Richmond County Advance. September 12, 1913

Staten Island Remembers: Richmond County Advance (September 12, 1913)

This is the September 12, 1913 publication of the Richmond County Advance. What’s front page news on this day?

Let’s see, there’s a story about South Beach’s Happyland Park. Apparently, small boys without guardians were found watching movies unsupervised.

A member of the esteemed Van Duzer family recovered a motorcycle stolen from his Port Richmond bicycle and motorcycle shop.

Additionally, there are various advertisements, most notably for the “ostentatious” grand re-opening of the New Plaza Theatre.

Richmond County Advance. September 12, 1913

Richmond County Advance. September 12, 1913


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  • Avatar T. Jones says:

    There is racist text in the newspaper page that you posted. Please remove this immediately to show that you are not a racist publication.

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