Vitamins. Image Credit- Shannon Kringen License By CC 2.0

Well-Maintained FDA Position On Vitamin Therapy Challenged By Covid-19 Case Studies

Linus Pauling. Chemist. Nobel Peace Prize Winner 1962. Nobel Chemistry Prize Winner 1954. Medical researcher. Fraud. Quack.

Dr. Pauling, a PhD in Chemistry, won his Nobel Prize in Chemistry for using quantum mechanics to understand and describe chemical bonding. Advanced stuff. Even today.

The Peace Prize? He won that one for opposing the nuclear arms race.

Dr. Pauling was the only person ever awarded two undivided Nobel prizes, in all of history.

So how did he widely become associated with the descriptors “fraud” and “quack?”

It all has to do with Vitamin C.

Vitamins. Image Credit- Shannon Kringen License By CC 2.0

Vitamins. Image Credit- Shannon Kringen License By CC 2.0

Dr. Pauling was an early proponent of orthomolecular medicine. This branch of medicine deals strictly with managing health conditions, as well as preventing them, using supplements and vitamins.

The doses are often dizzyingly high, and while not dangerous, we’ve been told again and again that it just results in “expensive vitamin-rich urine.”

But the Covid-19 outbreak seems to be forging cracks in this well-maintained line oft repeated by doctors over generations, and storngly supported by the F.D.A.

It turns out, when politics and corporate profits are not the primary motivating factor, and finding a solution to keeping the world’s population alive is, all alternatives are on the table.

And, it’s turning out that mega-dose intravenous vitamin C for Covid-19 sufferers, and high doses of Vitamin C for health care workers as a prophylactic, is working wonders in China and South Korea.

Closer to home, just a little east of NYC Dr. Andrew Weber, a Long-Island pulmonologist and critical care specialist with Northwell Health, is using a modified version of this protocol for patients.

And that’s not the only revolutionary treatment being used in the Northwell Health, the largest health care provider in New York.

Physicians are also using hydroxychloroquine, better known by its brand name Plaquenil, used to fight malaria and to help individuals suffering with lupus erythematosus, an autoimmune disease.

Along with this, azithromycin, best known by its trade name “Z-pack,” biologic medical products, pharmaceuticals derived, at least in part, from biological sources.

Blood thinners are also being used at Northwell Health.

Plaquenil and azithromycin were first used in combination to fight Covid-19 by French doctors.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, Indian-American scientist and inventor of e-mail, has his own Covid-19 treatment protocol, which he forwarded to President Trumps’ desk this month.

Immune and Economic Health for America Coronavirus

This protocol differs substantially from what China and Korea are doing, and bears no resemblance to the French Covid-19 treatment, either.

His protocol is divided into four distinct treatments for four groupings of patients:

Group I: Those testing positive for Covid-19. Quarantine. Receive 400,000 IU of Vitamin A palmitate daily for two days, as well as 50,000 IU of Vitamin D per day for two days.

Group II; hose hospitalized in critical condition. Doses are same. Addi tonally, 100 gram drip of Vitamin C per day, until patients return to health.

Group III: Immunocompromised, Covid-19 negative patients. 00,000 IU of Vitamin A palmitate daily for two days, as well as 50,000 IU of Vitamin D per day for two days. Plus, for children, 500 mg vitamin C, daily as well as three drops Lugol’s iodine mixed into a liquid drink, each day. For adults, double the Vitamin C and Iodine.

Group IV: Healthy Individuals. Children: 1000 Vitamin A palmitate, daily. 2000 IU Vitamin D. 250 mg Vitamin C. Iodine iodide, 3 drops in a drink, once daily. For adults, 10,000 IU Vitamin A palmitate, daily. 5000 IU Vitamin D. 1000 mg Vitamin C. Iodine iodide, 6 drops in a drink, once daily.

Additionally, Groups I, II, and III, are to repeat the protocol once, monthly, with the exception of the Vitamin C and Iodine, which should be maintained at dosages specified, daily. The 400,000 IU of Vitamin A, and 50,000 IU of Vitamin D, taken for two days, should be repeated once monthly, until patients return to health.

Then, there’s also zinc supplements. This solution is being touted as potentially helpful, but “no magic bullet,” for helping with Covid-19 infection by University of Colorado Health director Dr. Ian Tullberg, who said, “…there’s good evidence that oral zinc works well” for cold viruses.

Has the time come that “Big Pharma” with interests and motivation for new research largely focused on monetary gain from creating, marketing,and selling new drugs, will finally be challenged?

Has Dr. Pauling’s 1970s research been finally proven anything but quackery?

It’s impossible after this pause that medicine can return to business as usual; Covid-19 is proving that alternative treatments can and do work, and are cost-effective besides.

So the next time your doctor snickers and suggests that vitamin supplementation will only yield expensive urine, take out your SmartPhone and set his straight with the facts.

It’s been a long time coming, but vitamin therapy has finally come into its own.

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