Nashville Tennessee Christmas Morning Explosion

Terrorism On U.S. Soil! Critical Comms Infrastructure Hit Hard In Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee was the target of a bomb-laden Chateau-brand camper RV early Christmas morning. In a scene so surreal it seemed right out of a cheesy ’80s action film, the RV blared out recordings of gunshots and an eerie computer-generated voice counting down the minutes until the bomb would explode. “All buildings in this area must be evacuated now” and “If you can hear this message, evacuate now” repeated until the bomb detonated. Snippets of Petula Clark’s 1965 hit, “Downtown” also blared, puzzlingly.

But it was not a game or a joke. When the appointed time arrived, the RV blew up, as the warnings suggested it would. We are in an age of hyper-terror. If you hear a robotic voice telling you the place will blow up, which way do you run? How do you even know which direction the warning is even coming from? Nashville police manged to get everyone out of nearby apartments, and so the damage was limited to buildings, only. Three injuries were reported.

Rep. Jim Cooper (D) Tennessee

Rep. Jim Cooper (D) Tennessee

Rep. Jim Cooper (D) Tennessee had this to say, “I consider this an attack on American infrastructure…and I don’t know anybody who would do this except a terrorist.”

Charles Bernard "Popeye" Warner

Charles Bernard “Popeye” Warner

According to the F.B.I., the culprit responsible was Anthony Quinn Warner, an IT professional who once owned a company called Custom Alarms and Electronics, licensed to install burglar alarms from 1993 until 1998. He was a second-generation electronics guru; his father, Charles Bernard Warner, also known as “Popeye,” had worked for BellSouth prior to his retirement and passing.

Anthony Quinn Warner allegedly had concerns with the safety 5G cellular communications. We are told that he believed that the new protocol was causing a loss of human lives. For someone skillful enough to construct a bomb and rig up the digital countdown setup, it’s strange that he would fall victim to such unfounded and unscientific beliefs.

Anthony Quinn Warner

Anthony Quinn Warner

Disturbed paranoid thinking may have been involved, and when that’s the case, there’s no rhyme nor reason for what a person may choose to do when acting on such beliefs.

Federal agents, including members of the F.B.I. and A.T.F. were seen on December 26 at Warner’s residence. Some eyewitnesses claim that Warner had an RV parked in his driveway that resembled the RV that exploded in downtown Nashville.

According to Michael Balboni, former NY D.H.S. director, publicly stated that the D.H.S.  had put out a memo on December 22 warning of increased chatter indicating that there may be issues with violence during the holiday season based on religious differences, however that seems to not have been related to Warner’s motive.

Warner, in an apparent suicide bombing, committed an act of terrorism against a target that is not actually a 5G cellular phone site, but rather an AT&T communications hub. If stopping the roll-out of 5G were truly his motive, it would have made more logical sense for Warner to attack a 5G cellular antenna mast.

The RV that exploded in a giant fireball had been parked outside of this hardened building, and the blast, perhaps the result of a shaped charge, likely detonated in the direction of the building, looking at the blackened sidewalk and residue from the fireball that rose along the side of the building, leaving char in its path.

RV Packed With Explosives In Downtown Nashville

RV Packed With Explosives In Downtown Nashville Prior To Blast

Emerging practically unscathed, the AT&T building is clad in a metal covering, and this second skin seemed to bounce most of the impact of the bomb back toward the buildings on the opposite side of the street, some of which completely lost their brick facade, exposing the innards of people’s apartments.

RV That Blew Up In Downtown Nashville Christmas Day (1)

RV That Blew Up In Downtown Nashville Christmas Day (1)

In total, over 40 buildings were damaged. The metal covering on the AT&T building was dented all over, and in places shrapnel ripped through and remains jutting out at odd angles. However, there are no apparent holes in the building itself.

AT&T Building Damage Nashville,Tennessee

AT&T Building Damage Nashville,Tennessee

Still, low frequency waves from the bomb likely penetrated the outer walls of the AT&T building. Some low frequency waves pass right through solids and are not reflected. Apparently, this caused serious damage to some of  the sensitive electronics housed within the building, as cell phone and internet service was disrupted throughout the region, as well as 911 call centers and more.

This was a one man act of war against the United States. Our entire way of life relies on these communications hubs, and there are a limited number scattered throughout the states. Right here in New York City, we have 33 Thomas Street, a 550-foot-tall windowless building that was designed to withstand a nuclear war. Like the windowless building in Nashville, the NYC AT&T Long Lines Building, as it’s known, is a vital communications hub. These sorts of sites serve as sites for telephone switching equipment and secure data centers.

In fact, when Con Edison accidentally turned off power to 33 Thomas Street in 1991, and backup battery power did not kick in, millions of calls would not go through, and air traffic control to almost 400 airports was disrupted, grounding flights all over the country.

33 Thomas Street Image Credit Wikipedia License By CC 3.0

33 Thomas Street, NYC

We should be relieved that in this case, the terrorist was working alone. What would a coordinated attack on multiple secure data centers do to the United States? For starters, we’d have massive disruptions: No phone service. No Internet. No TV, except for local channels’ over-the-air broadcasts. Wall Street might be crippled, as would digital banking and credit cards. In short, we’d have chaos.

Of course, data can be re-routed, but with even a few such key sites disabled, we’d have capacity issues, and it might be weeks, or months, before service was fully restored.

