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StatenIslander Chosen By Feedspot As One of Five Top SI News Sites

Anuj Agarwal, Founder of Feedspot, recently contacted the Staten Islander news organization to inform us that was chosen by its panelists as one of the Top 5 Staten Island News Websites.

Feedspot is a platform used by 2+ million online users to find information and news all over the world.

A feed, or RSS feed, is an acronym for “really simple syndication,” and it’s an effective way for web users to quickly pore over many articles and news sources.

Staten Island.Org has its own set of RSS feed at

Mr. Agarwal personally congratulated our team earlier this week for a job well done, and for our “…contribution to the world.”

Feedspot maintains the most comprehensive list of top news sites on the Internet, and it’s quite an honor to have been selected for our Staten Island-centric articles and news.

We at the Staten Islander News Service are honored to have been chosen; we know it’s a crowded field of contestants, and it means quite a lot to us that our paper(less) publication is receiving its due.

The entire staff at StatenIslander.Org would like to thank Mr. Agarwal and for choosing us over so many others.


Please Note: For Staten Island news, free from bias, choose We are committed to reporting accurately, getting the story the bigger publications miss.

Check our record: We get the scoop.

The Staten Islander News Organization isn’t about sensationalized headlines or selling fear. It’s about informing Staten Island’s residents, elucidating the puzzles that bigger media outlets can’t crack.

Staten Island’s [Hyper]Local Paper(less)™ is here for you, Staten Island! Look to us for truthful and thorough reporting, and for perspectives and insights you won’t find elsewhere.

For such a young publication, we’re already much-imitated and much-envied. There’s a good reason:

We’re your New(s) Future.


This is the shared editors' account for the Staten Islander news organization. To locate the account of a particular editor, please search using their screen name.


  • Avatar Pat the Cat 10308 says:

    good job.

    keep writing.

    Great Kills loves you guys.

  • Avatar Robby says:

    I heard this paper has an unlimited budget. My friend who knows one of the editors cousin’s told me this a while back.

    I heard they’re playing a long game and if everything I heard is true, they are going to be the last news standing.

    This is not like other papers. They aren’t going away. And it looks like they’re not selling out, either.

    It’s spreading like a virus. I’m helping all I can by letting my fellow SI peeps know about this. I’m a mechanic and every customer knows about them from me. Well those that didn’t know about them already.

  • Avatar Kerri Weiss says:

    ★★★★★ 5 stars

    no complaints here

    how do I contribute?

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