AMC Movie Theatre Vandalized. Image Credit Eden Pictures License By CC 2.0

Looting Rampant Citywide & Across the US; Staten Island Spared. Hold It Down, Fam!

Bedlam is here.

NYC, and the US, has been plunged into darkness. Not literal darkness, but what’s happening is extinguishing the light of freedom.

What started as peaceful demonstrations, marches, rallies, and sit-ins, over the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a Minnesota police office has quickly spiraled out of control.

But the legitimate protests have nothing to do with all this crime being committed. Let’s be honest.

New York City is under curfew, beginning at 11 PM. Only essential workers are permitted to be out of their homes.

AMC Movie Theatre Vandalized. Image Credit Eden Pictures License By CC 2.0

AMC Movie Theatre Vandalized. Image Credit Eden Pictures License By CC 2.0

Tomorrow the curfew will begin at 8 PM.

Right now, the stores are being broken into and looted across the rest of the boroughs, cars are being set aflame, and the state of the situation is dire.

CVSes. Michael Kors. The Herald Square Macy’s. Duane Reade. Foot Locker. The Nintendo store at Rockefeller Center. Nike Flatiron. Aldo. Microsoft. Best Buy. Broadway Gamestop. And plenty more.

Watchful Cops. Image Credit Eden Pictures License By CC 2.0

Watchful Cops. Image Credit Eden Pictures License By CC 2.0

So this is what a revolution looks like? Nah; this is just opportunistic looting, not anything more.

Go to the rallies for George Floyd if you want to make a difference. And keep going. Don’t let rioters scare you into staying home.

George Floyd’s brother implored the rioters to stop, saying his brother wouldn’t have wanted this. But do they care?

Why stop when there’s free Nike athletic-wear to steal? Fresh new sneakers at Foot Locker? Now no other way to put it, but that’s truly lame.

ATM Machine Broken Into. Image Credit BrechtBug License By CC 2.0

ATM Machine Broken Into. Image Credit BrechtBug License By CC 2.0

It’s just materialism. How is it “woke”?

If these fake social justice warriors wanted to help, they’d donate the stolen goods to poor kids in their own neighborhoods and be Robin Hoods and heroes. But that’s not what this is about.

If I want kicks I’ll drive my cab and earn the money. Or work extra hours in my cousin’s deli to get more maudala.

But to rob and steal? I got cheddar. I went to college. I drive my car because I am my own boss and proud to own my own business.

How are families going to feed their kids? How are the elderly going to get their meds?

Vandalize your own city? It’s like taking a dump in your own bed.

“Mexican businesses are being looted in Chicago.” -Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray)

Looters Robbing Mexican Store

Looters Robbing Mexican Store

Many who were formerly with sets and crews now own businesses and they’re no longer little kids running wild. Respectable members of society. They run charities. They’re artists. Musicians. You name it.

We should hope George Floyd’s family finds true justice. Now how’s stealing video games going to accomplish that? SMH

Staten Island is a place all its own, and so far it’s been relatively calm here with nothing out of the ordinary.

Are we really that far advanced and didn’t even realize it? Maybe so.

The rumors of flying saucers landing in the dump no longer seem so strange. If I were a traveler from another galaxy, why would I go seek out a bad vibe?

I’d jump off the ship and call car service (never an Uber!) to the Mall, walk over those smelly garbage dunes, and have my driver pick me up in front of Macy’s and bring me over to Arlington to kick it with the chill Harbor or West Brighton kids.

As it is I had to come here alone on a plane when I was thirteen. But I was accepted. Because racism is dead on SI. I went to public schools. I found why America is where people come to.

Maybe sometimes there’s violence on Staten Island on the North Shore (OK, it’s a lot of the time) but nobody’s so lame as to steal video games pretending it’s about social justice.

Scheming, a petty beef, and standing up are all different. Staten Island should secede from this world. We seem to get it. Others just be faking it.

We took to the streets for Eric Garner and made something happen. Erica Garner was a saint! She didn’t see in black and white (or brown, don’t forget us!), she lived MLK’s dream. She didn’t hate all police! Funny how now she’s gone. Can’t we have even one social role model who doesn’t somehow end up dead? It is just not fair.

No one here cares if I’m Sri Lankan, Black, White, Puerto Rican, Mexican, or a Jew. Or a Muslim. Or a mix of all of them. In my hood you come correct and that’s that. I made a lot of friends over the years. First driving car service. Then working at a store. Now I work for myself.

