Coronavirus Tracker

Track Covid-19 Infections, Worldwide, In Real-Time

As you, our reader, may have noticed, Staten Islander News Org is  NOT publishing a daily tally of deaths or hospitalizations from the novel Coronavirus.

Our editors had a serious meeting during which time they  agreed that such would only foster fear and unnecessary preoccupation and obsession with something far outside our readers’ control, and in no way really informs anyone of very much.

Coronavirus Tracker

Coronavirus Tracker

However, the editorial board has decided that the paper(less) will publish links to resources which readers can use to track fatalities and hospital admissions on their own.

We strongly advise against becoming too preoccupied with using these resources. If you find yourself checking more than once a day, please consider refraining using these apps, as no real learning or edification will come about from doing so, incessantly. Right now, cooped up at home, our collective mental and emotional health is important.

With that said, here are the resources, recommended by a well-known data analyst from Europe:


Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University


World-o-Meter COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Statistics (live updates)



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