Microsoft Crypto Mining Patent WO2020060606

Genius Cryptocurrency Mining Concept Will Save Energy; Cospiracists Fear Mark of the Beast

Ever hear of Bitcoin? By now, who hasn’t.

While this article is not about Bitcoin, a brief review of the concept is in order.

Basically, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, and other cryptocurrencies are also called a “blockchain.”

It is a paperless virtual digital currency concept that’s been sweeping the world.

In simplest terms, it’s a public ledgering system for buying and selling online, and in the real world, that uses coins.

These coins are “mined.”

Unlike the gold and silver of yesteryear, these coins are mined using computer “rigs,” with arrays of video cards that are used for the cards’ incredible number-crunching abilities, usually reserved for rendering compute game graphics, as well as Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) mining machines, computers dedicated and built specifically for this purpose.

Cryptocurrency miners secure the blockchain, in the process of updating transaction records.

Bitcoins can be stored in a digital “wallet.” much like real paper currency and coinage can be stored in wallet in your back pocket or purse in your pocketbook.

Blockchain is now new; researchers Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta wrote about such novel ways of conducting trade and establishing a shared value back in 1991.

Bitcoin, a variety of blockchain currency, was launched in 2009, without the need for a centralized bank, and may be used online or in the real world.

It was devised by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, a person or group that first innovated the solution to making sure a Bitcoin is only spent once over a peer-to-peer network, an issue called double-spending.

Microsoft Crypto Mining Patent WO2020060606

Microsoft Crypto Mining Patent WO2020060606

Preventing double spending means that once a user spends a coin that’s in their wallet, that same coin can only go into one other user’s wallet, with no duplication over the network.

The first Bitcoin transaction had the following phrase in the first block of Bitcoin data, “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.”

Is this a hint that cryptocurrency is our future, and that the banking system, based on fractional reserve lending practices,is for all practical purposes, obsolete?

There’s no denying that blockchain is out monetary future. But our future is also undeniably green.

Mining Bitcoins uses a lot of electricity. And time. The way the distributed system works, cons are discovered, or mined, using complex mathematical processes.

This is because there are vast numbers of mathematical calculations, referred to as hashes. Every second, 50 billion giga-hashes are computed in a distributed system that is provided its power by blockchain coin miners.

Running all these computers takes a massive amount of energy. This translates into power plants having to churn out that excess electricity needed to power all those computers, distributed far and wide around the world.

According to Arvind Narayanan, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Princeton University, in a 2018 report to the United States Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Hearing Hearing on the Energy consumption of Blockchain, mining a Bitcoin requires five gigawatts of of electricity per second, and there are hundreds of different cryptos, though none as popular as Bitcoin.

This translates into 120 gigawatts per second in total, and about sixty terawatt-hours annually.

But Microsoft has a new patent for a relatively old concept.

This new system recently patented by Microsoft cuts down on all that waste and consumption, and is faster as well.

It works like this: Instead of computers doing all that computational work, the work is done by humans.

In this incredibly innovative patent, people power the mining of new coins.

Microsoft Crypto Mining Patent

Microsoft Crypto Mining Patent

It’s really a brilliant concept.

The patent describes a new cryptocurrency coin mining technique that is simple, yet totally unlike the present system, eating through electricity with a ravenous appetite.

The new mining concept relies on human body activity, but also includes brain activity.

The incentive for participation? The human miner is rewarded with cryptocurrency coins.

The example cited in Microsoft’s patent is, “…a brain wave or body heat emitted from the user when the user performs that tasks provided by an information or service provider, such as viewing an advertisement or using certain internet services, can be used in the mining process.”

And, so this process can be totally transparent to the user. As of this patent, there would only be need for an additional set of sensors in a user’s computer to capture this heat or EEG data, or if cell-phone-based, may even rely on existing sensors within a phone.

It can also work with any net-work connected Smart device, like a TV, or even a toaster, however, the necessary sensors mush either be fixed internally, or connected to the device.

According to the patent, “…these sensors may include functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanners or sensors, electroencephalography (EEG) sensors, near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) sensors, heart rate monitors, thermal sensors, optical sensors, radio frequency (RF) sensors, ultrasonic sensors, cameras,or any other sensor or scanner than can measure or sense body activity or scan human body.”