How did that violence, in the name of equality, work out for you, Springfield, Flatbush, Ferguson and everywhere else there had been riots in years past?

The proof’s in the pudding and we got the officer fired here on Staten Island. And with peaceful, intelligent, protest from the heart.

President Trump has called for the military to assist local police in the effort to quell rioting nationwide. I only care because my cousins all are serving right now. That’s three men and one woman, first generation American, and it’s a shame to send them into American cities when they should be dealing with other countries and the nastiness there.

In this instance, in order to maintain civil order, our President probably does have the authority. In the U.S.,there is a longstanding tradition of not using troops on the American soil, but there are exceptions. I am a citizen and I know this.

The National Guard has already been deployed in Boston. While the National Guard is under state Governors’ control, ultimately the President can order guardsmen anywhere, if need be. Right now President Trump is asking Governors to activate the guard.

Shout outs to TNO, TNB, HG, HE, OTA, PC, YPC, FSC, ONT, TVSQ, RMT, DFC, KIC, TEC, VRS, TA, HFS, Gaten Island, VGL, LOB, FBI, BTS, AC, GB, LK, MS13, PC, TBV, old school and young g**s, blue, red, gold, black. Peace forever to Aava Gang, Sri Lanka. I’ve met a lot of people over the years driving car service and hanging out on the block.

Teamwork, friends. Right now is no the time for squabbles. Our color is GREEN. Don’t get confused.

Do your part. I don’t care if you got a walker at this point. Stand up! Swing your cane if need be! We don’t need the National Guard out here.

Hold it down, kids. THESE ARE OUR STREETS. Anyone from “outside” should be left eight miles and running. You know what to do. Protect lives and property.

Make it a like a real-life video game or martial arts movie and defend Shaolin from the invaders. No running these games out here on us, son.

Do like the religious Jews out in Brooklyn and take care of our neighborhoods so the police don’t have to even get involved.

Don’t even think about looting at my people’s stores. And I don’t mean just my race when I say my people. I mean all the people I know and love of all the races and religions.

We won’t wait for the police to solve our problems. You’ve been warned. Stay off our island. You heard?

Out here the police know us by name and I don’t want officers being troubled by these foolish people who claim to do good but really do wrong.

Let the police chase the careless paper chasers in the game. Or fake protesters who make the real ones look bad in the other boros.

I love my new homeland and am thankful I was accepted as I am. I don’t care if this is the last place standing. We need to do what other places fail at.

I will stand with my brothers and sisters to make sure we have stores to go to after COVID lockdown is lifted.

Derek Chauvin for prison 2020! Black Lives Matter! Unity and Love! Equality!

From one island paradise to the next. Keep Staten Island safe.

Much gratitude and many thanks to Staten Islanders news org for letting me print this. I know I have my own style and I appreciate that you only edited the grammar and didn’t remove what I had to say.


  • Sally The Cat Sally The Cat says:

    Thank you for your opinions. You make some good points. I am against gang violence in all forms but if the gangs do something good, I won’t ever be the one to complain. 🙂

    • Avatar I don't trust a newspaper that allows this to have my name says:

      This is beyond sick. What responsible newspaper prints an article by some cab driver calling on gangs to police the protesters? Totally irresponsible.

      This is just a way of making people afraid to protest. I see what you’re doing here.

      How could you even print this? Shout outs to street gangs? I looked up those abbreviations. It’s all gangs. Violent gangs.

      Let me get this right.

      Staten Islander supports shutting down rallies using violent convicted felons? The outrage needs to be expressed. It looks like you are trying to keep the people afraid of expressing themselves.

      Ever hear that to make a cake you got to break a few eggs. That’s what you see all around you. It’s just in response to decades of police abuse.

      Shout outs to gangs just don’t belong in a newspaper. I was shocked to see this. I really was.

      • The Liar The Liar says:

        Would you prefer that gangs join in the chaos?

        The gangs are here and have been for decades.

        Face facts.

        I, for one, disapprove of actions that will destroy our civilization.

        And arson and looting will not help anything.

        What’s the end game here?

        Is it to honor the memory of George Floyd?

        Or, is there some other agenda?

        I see it as a criminal uprising.

        If street gangs act honorable and protect their communities, there’s not a single derogatory word we can honestly say about them.

        I say let the author have his platform.

