Defund The Police

Thoughts On Defunding The Police By Sam Pirozzolo

Get ready folks, the newest form of funding is coming your way. It’s called diversion. Do you really believe that that Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio, and the New York City Council will defund the police department to create a new and transformative department that will care for the individual citizen, seek social justice, educate your children, and allow unicorns to roam free?

In my opinion what they care about is money, not people. Already there are calls from Comptroller Scott Stringer, NYC educators, and the New York City Council to defund the New York City Police Department and use that money for social justice, and education. Well, don’t believe them for just one moment.

Diversion, it is fast becoming the new funding tool of 2020 and beyond. It all started years ago when New York realized it could push psychiatric patients into a general hospital setting by defunding state-run psychiatric institutions. Let the hospitals worry about paying for services and we can divert that money somewhere else.

Defund The Police

Defund The Police

Do you really think New York has become a sanctuary city because politicians care about people? Do you really think New York politicians really care about social justice, education, or a “progressive agenda” or do you think it is about the money they can collect in the name of these “reforms”?

Our elected officials are poised to set New Yorker against New Yorker and union against union. As I write this, the NY Post has reported, “New York City educators are mounting a letter-writing campaign to urge Mayor Bill de Blasio and city and state lawmakers to dramatically slash funding to the police department and instead divert millions of dollars to public schools. Oops, there was that word again – divert. How long before firefighters and other NYC unions are thrown into this fray? Don’t give money to the police, give it to us. Don’t give money to firefighters or 32BJ, give it to us.

I’m sure you know the answer but maybe you won’t admit it, maybe you didn’t realize it or maybe, more conveniently it’s President Trump’s fault. New York is on the verge of bankruptcy. Just like the horrible trade deals that almost destroyed our nation, New York, in its infinite wisdom has negotiated one bad contract after another. This is not an attack on unions. Their job is to get the best contract they can, I don’t blame them. But it is the job of our elected officials to get the best deal possible for their taxpaying constituents. Instead, we have seen horrible negotiations on behalf of the New York City government. The New York City Department of Education, in my opinion, the most corrupt department in New York City. They are still adding pensionable patronage jobs while education is at an all-time low. There are many schools in New York City where over 95% of students, over 95% of students cannot read, write, or do math at grade level. Do our politicians blame the education system they created? NO! They blame the competency tests for being racist!

The problem we have in New York is not that we don’t have the money to continue to provide essential services. The problem we have is that we don’t have the money to pay the debt on pension plans. So where will the $15 billion come from that Governor Cuomo says we need? Where will the $7billion come from that Mayor de Blasio says New York City needs or, ” we can kiss the recovery goodbye”? These statements sound more like threats and fear mongering then leadership. All of this money will come from diversion, taxes, fines, and fees. Hey, what ever happened to the almost $1billon that was spent on Thrive NY with zero account ability? Where DID that money go? No one wants to ask.

Get ready folks, get ready for tolls on our East river bridges. Get ready for new fees for your car. Corey Johnson, the leading candidate to become a worse mayor than de Blasio has already begun a war on cars. If you own a small business in New York City get ready for increased inspections, increased fines, and increased taxes. Do you think we have a lot of speed cameras now? LOL just wait till Covid-19 has passed.

Yes, New Yorkers will be taxed, and bled dry all in the name of one reform or another but in reality, the majority of the monies will go to servicing a debt that we cannot afford. I know that there are some of our elected officials who try their best. They do push back against the system, but let me tell you how comforting it was while I and the rest of the city and nation were sitting at home, being asked or forced; your choice, to not work because of the Coronavirus and flattening the curve while ALL of our elected officials were getting paid as if nothing were happening – nope, no sharing the burden there. Peaceful protesting is OK but peacefully and cautiously opening your business to support your family requires not one, not two but four phases. Humm, and I thought those business owners were peacefully protesting when they tried to open, silly me.

