DDOS Attack On Staten Islander

Staten Islander DDOS Attacked!

If you were trying to read or comment articles on the StatenIslander.Org News site last week, chances are, you received a message that said either “500 error” or “503 error” in your browser.

That’s because we were hit with a distributed denial of service, or DDOS, attack.

This is a very low-tech way of shutting down a website: In a nutshell, it’s a flood of traffic directed at a website, effectively clogging its data channels.

It’s over now. The threat has been mitigated.

DDOS Attack Diagram

DDOS Attack Diagram

What’s so controversial about a news organization that reports the news objectively, taking no sides?

Is there really a person or group out there that wants Staten Islanders to remain in the dark? (Maybe not the best choice of words, as many islanders are still in the dark, literally, after Tropical Storm Isais!)

We are not biased. We report the news. We bring islanders all viewpoints. We do not even censor our comments, aside from the removal of R-rated language and personal attacks. We feel our readers are intelligent and mature enough to handle it.

We bring you interesting stories and incredible interviews, by authors and editors worth reading.

Do you feel your viewpoint is under-represented? Then contact us about becoming a guest author. We’re very open to hearing from everyone.

We don’t have to agree with you to print your ideas and views. Are you a Libertarian? A staunch Democrat? A Conservative? Love the Green party? Into Kant? Plato? Walt Disney? A devoted Reaganite? A lover of George Carlin, doing your best to live by his words? A Bernie Bro? A dedicated Whovian?

It’s all good.

This is where your voice can be heard. We’re open to listening to everyone. We do not promote a viewpoint; we report the news and let your views be expressed.

Our job is not to promulgate any one viewpoint. That is not what real media is about. We are not a cult; each of our authors, staffers, editors, reporters, and photojournalists has their own viewpoint.

Everyone involved with Staten Islander has one thing in common: A deep love for this island. We may differ in our political views, personal ideologies, and faith, but that thread is a strong bond.

And, we all feel that what makes America strong is hearty dialogue and lively discourse. What our Armed Forces fought for, over the generations, is everyone’s right to speak, and live,  their personal truth. That’s what Our Flag represents.

We’ve had interviews with all sorts of public figures, many of whom would probably spar (literally) if they were to be placed together in a room. We are the fairest news service, when it comes to our reporting, that you will find these days.

So why did this happen?

We may never know.

But there is one thing for sure: Whoever did this has some surprises coming. That I can guarantee.

The attack was being monitored, in real-time, and was permitted to persist to gain valuable data.

Silly kids, tricks are for rabbits! So, if you’re not a rabbit, and don’t like the chase, find a new hobby. That is, unless you find carrots so delectable that such is impossible.

That data was directed, again in real-time, to relevant investigative bodies. Fact.

No; this is not a bluff, maybe the responsible parties saw some strange things happening on their side. That is, if they were astute and skilled enough to notice. lol (Check your bot server  logs!)

Interfering with media services is a crime. In fact, the news is a vital component of our way of life, delineated as such in the documents that frame our Republic.

In fact, DDOS attacks against any online targets are considered criminal acts.

Was it all just a prank? A teen with too much time testing out some new hacking and disruption tools they downloaded from the dark web for ten dollars?

A disgruntled islander? Someone Terrible Tim wrote a silly song about who’s angry he’s getting even more love, more publicity for his music and views than they are?

Or, something more sinister?

It’s not our concern; we’re here only to report the news. Let those teams who are paid to handle these sorts of things take care of the details.

All I can say is, “Don’t be stupid.” Our staff takes great pride in their work, and of course, none of us likes seeing out efforts interfered with.

This is not a challenge. So please, just stop.

And, if you’re a “top notch” hacker working for a serious client, no matter how big, and not a simple script kiddie with no clue, we’re respectfully asking you to please end this campaign.

Also, please remember, we know who you are. We’re just not saying publicly. Enjoy your day. 🙂

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