        Obviously, he knows all these gang members personally and maybe he knows better than we do.

      • Avatar Ebony Green says:

        ARE YOU DENSE? For one this guy ‘Amit the driver’ isn’t even on their staff. He’s a cabbie. I guess you don’t believe in free speech then?

        The article actually says the opposite. Amit is telling people to GO OUT AND PROTEST. He makes it clear. Very clear.

        But he draws the line at property damage and attacking people.

        So he knows gang members. If you live in his neighborhood, how could you not?

        He is not telling gangs to stop legitimate rallies. He’s telling gangs to PROTECT THE RALLIES and their own neighborhoods. Just the opposite. #BLM #ICANTBREATHE

        Dems would love for blacks to burn down their hoods. Then they could get more people on welfare. They just love economic depression.

        Also, that Catchpa thing is annoying. I typed my first message and lost it because I couldn’t read the letters.

        • Avatar you don't deserve a response but here it is anyway says:

          NO I AM NOT DENSE. This is irresponsible to give a platform to a voice like this. A cab driver is not the person we should be listening to anyway!

          What does he know? That you don’t?

          The protests have been a long time coming. I’m surprised this didn’t happen 20 years ago.

        • Avatar Nung Nutz says:

          Ebony: I just wrote a book and lost it. So f**k that I’m out

          D**n this keeping MY voice out.

          Oh you support free speech Staten Islander? Why do you block people with a puzzle that can’t be solve?

      • Avatar Sep says:

        I think they are asking for help with the chaos agents. You know, the ANTEFA or whatever it is. I’ve read here and there also heard it was them.

        As long as no one will say these guys are hiding behind legitimate protesters, I won’t protest. I refuse to provide cover for these people committing crimes in the name of justice. What a joke.

      • Sally The Cat Sally The Cat says:

        Why are you asking me? lol I don’t work for this news site. I haven’t even checked in in ages and only remembered to because of everything going on. I try to read up on everything from as many news sources as possible. I can’t say that any of this coverage is poor. I will say it’s different.

        I also value that they let islanders get a voice. If I was a good writer I would send them articles, too. I like that we have a comment section and I can write without people knowing who I am. Do I need my employer knowing everything I say, every minute? Not like I have any extreme views, but still…the privacy is nice.

        As far as gangs. Hmm…I see your concerns. But it’s not a call to violence. Exactly the opposite. I’m sure there’s no law against addressing a group publicly. The gangs exist. If I ask them to please be good Moms and Dads publicly, what law did I break?

    • Avatar I'll get my news elsewhere says:

      So…your newspaper condones gang violence now? This article says it all. You’ve stooped to a new low.

      Appalling. Absolutely sick.

      This should be investigated. I’ve heard your outfit has an “unlimited budget.” Sounds fishy. Wonder if it’s related to gang or mob activity on SI?

      I’ll stick with the traditional news media. Thank you very much.

      In all my life I’ve never seen news printing an article like this. It takes the cake for irresponsible “reporting.”

      All that was missing were gang members throwing up signs.

      Maybe that will come net. I wouldn’t be too shocked.

    • Avatar Chester says:

      This dude’s not even black so he has no words I want to hear

  • Avatar qwerty says:

    OK. I am white. I hate racism. I raised my two kids to hate racism. But why has an NBA player been suspended for saying ALL lives matter? What a joke. All lives DO matter. Black lives do. But so do white people. SO do Hispanic people. Give it a rest. Stop dividing people and let us all stand together against injustice.

    • Avatar #BLM says:

      All lives matter. But it’s not all people who face police brutality and discrimination. It’s just a way of negating what Black people and allies are saying. So please stop saying All Lives matter.

  • Avatar Eric Garner and George Floys and Amadou Dialo and.... says:

    Black folks don’t see they just want African Americans back on the plantation. The Democrats have never changed. The Republicans are just as bad in their own way. Black people have no one but ourselves.

    • Avatar sd0g0 says:

      No, the democrats are not just as bad as republicans.

      That is just b**ls**t. Trump did that thing for the prisoners but it was just throwing out tokens.

      It didn’t really affect most prisoners.

  • Avatar Fenix says:

    Amit, you were brave to say all this.

    I think it is clear that a protest and a riot are two different things.

    In fact, the riots do nothing but shut down the protests and make people think that its all the same thing.

    But its not. Protests are important. Riots we can do without.

