March Over Manhattan Bridge On May 31, 2020. Image Credit- RUF

Throngs Protesting For George Floyd March Over Manhattan Bridge From Brooklyn

Only ten minutes ago, hundreds of protesters began walking over the Manhattan Bridge from a march that was underway on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. At this point, the first of the many people have crossed into Manhattan.

There are quite a number of individuals taking part in this show of civil disobedience, perhaps many thousands or more.

The Brooklyn Bridge just reopened minutes ago, as protesters had been walking over that span as well. Please note: The Manhattan bridge was breifly open again for vehicular traffic, but has since been closed once again.

March Over Manhattan Bridge On May 31, 2020. Image Credit- RUF

March Over Manhattan Bridge On May 31, 2020. Image Credit- RUF

On a Sunday night during the COVID-19 pandemic NYS lockdown, this is probably a time that such an action would cause the least potential disruption to commuters. The roads have been empty for months now, anyway.

“Hundreds of people peacefully protesting across the Manhattan Bridge right now. Wonder where the news crews are?”Sofie Karasek (@SofieRKarasek)

According to Twitter users, a march into Manhattan last night organized by Black Lives Matter took place. There was a car reportedly set on fire, allegedly by violent Antifa protesters among the bunch.

“The city was definitely on one last night, them protestors was not letting up … I had to tell my nigga we gotta go before they crazy asses burn down the bridges.. they really set a car on fire on the manhattan bridge” –Huntleigh (@_chasx0)

All lanes of the Manhattan Bridge are presently closed to traffic in both directions as protesters continue  funneling onto the bridge.

Apparently, NYPD has been instructed by the Mayor’s office to lay off and let the protesters be. According to eyewitnesses at the scene, there is little police presence, and little to no interference.

“Protesters now walking over the Manhattan Bridge. Zero police presence outside the line of cops at the entrance to the bridge” -Michael Cohen (@speechboy71)

The march is part of an ongoing show of solidarity for the prosecution of the police officers involved with the murder of Gerge Floyd in Minneapolis on Monday.

Other protests across the country have turned violent in recent day, with participants committing crimes such as arson, vandalism, and theft. In some areas, looting has been rampant.

In comparison, the NYC protests have been relatively tame. Let’s hope and pray that calmness prevails, and respect for law reigns.

In the Torah it says “tzedek tzedek tirdof” which means “Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue.” –Melissa Rosenfield (@MelissaArrrgh)

“Black Lives Matter,” “BLM,” “Cops Suck,” “George Floyd,” and other messages have been scrawled on the bridge’s median.

Reportedly, the counter-terrorism unit of the NYPD is presently engaged to meet the protesters at the bridge, and some protesters have begun breaking windows of buildings on the Manhattan side of the bridge.

We are at a turning point this evening, and hopefully both sides understand that this could easily boil over and spread beyond the confines of the bridge.

The Staten Islander New Organization does NOT condone violence or theft committed in the name of “social justice.” A quick review of history will show that when this was done in the 1960s, in the 2010s in Ferguson and other cities, the end result was always identical:

Results of such “social actions” were devastating to all citizens, but especially those who were small business owners, People of Color and the economically disadvantaged.

As Americans, we all have a Constitutional right to protest. That does not extend to destroying property or committing crimes.

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