Sam Pirozzolo Asks What Is In The Paint That Was Used At Clove Lakes Park

Thin Blue Line Painted Over At Clove Lakes Park In Staten Island – Sam Pirozzolo Speaks

Thin Blue Line Painted Over

Sam Pirozzolo, a resident of Staten Island, speaks about the Thin Blue Line that was recently painted over at Clove Lakes Park. The Thin Blue Line graffiti had appeared at the park, without permission, in support of the police. We covered the original appearance of the Thin Blue Line in Clove Lakes Park in this article.

However, the Parks Department painted over the Thin Blue Line on August 17th or 18th. Sam is concerned about several issues, which he covers in the video.

Sam Pirozzolo Asks What Is In The Paint That Was Used At Clove Lakes Park

Sam Pirozzolo Asks What Is In The Paint That Was Used At Clove Lakes Park

Problems With Toxic Paint Run-Off Into A Wooded Area

First, the Parks Department apparently used water-based paint, as there were puddles of white colored water in several locations where the paint was used. It is also possible, since it had just rained, that the paint was still wet. We need to wait for the next rain storm, to see if the paint still runs off.

The thing is, even if it only ran off one time, after a rainstorm, there are many animals who live in that park who are supposed to be protected by the city. Any one of them could have inadvertently drank some of this water, which was tainted with the paint, and gotten sick. The paint-soaked water clearly would have been absorbed by the grass and possibly the trees by that asphalt path, which could also lead to long-term damage.

Sam is asking for a MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet) from the Parks Department in order to prove that the paint used to paint over the Thin Blue Line will not damage the delicate eco-system of the park, and of the animals that live there.

There are many animals living in the park who could have inadvertently drank this contaminated water, even on this single occasion, including squirrels, turtles, many bird species, deer, chipmunks, and other creatures who, being much smaller than humans, could become poisoned by a much smaller amount of poisonous paint.

It can be hoped that, as they should have, the Parks Department used only completely safe paint, that is non-toxic, and that the paint was merely wet from the recent rain storm. Late the next day, there were only a few puddles of colored water, and it may be that the paint was not water based.

Lack Of Funding For Essential Services

The other issue that Mr Pirozzolo is concerned about in the video is that the Parks Department and the Mayor have been complaining about a lack of funding for schools, infrastructure repairs, and other things that are necessary around the city.

If this is the case, why was this painting endeavor undertaken so quickly, when there are other issues in this very park that could have been attended to, Sam asks. Many trees were downed and now obstruct trails in Clove Lakes Park due to Tropical Storm Isaias. Mr Pirozzolo mentions that these and other problems should have been attended to before the graffiti problem.

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