    #Blacklives matter #BLM

    • The Liar The Liar says:

      Call it what you want.

      A riot has a definition:
      a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd.

      A protest also has a definition:
      a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something.

      Keep CONFLATING one with the other and see how much “change” our society will see.

      • Sally The Cat Sally The Cat says:

        I had to look up conflation. Good vocabulary word. It means the merging of two or more sets of information, texts, ideas, opinions, etc., into one, often in error. Not my words, it’s wikipedia.

        • Avatar You're not right about this either says:

          These words are not mine–

          “We’ve got no other way of showing people how angry we are,” he said.

          Out of the store ran another young man, this one holding a carton of eggs. He grabbed a friend and started scanning the street for targets: police cars. “We’re doing it because we can,” he said.

          Over in Van Nuys, a teenage boy standing outside a ravaged Skechers store held up a backpack. That was all he took. But it was enough, he said.

          “We are just trying to provide and take up the opportunity that we are getting right now. That’s all.”

  • Avatar politicians only claim outrage to get votes says:

    Statistically police do not kill black people at extremely high rates. I know even one death at the hands of police is wrong. But don’t make it seem like it’s an every day thing. That’s just fake news. At the same time I don’t think even one death of a black suspect is OK.

  • Avatar George Floyd Justice says:

    We need candle light vigils. Not a bunch of kids feeling tough standing on the streets terrorizing the nation. I want the cops locked up who sat on George Floyd chest. You all are just destroying the country.

    • Avatar Nico says:

      OK.But that a**h*** Tucker Carlson is full of s**t. He says there are no peaceful protests. It’s people like him that infuriate me.

      THERE ARE PEACEFUL PROTESTS. It’s just as bad pretending it’s all rioting as the other side fake news pretending it’s all protesting.

    • Avatar anon says:

      Oh yeah? Well F**K your [deleted] [deleted] a***s. Enjoy it while you can. I give props to this site at least they let the comment section stay anon.

    • Avatar Virgil P. 10303 says:

      I would attend a candlelight vigil but so far nothing.

  • Avatar sick of the lies says:

    A nice HuffPo article said this ‘“I’m f*****g tired of that shit about ‘We are destroying our own f****n’ community,’” Jerome said. “We do not f*****g own the f*****g community! We don’t own this s**t! Every year we do not f*****g own it. Stop f*****g telling us that we destroy our own community. We don’t own s**t that is f*****g here!” ‘

    I live in the Harbor Houses. That IS my community. Whether NYC owns the buildings or not, it’s still OUR community. That newspaper prints garbage.

    Oh, and, don’t think b/c you see some white dude he’s rich. That’s a laugh. There are a lot of homeowners in the Harbor who are black and who are also white. But most people rent. Black and white.

    Stop turning this into some fiction. It’s about George Floyd. The cops who murdered him. Not hedgehogs. Not picnic baskets.

    Ownership does not make a community. Why don’t I own a house? I’m disabled. If I wasn’t I would have been able to earn more.

  • Avatar GOT IT, CUZ. WE GOT U. GONNA KEEP IT L****D says:


    • Avatar LUBL$ says:

      LU BL $$$$$

      • Avatar Know Jesus says:

        Gang signs have been considered illegal in many situations, including schools, workplaces, and domestic settings. In addition, it is dangerous in many areas to display gang signs, knowingly or otherwise.

  • Avatar anonymous says:


  • Avatar R Dolan says:

    How do I get my article published in your newspaper?

    Is there a paper version?

    Thank you.

  • Avatar ★★★★★★★★★ says:

    respect to ALL

    OUR island

    come test us

    ONE island★★★★★★★★★

  • Avatar 050 050 050 050 050 050 050 050 050 050 050 050 050 050 says:

    050 050 050 050 050 050 050 050 050 050 050 050 050 050

    031 007

  • Rebellions scare the hell out of the billionaire ruling class that wants to keep hidden its super-exploitation of the workers and oppressed. But when rebellions do break out, the ruling class will unleash its state apparatus — the police, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the National Guard and even the Army in an attempt to terrorize neo-colonized peoples in the Black, Brown and Indigenous communities.

    Click the username for the article and website this is from Epoch Times

    • The Liar The Liar says:

      OK. A few things wrong with this article.

      The businesses that are destroyed, back in 67 in Newark and 92 in LA and in present times are small businesses.

