Press Release Re Nicole Malliotokis, Others Win By Conservative Party of Staten Island

Conservative Party: Major 2020 Victories And Accomplishments For Conservative Party Of Richmond County

7 December 2020 / For Immediate Release

Contact: David Mario Curcio, Chairman, Tel. (718) 370-3604


The Conservative Party of Richmond County is proud to have made significant contributions to multiple election victories this year, with vote totals of more than double the party’s active enrollment in several election contests, along with substantial overall growth in party enrollment.  Votes on the Conservative Party line in Richmond County also contributed to the successes of the New York State Conservative Party, which has likewise experienced significant growth in enrollment and which will now be one of only four political parties in the state to retain automatic ballot access for the next two years.


“This year’s election results were a major victory for the Conservative Party of Richmond County,” said Chairman David Mario Curcio. “We refrained from endorsing any Democrats this year, both out of respect to President Trump and in condemnation of their radical socialist policies.  Instead, we collaborated with our friends in the Republican Party to produce an outstanding ticket of talented candidates, each of whom garnered strong support from the voters on our line, with six successfully elected to office.  Additionally, our endorsement of Anthony DeGuerre for State Assembly made for the most competitive contest in that district in many years, with candidates on the north shore for Assembly and Senate also achieving impressive vote totals.”


The Conservative Party was the only political party on Staten Island to have a candidate for each and every contest on the ballot this year.  Six of our nine candidates were successfully elected in local contests: Nicole Malliotakis for Congress, Andrew Lanza for State Senate, Michael Reilly for State Assembly, Michael Tannousis for State Assembly, Lisa Grey for State Supreme Court Justice, and Ron Castorina for City Civil Court Judge.  The Conservative Party of Richmond County is also proud to have provided 8,712 votes for President Donald J. Trump and we strongly condemn the widespread chicanery and fraud committed by Democrat operatives attempting to steal this election from the legitimate electorate that voted to re-elect the President.


According to Board of Elections statistics, total enrollment in the Conservative Party of Richmond County surpassed five thousand members last month, with a net increase of more than one hundred in the past year.  Additionally, the County Committee’s membership now exceeds two hundred members.  Earlier this fall, David Mario Curcio was unanimously re-elected as County Chairman.  Also unanimously elected was George S. Wonica Jr. as Vice Chairman, with Rosemarie Furno and Benny Umbra re-elected as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.

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