In the end, the only way forward will be to stop the one-party domination of New York. There must be a balance of ideas. Voters can no longer allow, correction, voters can no longer afford to allow most elected officials to reward their campaign contributors with lucrative city contracts like Thrive NY and patronage deals. At the very least it should be required that any new contract include some sort of performance metric, a price cap, penalty clause, and possibly some sort of disaster contingency. I don’t know how New York will move forward but it is clear to me that our leadership is unwilling to recognize, or they have no concept of the disaster they have created. I believe the people who will respond negatively to my comments here will most likely be the people whose income was unaffected during the stay at home orders and those who benefit the most from the weak, unintelligent leadership that is destroying our communities.

Sam Pirozzolo

Sam Pirozzolo is a native Staten Islander. He is a frequent contributor to the Staten Islander, and is well-known and loved by people on both the Right and Left, in his North Shore community. Sam brings people together, instead of dividing, by speaking common sense and analyzing our island, and city's, issues, with intelligence and concern for all. He and his wife just celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary and have two beautiful children who attended both public schools and were home-schooled. Sam is running to be your City Councilman to succeed Steven Matteo. Councilman Matteo has done a fantastic job for District 50 and accomplished much for all of Staten Island. It is Sam’s goal to build upon Steve’s successes and try to bring common sense back into NYC politics.


  • Avatar I never realized the ny pd logo had a farmer and an indian on it says:

    I never realized the ny pd logo had a farmer and an indian on it

  • Avatar Roger says:

    Performance metrics? What a novel idea! haha

    They’ll never do that. It will show how ineffective some of these programs actually are. I’m all for social programs..that actually work. I’m a progressive politically. But what I see happening all around is pseudo-progressiveness. It boggles the mind. Not everyone who drives is a millionaire or lives in a mansion. Many New Yorkers still drive to work. Is it wasteful? Could everyone be taking subways? Sure, but SI has one train that goes from nowhere to the ferry. SI is too spread out for a bike. The buses are slow. And it’s not even cheap anymore.

  • Avatar Dunkin Debbie says:

    Can someone write in with an opinion that is different? Two article with basically the same opinion. Different reasons. I want both sides of the story.

  • Avatar Wake up this is a bad idea says:

    OK no more police. BUT will we all be allowed carry permits for firearms in that case? After Detroit fell in ’07 during the crisis, the police were massively underfunded. Everyone was (illegally) armed and it was still the most violent city in the US. I predict places like the hills of the island will get private police. I mean they already have it but it will probably also include controlled access like a gated community. I do think if the people of Detroit did not carry guns that there would have been even more crime.

  • Avatar Tom Graziano says:

    OK. I’ll bite.

    Did you finish reading that article you posted?

    This is also from that site:

    The towns didn’t need cops because they had a high degree of social equality, which gave people a sense of mutual obligation. Over the years, class conflicts did intensify within the towns, but even so, the towns held together—through a common antagonism to the power of the nobles and through continued bonds of mutual obligation.

    Our cities have billionaires row adjacent to Harlem. Hardly the same situation.

    I for one don’t romanticize about a time when soap was about as rare as gold.

    From your same article:

    There still weren’t cops, but the richer classes began to resort to more and more violence to suppress the poor population. Sometimes the army was ordered to shoot into rebellious crowds, and sometimes the constables would arrest the leaders and hang them. So class struggle was beginning to heat up, but things really began to change when the Industrial Revolution took off in England.

    Very interesting article, in terms of history. I’m not a socialist and I still found it educative.

  • Avatar Daniel says:

    Sam Pirozzolo for city council! This man is the example we should follow. Not a conniving politician, and he actually makes sense and isn’t fanatical. All these politicians get into it for different reasons. I know Sam is doing all this because he cares. There are so many examples of good citizens who are real people on this island it makes me happy to know this is my home.

    I’d support this guy because he would actually fight for the island instead of just being a sad narcissist. I mean seriously tho, who do some of these politicians think they are? You’re an elected official, not a moviestar! Ego all the way.

  • Avatar Dom says:

    The author makes some good points. There’s no denying there’s police brutality. No denying black ppl have suffered. But if our options are having brutality and no police I’d say find another option.

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