The type of “body activity” that can be measured and used as part of the mining process may include, “radiation emitted from human body, brain activities, body fluid flow (e.g. blood flow), organ activity or movement, body movements [including] radiant heat of the body, pulse rate, or brain wave[s either] beta waves, involved in logical thinking and /or conscious thought…”

“…alpha waves…related to subconscious thoughts…theta waves…related to…thoughts involving deep and raw emotions…delta waves…involved in sleep or deep relaxation…EEG…which…measures electrical activity in the brain, such as deep concentration.”

That about covers all human activity, from emotive, to mental, to physical.

The raw data collected from users is than converted into useful digital streams, to be used as part of the blockchain calculation process.

Microsoft’s cryptocurrency concept may be used with either centralized, or a decentralized crypto system like Bitcoin.

The original concept for Bitcoin called for decentralization, enabling the cessation of governmental control. However, the trend is toward centralized crypto.

This system can be used to incentivize physical tasks, as well as thoughts and emotions. There’s really no limit to its broad application.

Users can therefore be motivated to exercise, for instance.

Mark of the Beast?

Recently, there have been many articles on conspiracy websites and some Christian message boards claiming that this is the “mark of the beast” cited in the Christian Bible.

The chief reason why? The patent number, WO2020060606, contains three sixes.

They’re not in a row, mind you, but they’re in there. See the connection? If you don’t, it’s OK; Idon’t either.

Firstly, there is no consensus among religious scholars as to the meaning of the cryptic phrase in Revelation 13:16-17 King James Version (KJV):
16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Quantum Dot Vaccination Tattoo

Secondly, many people out there are confusing the quantum dot dye tattoo that was recently developed, with this patent. The two are completely unrelated.

Some ominously claim that the quantum dye proof-of-vaccination is a microchip that will be injected under the skin. It is not. (see our recent article on this topic entitled, Skin Patch Vaccine Administration Via Micro-needles Embeds Invisible Tattoo.)

Nor does the dye consist of tiny microchips that travel through the blood to the brain, or anywhere else in the body.

The tattoo simply serves as a fast and efficient way to scan a person, using a special-colored light and an app on a phone or other device, to reliably ascertain their vaccination status in real-time.

While such a tattoo system may be employed anywhere, its focus will likely be in areas of the world with poor medical records systems, like far flung rural towns and villages.

This quantum dot tattoo cannot be used to limit a person’s ability to “buy and sell,” but it may keep someone unvaccinated off a plane or from entering a ballpark.

But in no way is this any sort of “active” system; it merely logs a person’s positive vaccination status, and could potentially be used to store other medical information.

The new Microsoft patent does not require a user to wear any gear or have a microchip implanted. Any talk about this is sheer misinformation, the misinformed spreading false information to the hapless multitudes.

However, this new patent, in its second-generation implementation, could conceivably utilize implanted microchips with on-chip multi-sensing arrays embodying the full capacities of the present contactlless system described in the patent.

Misinformation About 5G

Bluetooth could be used so that an implanted chip may easily communicate back-and-forth with a phone or local computer network, even today.

Slower speed 3G or 4G cellphone protocols widely used today would not facilitate a distant cell tower receiving the (likely) relatively weak RF signal from such a chip.

It’s debatable whether 5G would even be able to.

Unless a higher-powered radio repeater of some sort were employed, a solution that may be easily accomplished via a Bluetooth connection, these chips would be unable to communicate with the far-off parent system’s receivers presently in use.

But such a chip is purely theoretical; as of today, nothing like this yet exists, anyway.

At any future time when such technology might become available, 5G, and possibly even 6G, would be the cell phone system most commonly in use.

It is conceivable that once an implantable chip is developed in the future, constant behavior and thought monitoring can be achieved in real-time with the new 5G system alone, dispensing with the need for a Bluetooth-type signal translator and amplifier.

Devices of all types require far less radio frequency power to “hit” a 5G tower,  as 5G operates at lower relative power than 3G or 4G.

This is possible because  5G antenna sites will be far more numerous than 3G or 4G cell site, meaning a 5G tower will always be close by, far nearer than the 3G or 4G cell sites we have today.

Unfortunately, people worldwide are blaming the COVID19 deaths on the newly installed 5G system. Of course, there is absolutely zero connection.

This is ludicrous, and just shows how dismal most people’s understanding of science actually is; 5G does not cause the Coronavirus!

In fact, 5G is not even widely deployed, either in Staten Island,  NYC, the US, or anyplace else in the world.