      These are owned and operated by people, often families, and they don’t have a high profit margin. They are not raking in “billions.”

      What these riots actually do is strengthen the billionaire class the same way the shutdown has.

      After the dust clears, who will have the cash to pick up the pieces? The billionaires. Same with the shutdown. What’s a loss of income from staying closed a few months? The billionaires will just write it off.

      Not so for the small businesses, many of which have already folded.

      Truth be told, by the Liar, most businesses in your neighborhood are NOT giant corporations run by billionaires.

      Many were started by formerly poor people who scrimped and saved and got loans.

      Don’t be a fool. The ruling class WANTS you to destroy small business. They don’t want the competition.

      Support your local small businesses. Black or white or anything else.

      This IS your community. Don’t be tricked.

      I despise the billionaire class as much as anyone. But this isn’t going to work, it will just ruin our neighborhoods.

      Choose protest over rioting. Different as dogs and cats.

      • The Liar The Liar says:

        Oh, and the billionaires, the ruling class…those are the ones who ran slavery. Not the Pakistani guy at the local deli. Give me a break.

        Or the family of twenty who each went in and purchased a White Castle franchise with their last dollars.

        • Avatar Corporate socialism and billionaire welfare is the problem. says:

          Love your user pic. That’s one fat barrel. haha

          I think you hit the nail on its head.

          I feel bad b/c the protesters should be out there protesting:

          1. Giant companies paying no taxes
          2. For universal health care
          3. For fair housing opportunities for the economically disenfranchised
          4. Fewer bars to starting a small business
          5. Free public transportation/no tolls in NYC

          Racism is real but the system that permits this is the system that created a class system with four guys at the top who have the same wealth as the bottom half of America.

          I fear this will just accomplish very little. Police violence against black ppl was an issue in the 60s and 90s. Now I’m not so sure this is the big problem the black community faces.

          I am a socialist and I think this is a dead end for them. Very few black ppl were murdered by cops.

          The issues are STRUCTURAL.

          Corporate socialism and billionaire welfare is the problem.

          • Avatar NO JUSTICE NO PEACE says:


          • Avatar Lucy says:

            Instead they are out there looting and getting free stuff hoping for what? Its like occupy wall street. No clear goals just kids out there finally doing what they want. I think this is the result of making adolescents and young adults into babies. They have no freedom to be treated responsibly and so this is what we get. In the 80s kids at 12 were more mature than a college student at 22 now. Fact. Treat young adults like babies and when they have room to do as they will this is what you get. Its like when kids finally go away to college and go crazy drinking and partying bc they were sheltered.

        • Avatar Igor says:

          That’s the secret to these Arabs. They pool their funds. Let new immigrants from their old country work in their store. They all help each other out. Americans don’t do this. And black people can’t get family from the old country to come here because of slavery their here. Very different. But we should buy stores and franchises with our families and friends. Or start a co-op. There are options. Tear down the US and something worse will take its place. Do you think a communist country will let you get SSI and section 8 and smoke blunt all day? No. You will be on work teams making roads and digging with shovel. Let me tell you where I am from was communist. The US is socialist. That’s what section 8 and welfare is. Don’t mess up because the future will be worse.

  • Avatar just an excuse for reverse racism says:

    just an excuse for reverse racism

  • Avatar not telling says:

    I would bet this Amit guy carries a gun illegally.

  • Avatar D ONeill says:

    Oh please. I see black business owners on the news just like with the L.A. riots back in 1992. Same old story. And blacks don’t want me saying a word about how they ‘express’ their outrage? GT*! I saw one video where they made a white woman get on her knees and beg for forgiveness. End white guilt! I felt so bad for the woman. I doubt she owns slaves. Probably doesn’t even have a maid. And I doubt her family did. It was like .0001% of white people that had salves way back when. Have some pride. Go to church if you want to kneel. Don’t kneel begging some person for forgiveness. In another age that was the role of GOD.

  • Avatar Jelly says:

    Yo Patel good article kid! I didn’t believe you that you were college educated. now I know I shouldn’t have judged. OK a car service driver can have an education. And be a good writer.

    Not stacking I don’t trust online it’s all monitored.

    But you know who this is?

    Here’s a hint: JELLY ROLL! hahahahahaha

  • Avatar Don't ever stop. says:

    This paper cracks me up. I feel like I’m at home when I’m on here. PLEASE keep the craziness going. Don’t ever stop.

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