopping Coronavirus Versus Economic Stability

President Trump Cautions “Cure Cannot Be Worse Than The Problem”

Politics aside, Coronavirus is destroying our society. While no one can argue that deaths from Covid-19 are a terrible thing, permitting the economy to spiral into territory that will shackle the American people into a place where recovery is a near-impossibility is also quite terrible.

What should we do?

To start with, we must stop with the standard partisan politics bickering and incessant finger pointing. These are unusual times, and drastic measures are called for.

Is communicating across the aisle even so drastic? Let this be a time of reflection; politics should never even have come to this.

We must, each of us, exhibit our most noble qualities, being our best in all we do.

While this may sound like idle talk and lofty idealism, it is anything but.

Right now, we need National Unity. We must stand together, as One American People, and help our neighbors, both those on our block or in our apartment-house, or even those neighboring countries also flirting with doom and uncertainty.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican. Ask the cops, firefighters, nurses, and other people keeping our strained nation moving forward. There just isn’t time for infantile cheering and jeering of politicians you love, or love to hate, respectively.

If slowing the Covid-19 spread and “flattening the curve” means we will have no economy after the virus runs its course, we’ve accomplished nothing worth remembering.

If President Trump’s latest tweets send you into a frenzy, it’s time for some calm self examination…I think you have to shut it down, and you have to see it. But you know there will be a point at which we’ll say, we’re back in business, let’s go…I can’t tell you [when ‘Main Street, USA will be re-opened]. What I have to say is that I think we’re going to have good results.”

It’s been a refreshing change to see arms linked across the aisle. We need to keep to that, if we wish to continue making progress.

Criticism of President Trump’s words are without merit.

The Scales Of Stopping Coronavirus Versus Economic Stability

The Scales Of Stopping Coronavirus Versus Economic Stability

In fact, the World Health Organization actually advises AGAINST lockdowns, and it’s dealt with Covid-19 in more countries than we can name.

WHO emergency specialist Mike Ryan broke it down simply., stating that locking down entire populations will not be an effective means of fighting the outbreak.

According to Ryan, this only encourages a later resurgence of the disease:

“What we really need to focus on is finding those who are sick, those who have the virus, and isolate them, find their contacts and isolate them…The danger right now with the lock-downs … if we don’t put in place the strong public health measures now, when those movement restrictions and lockdowns are lifted, the danger is the disease will jump back up.”

So for those snickering that “Trump’s at it again,” consider the words of a health specialist who knows better than you, I, Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio, or President Trump.

We may have been overzealous in our desire to fight a pandemic, and have only worsened things for everyone.

Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight, a regularly scheduled nightly talk show with Swanson scion, Tucker Carlson, formerly of CNN and MSNBC.

As always, we retain our journalistic integrity and remain neutral politically, however, what Lt. Gov. Patrick had to say was thought provoking.

These are ethical dilemmas none of us should have to hope to deal with: Let some people die to save the Republic and Our Way of Life, or try our hardest to prevent Covid-19 spread and risk it all.

Perhaps the issue is not quite such a sharp contrast, in truth. If the WHO is correct, we need not abandon life as usual, only be sure to test vigorously, and treat and quarantine only those requiring treatment and isolation.


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