Future Scenarios, Some Paradisical, Others Infernal,  Using AI and the New Microsoft Patent

The following concepts do not require implanted microchips, but would be facilitated by their use.

Please note that the various applications range from the positive and encouraging to diabolical and devious.

We may end up with a civilization totally under the control of AI, with individuals devoid of free will, in any meaningful way.

One conceivable scenario involves users gaining or losing blockchain credits based on their “social scoring.”

Users could gain coins, for instance, by writing positive posts online. Or lose coins by bullying.

This could be used to keep the population in shape.

Perhaps a daily physical exercise routine of thirty minutes can yield a user credits? And, staying home, snacking or smoking, could make the credits evaporate?

These are all possible applications.

Users could be encouraged to meditate, or attain brain-wave states associated with Samadhi or bliss.

At the same time, angry emotions, determined by pulse, breathing ,brain wave state,  and more, could be punished y either not generating coins or having the user lose coins.

This may seem like a utopian biofeedback self-improvement plan for the masses; the flip side is a dystopian hell where people are controlled mercilessly.

Such a system could be expanded to include total behavior control, as even “wrong” thoughts, feelings, and actions might cause a loss of credits (with a future iteration that includes an implanted chip).

And a guaranteed gain in crypto accounts for right-thinking!

Going certain places might cause crypto-coins to stop being generated, be generated at a slower speed, or the counter may begin running negative and credits may be lost.

And so, having the wrong thoughts, feelings, and actions can be punished in real-time, while favorable human behavior can be rewarded.

In the wrong hands, an implanted crypto-generating system, even if innocuous at first, may become a digital-prison that is inescapable.

The mere thought of escape or rebellion may be punishable.

An implanted chip, along a system like the 3-month-old system patented by Microsoft, set in any of the above scenarios, might qualify as the MOTB.

Not the quantum dye vaccine status implants. Or the system as proposed.

But a “mark,” showing a person is part of the system, must be universally employed, as described in the Bible.

And, it would make sense in that the mark represents the digital system which stands for a man’s “number,” or the amount of money he’s “worth.”

However, the vaccine-status quantum dye implants that may be used along with a vaccine, along with the first-generation pre-chip blockchain system could psychologically ready the public for the real MOTB chip to come later.

Or, this may have nothing to do with any mark or any beast.

The mark may be entirely a symbolic thing; what one “wears” on their head or their hand is their thoughts and actions, respectively.

We’re marked in the Creator’s book, according to Christian theology, based on our lifetime of actions, words, deeds, even thoughts and feelings.

Some argue that this cannot be any mark of the beast, because there is no beast.

However, again, the language of Revelation is largely symbolic; the beast may refer to anything, really.

It may be our collective hatred, greed, bias, anger, and other nastiness. Who really knows.

But also, for a next-generation in-body integrated circuit sensor array to quality as the mark of the beast, we would have to have no alternative credit or banking system; this centralized crypto must be the only game in town. Are we there yet? Hardly.

We have many national currencies, as well as a basket of various Cryptocurrencies and a plethora of other financial instruments.

And again, the Bible reference may be entirely a Spiritual one.

The bottom line is, don’t fret. Just yet, that is.

The Hive Mind and The Singularity

Is this just the evolution of the human mind? Some think so, and eagerly await such a development.

Many people refer to The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology, a  is non-fiction book about the collision course between humantity’s future and artificial intelligence, written by inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil in 2005.

Positive feedback, which AI could provide an abundance of in utopian world where an in-body chip works with a system much like the one described in Microsoft’s patent, fuels an exponential evolutionary process.

John von Neumann in the 1950s and I. J. Good in the 1960s first developed the concept of The Singularity. At such time that the so-called Singularity comes into being, the nature of human existence will be fundamentally shifted, owing to, among other factors, the positive influence of artificial intelligence in human affairs.

Many younger people eagerly await The Singularity, a time when they believe we will all be as gods, each of us part of a giant hive mind connected to an AI supercomputer, untethered by means of an implanted microchip.


...hopefully I wrote better than I take selfies. (Nepal)


  • Avatar anon says:

    This quickly went over my head. I have no idea what most of this even means. Please try to write so that your readers can get a clue without a science background.

    • Avatar Boomer Confuser says:

      I am a 12th grader at Tottenville and I get it. I can assume you’re older than me, so that doesn’t say much for your education.

      My opinion? This sounds like a bad sci-fi movie. I want privacy. I don’t want some network watching me.

