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Why Staten Islander Has Been Silent Lately

Staten Islander has been silent. Completely.

Many readers have e-mailed, asking if we’re through.

Hardly. However, with recent events around the country, we decided to stop publishing for a short while.

Why? Firstly, we didn’t want to be accused of election interference.

Secondly, we didn’t want to get involved in the post-election chaos.

You may be wondering why we didn’t confine our reporting to other topics. Frankly, it just felt wrong; with such monumentous events happening all around us, reporting on anything else just seemed inappropriate.  And so, we unanimously decided to take a break. Hence, our complete silence.

But now, we’re returning from our short hiatus, back with a renewed vigor.

We’ve called in our team from their vacation.

As far as the two above-mentioned election-related topics, don’t expect much from us, one way or the other.

Our editors suggest you get your political news from C-SPAN.

Witnessing the political process, firsthand, without biased narration leaning one way or the other, is likely your best way of remaining an informed citizen.

Presently, there are two Americas, as schisms deep as fracking fissures divide our Great Nation along ideological lines.

Probably more than at any other time in history than during the Civil War, Americans are divided, unwilling to see one another’s viewpoint.

This extends all the way to our major media outlets. Toe the line, and you’re “cool” and “in.” Dare to have an unorthodox opinion, and you’re “fake news.”

People on the Left calling Right-leaning news programs inauthentic, and vice-versa.

And so, while current National events are surely without precedent, Staten Islander editors are choosing to refrain from jumping into the fray, as it seems impossible to report on these topics without readers having the perception that we’re “taking sides.”

The fifth estate is not supposed to be a fifth column. That much is clear.

What is the truth? If you ask Mayor Rudy Giuliani, it’s one thing. If you ask Nancy Pelosi, it’s entirely something else.

Can opposing truths be simultaneously valid, or is that impossible? While facts are irrefutable, truth is a complex web of personal realities based on fact, opinion, and reaction. And so, what’s “true” for someone on the one side of the Great Divide may be false for someone whose viewpoints are on the opposite pole, while the set of facts remain constant.

Still, facts are facts. And, at this point, it’s become near impossible for honest journalists to parse fact from fiction. What’s true these days? What’s false?

Perhaps quite soon, we’ll have a better idea, as the dust clears and fact-finding becomes foremost. However, for now, it’s a big mess, and most people have definite views on the election and post-election situation, and so attempting to report on such an emotionally charged subject remains outside our mission.

At of now, the GSA has not thrown their significant weight behind either candidate. And while President Trump’s team has brought forth argument after argument, case after case, there’s no telling whether any of that legal wrangling will lead to anything meaningful.

The media does not declare our next President. It’s factually irrelevant what AP has declared. That is truth. And so, in keeping with that, we remain silent on this topic, though we’ve given the green light to our own team to start up again. Some journalists will return with a suntan, others will sleepily awaken from near-hibernation. While unusual, it’s our right to decide how and when to publish; we’re only bound by the idea of reporting honestly and ethicly.

What have we learned from all this? The election process is not airtight, despite claims of such. There are issues that have been exposed, and it’s important that in future elections, they’re dealt with. As for now, we’re all wondering if Vice President Biden’s apparent victory will be locked in, or whether President Trump’s numerous challenges will lead to a shakeup.

Regardless, people on the streets are as hostile as ever, so if you’re a Republican supporter, don’t expect much love form your Democrat neighbors and peers, and certainly, the converse is also true.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and remember, it’s all part of the Democratic process. Our Great Nation is a Republic, and as the Constitution states, it’s up to the electoral college to make the final decision.

We welcome your opinion; please submit well-written, well-reasoned articles and opinion pieces. We are completely open to publishing a variety of viewpoints, as long as you remain respectful and have something of substance to say.


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  • Avatar Keith T. says:

    “Secondly, we didn’t want to get involved in the post-election chaos”

    Yeah, your editors are ridiculous. I can’t say I find papers that report the news before it happens. But here we are again, and it happened once again. Missed this one for a good few months. Just found it this evening. Wow. Spot on. This is the kind of reporting I love to see. But makes me wonder where the staff is. What are these people doing? Following big stories? If not for the lack of content, this paper is my all-time favorite.

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