Staten Island Micro-Cluster Zones Defined By The Governor's Office

Parts Of Staten Island Now Orange Zones As Governor Warns Of More Restrictions After Thanksgiving

Parts of Staten Island have become defined as Orange Zones, from the previous designation of Yellow Zones. This is part of the Governor’s new micro-cluster focus zone method of slowing the transmission of the coronavirus.

The majority of the South Shore is now defined as an Orange Zone, while most of the North Shore remains a Yellow Zone. See the following map for a detailed definition of the zones.

Staten Island Micro-Cluster Zones Defined By The Governor's Office

Staten Island Micro-Cluster Zones Defined By The Governor’s Office

The micro-cluster zones are based on seven day rolling averages of positive Covid test percentages and hospitalizations.

What does this mean for your activities and limitations?

The following are brief descriptions of the limitations of each zone, Yellow and Orange, from the Governor’s Office

Yellow Zone — Precautionary Zone

-Houses of Worship: 50 percent capacity
-Mass Gatherings: 25 people maximum, indoor and outdoor
-Businesses: Open
-Dining: Indoor and outdoor dining, 4 person maximum per table
-Schools: Open with mandatory weekly testing of students and teachers/staff for in-person settings. The New York State Department of Health will establish a percentage of teachers and students/staff who need to be tested by Friday.

Orange Zone — Warning Zone

-Houses of Worship: 33 percent capacity, 25 people maximum
-Mass Gatherings: 10 people maximum, indoor and outdoor
-Businesses: Closing high-risk non-essential businesses, such as gyms and personal care
-Dining: Outdoor dining only, 4 person maximum per table
-Schools: Closed, remote only

However, according to, schools all over New York City have been closed until further notice as of November 19th. So, although schools are mentioned as being opened according to the zone designations, in New York City, this is not the case. All students are learning remotely at this time.

You can learn more about the designations for the micro-clusters, as well as the metrics needed to be removed from each tier and into the higher (less restrictive) tier by visiting the Governor’s micro-cluster details page.

The new zone restrictions go into effect very quickly, in fact tomorrow, which is Wednesday the 25th.  The new restrictions will be in place for the holiday weekend as well.

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