Vatican Easter Sunday Mass led By Pope Francis. Courtesy Of Vatican News Service

Staten Island Easter Sunday Mass and Church Services Via Streaming

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, churches are closed on Staten Island, and throughout the nation.

Fortunately, with modern technology, no Christian has to miss church service. Below are a few Easter services and related videos that appeared on YouTube celebrating this Easter Holy Day,  2020:




  • Avatar Mary Costa says:

    many thanks for this.

  • Avatar Thomas in Westerleigh says:

    Just wanted to let you know I support your paper. I’ve seen it all, from Christian-hating rags to papers that pretend they care just b/c they want what’s in Christian’s pockets. You are truly for the Christians of Staten Island. My sincerest thanks and warmest wishes for success for your publication and the entire team at SIer News org. I know how hard it can be and that now is the worst time to start a newspaper. But I also am thankful b/c it’s what’s needed. Trying to make us all dumber is what most papers do. I like that you printed this. And the Jewish holiday stuff. You support faith but not like the born again publications who shove it down your throat.

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