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Summer Sun’s Heat Cannot Destroy the COVID Virus, But Various Other Seasonal Factors May

It’s well known that with warmer weather, many viruses begin circulating more slowly through the population.

The precise mechanisms involves may be numerous. Mount Sinai Medical School researchers speculate that the flu, and other viruses, are worse in winter because the viral particles might stay airborne longer, and retain the stability for an extended period of time, with colder and dryer air.

At least in the case of the flu, the ideal temperature for the virus to thrive is a chilly 41 degrees Fahrenheit, and at 86 degrees, virus infectivity ceases altogether.

Of course, COVID-19 may be different, however, it is distinctly possible that Coronavriuses also thrive in colder weather, and fare poorly in relative heat.

Another theory that the same research team has focuses on how the human body’s nasal passages experience dehydration in the cooler, dryer months, hampering natural immunity to airborne viruses.

Other reasons that the winter months take such a toll on the population, in terms of viruses, may have something to with plummeting levels of Vitamin D in the body.

In the wintertime, many people have a deficiency of Vitamin D, which when available in ample supply, can help stave off viral infections.

A study appearing a a French medical journal called bioRxIV entitled, “Evaluation of heating and chemical protocols for inactivating SARS-CoV-2” concluded that the COVID19 virus can be destroyed in a short fifteen minutes at close to 200 degrees.

Of course, some news outlets are reporting that the virus is “killed” at these temperatures, however, viruses are not truly alive, in many respects, and only serve as programming code for cells of other living things.

This information about how long and at what temperatures COVID19 viruses stop functioning is important for researchers, but should not be taken to mean that the sun’s rays cannot destroy COVID-19.

Various news agencies are also misreporting this study as signifying that the Summer sun cannot destroy COVID19.

The Sun. Image Credit- Wikipedia. License By CC 2.0

The Sun. Image Credit- Wikipedia. License By CC 2.0

This cannot be extrapolated from the study, as it’s not the infra-red rays of the sun that destroy viruses, but rather its UV radiation output.

The sun, a G2V “main-sequence star,” puts out incredible amounts of both heat and electromagnetic energy, across a wide spectrum.

That includes infra-red, x-rays, and EM energy with a variety of spectra.

Leaving a virus outside, not behind glass, can destroy the viral particle, due to the presence of UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C light waves.

Ultra Violet light comprises about ten percent of the sun’s overall energy output.

Short-wave UV light, such as UV-C, can certainly sterilize surfaces. Precisely how long a COVID19 viral particle must be in sunlight in order to become inactive is unknown, however, it’s unlikely that it could survive the sun’s powerful disinfectant rays.

Of course, UV-C cannot pass through glass, and so indoors, special lights must be used for this purpose. These lights cannot be on when humans are in a room, otherwise permanent skin and eye damage can result.

Nowadays, there are even special devices that can be used to disinfect a call phone, employing these same UV-C light rays.

Cell Phone Sterilizer Employing UV-C Light

Cell Phone Sterilizer Employing UV-C Light

UV-C light creates ozone , and that’s why at the heart of an ozone generator, you’ll find a hidden UV-C bulb.

Ozone, or O3, is a gas that is made up of three molecules of oxygen. In the medical setting, this gas is sometimes used as a disinfectant.

Interestingly, Spring and Summer thunderstorms also help bring enormous amounts  of ozone, from high up in the stratosphere,  to ground level air currents via convection.

Likewise, the extremely high-energy lightning bolts that cool so amazing also generate huge amounts of atmospheric ozone, from oxygen in the air.

Additionally, the ridiculously high voltage and heat of lightning bolts break the bonds of atmospheric oxygen; these free atoms then go on to bond with oxygen in the air and form nitrates which are then carried to the ground with the rain.

This is why rain during a lightning storm can help plants grow so well. Higher levels of ingested nitrates lead to higher tissue and blood levels of NO, or nitric oxide.

NO may also have a distinct virucidal effect, and specifically inhibits viral replication in Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronaviruses, like COVID-19, as was proven in a 2005 study by Sara Åkerström, Mehrdad Mousavi-Jazi, Jonas Klingström, Mikael Leijon, Åke Lundkvist, Ali Mirazimi, a team at the Center for Microbiological Preparedness, Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control.

And so, it’s a fair bet that COVID19’s spread will be affected by the changing season, just as most other viruses are.

The various reasons for this, outlined above, make this scientifically plausible.

The lesson here is to question everything that you read. Fact check. Become an amateur sleuth.

Don’t defer to any person merely because of credentials or affiliation!

You may find that many newspapers are yet peddling fear, and aren’t worth the (cage lining) paper they’re printed on.


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