      Even w/o a chip idon’t want some AI reading my mind. How could you ppl be okay with this???

      • Avatar 43jt49t8jt32t839tj82tjv2j3t32jvmj89tjmv29938jmtvt,crlg,jge8gjm8w says:

        What if I told you this is already the case? Would you care?

        What if I told you that there’s already planetary AI systems smart as gods, and they ALREADY have the capacity to read your thoughts, emotions, and basically know you better that you know yourself?

        How much has it affected you? I bet you didn’t even notice. Not one bit.

        Pravicy’s dead. That’s a fact. Deal with it.

        You only *think* you have privacy. It’s an illusion. But it doesn’t even matter. No one cares about what you’re thinking.*

        This is just how things turned out here on Earth. It can be good or it can be bad or it can be neither.

        The average person would never believe the present state of reality here. That’s a solid fact. What you see is 1/100000000 of what goes on.

        My advice? Don’t worry about it. Live your life. Go to school. Get good grades. Play sports. Be active. Fall in love.

        What I’m talking about 99.9999999999% of people have no clue about. I am just telling you because I can if I want to.

        *If you have some reason to hide, maybe you should think about THAT. There’s no place to hide now, and nowhere to run. But if you’re living the way you should, you wouldn’t want to hide, anyway.

        • Avatar Jeff Connor says:

          You, sir, are a crackpot. I would be willing to bet my kid’s lunch money you’ve already been through at least three mental wards in your lifetime. Schizophrenics and manic depressives can post on this forum I see. Oh well. Free speech does have its limitations and downsides.

          • Satanic Imp Satanic Imp says:

            We’re either free or we’re slaves. We can’t have limitations.

            Satan freed us. We have a free will. We can use to for self-growth or self-destruction.

            If you can’t deal with a poster writing their opinions or fantasies, you’re coming up short. Not them.

            This is what liberty looks like. Hail Satan!

  • Avatar Vincent Palmeiri says:

    Fascinating. The first real explanation that makes sense about any of this. Newspapers and web sites either make fun of it all or talk gibberish and gloom. Thanks for explaining. Whatever you want to call it, we’re clearly at a crossroads with AI and human existence. I realize that the system you write about isn’t 100’s of years away or even decades. It’s practically here!

  • Avatar Grammatical, to the end says:

    And, I quote:


    …hopefully I wrote better than I take selfies. (Nepal) ”


  • Avatar DESTO NEE says:

    I read this earlier today. I could swear the Microsoft coin looked different and half the article I see now wasn’t there! What’s up with that? Anyway, I’m torn/ I was raised Christian and I love the values but I also love technology. The Singularity to me sounds like a great future. AI could solve all our problems. And all this while making a green Earth? Count me in.

    • Avatar mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm says:

      not ur imagination
      i notice it to

    • Avatar Sincere at 55 Holland says:

      u f**** deluded man so extra in fact


      this is enslavement lk no other u black?

      if u IS, u a 21C U**** T**.

      don’t nobody be picking cotton


      In a minute satan planning a CHANGE.

      • Avatar Grammatical, to the end says:

        English, please. I know you kids think it’s cool to talk like this but no one is going to understand you. At ALL.

      • Avatar The Great Grabowski says:

        Ebonics I presume? Just to let you know, not everyone on here speaks this dialect. So I don’t quite know what you mean when you write ‘heardt.’

        Or most of the rest of this. I’m not saying it doesn’t have meaning. I am just saying I don’t have a clue. If I wrote in Polish, I would understand and so would my family, butnot you. Please stick to English like we all learned in school. Otherwise we can’t have meaningful discussion.

    • Avatar end the monolopies says:

      “It could solve all our problems” Nonsense. Our problems are caused by shortsighted greed and inequality caused by the way the world is set up. In the hands of those same people we’ll see no change. The big problem is that this is not capitalism. We have monopolies. At one time that was against the law. Free enterprise does not work with five people in the room. Our massive inequality is the issue. This tech could make sure that NEVER changes. I’d be concerned. Promises. Promises. But never any real results.

  • Avatar Nestor A says:

    This site is off the hook! I have NEVER seen anything like it. Sent here by Vinnie P. So much info and I see the same headlines everywhere days later. Proud its based on Staten Island. We need more ppl like these reporters.

  • Avatar Lily says:

    to the writer- Is that what a Micro Soft Bit coin will look like?

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