AT&T Building,Nashville,Tennessee.Image-Credit-Google

AT&T Building,Nashville,Tennessee.Image-Credit-Google

Immediately, there should be changes in security protocol around all other vital data centers. Firstly, there should be street patrols, and so no vehicle would be able to park and sit there without immediately being dealt with, as the RV did on Christmas morning. Additionally, dump trucks filled with sand should be placed at street level around all other data center sites, to prevent this sort of thing from happening again. It’s an inelegant solution, but it would work until something more permanent can be worked out.

Our way of life is undeniably digital; we could not last very long without the Internet. If steps are taken immediately, perhaps this will serve as an event that facilities needed change. When these sites were first constructed, each was essential. However, in our present era, their significance is even greater, and this should not be a weak point in our national defenses.

In any event, this should be a terrorist attack that provides volumes of useful data on how hardened data sites fare after a direct hit. Thankfully, the only life lost in this attack was that of the perpetrator. Property damage can be repaired. Lives lost cannot be replaced. If our digital signal pathways are obliterated in a future wide-scale attack, the resulting devastation will likely be many lives lost. Let this serve as a much-needed wake-up call.

Many people were left homeless, and businesses remain closed. If you’re inclined to help, there are many ways. Here are but a few:


Nashville Non-profit Resources for Donations

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and local Nashville News Channel 5 WTVF set up the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund to provide financial assistance to nonprofits providing immediate and long term assistance to those impacted by the Christmas Day bombing that injured three people and damaged dozens of buildings. Make a donation here.

Help for the Homeless

Downtown Nashville is an urban center, and like most urban centers, there is a homeless population. There are several ways to donate money and/or supplies. Please see for  information.

The Community Resource Center

The CRC actively secures supplies that bring immediate help. Right now, waht’s needed are items for disaster clean up and items for first responder needs. You can make a monetary donation here.

RV That Blew Up In Downtown Nashville Christmas Day (1)

RV That Blew Up In Downtown Nashville Christmas Day (1)

RV That Blew Up In Downtown Nashville Christmas Day (1)

RV That Blew Up In Downtown Nashville Christmas Day (1)

RV That Blew Up In Downtown Nashville Christmas Day (1)

RV That Blew Up In Downtown Nashville Christmas Day (1)

RV That Blew Up In Downtown Nashville Christmas Day (1)

RV That Blew Up In Downtown Nashville Christmas Day (1)

RV That Blew Up In Downtown Nashville Christmas Day (1)

RV That Blew Up In Downtown Nashville Christmas Day (1)


  • Satanic Imp Satanic Imp says:

    Ahhh… Now I get it. This guy has a “background” in electronics.So building all that was within possibility. Dad’s was called Popeye? Did you LOOK at him? HAHA Weird folks.

    Looks like this one went Section 8 and could have made the world’s best Christmas Day prank if he played the music and countdown, then lit off fireworks and asked for donations for some charity like Toys for Tots, afterwards. That would have made the news, just being so odd.

    But no.

    Instead he committed suicide and ruined a perfectly good camper.

    Pisses me off.


    • Avatar Magnificent Zero says:

      I love your avatar. Very interesting. I think I’m going to make an account and buy an avatar off of one of those work for hire web sites. They sell designs for only $5. My new account will be called…

      Magnificent Zero


      • Kandy Krusher Kandy Krusher says:

        Magnificent Zero? It sucks. And don’t expect anything good from those five dollar work web sites. Expect an avatar that’s lifted (u.e. stolen) from another user somewhere out there.

        Or just crap. Start over. Make up a name that isn’t so lame.

        • Magnificent Zero Magnificent Zero says:

          Ummm…no? I like my name. I paid $20 and I got the avatar you see. And guess what/ I don’t give a **** if you don’t like it.

          Now as far as this news story, clearly this guy is the guilty party. I think it’s totally insane our whole way of life is tied to a few buildings with cables and routers.



    • Kandy Krusher Kandy Krusher says:

      Your avatar is wild. Did you design it yourself?

  • Avatar Matthew T. says:

    Pretty thorough coverage. I do have issue with one of your online newspaper’s practices.

    I see articles that are edited without notation. This is poor practice.

    Byline is missing.

    There should be a timestamp, with hour and minute, as well as the date of initial publication.

    Keep up the good work. I hear about your paper everywhere I go these days,.

    Just some hints from a publishing veteran.

    Also, try to get your pseudonymous writers to use their real names. Just looks for professional, but what do I know. Times have changed and what worked in the 80s and 90s doesn’t now.

    Like content. I’d suggest you guys cover more, and less in depth, but everyone I’ve spoken with in real life disagree. Experts know crap, see?

    Good luck in 2021. Patience, kids. It’s a slow game.

    I had a great time working with you guys behind the scenes this year and hope 2021 will be even more interesting, in a good way, of course.

    Best of New Year’s wishes to the editors, writers, and entire staff at Staten Islander News.

  • Avatar ::::::::::::::::::: says:

    It was not a missile. Crackpot theories.

    Clearly it was the vehicle that exploded.

    Stop spreading disinformation.

    This guy is no Lee Harvey Oswald. Clearly he knew what he was targeting and that is that.

    “Inside track” individual. Took the trust given to him and misused it. He was in a sketchy business prior.

    • Kandy Krusher Kandy Krusher says:

      There was no missile. I don’t even want to get into why it’s not true. Not going to waste a second.

      You might as well say the Joker or Thanos did it.

      Conspiracy crackpots just can’t accept news without making up BS.

      • Avatar Get Crooked Hillary says:

        No this was done to stop president Trump. They were counting the crooked Hillary votes in there. Sources say that this was done to keep a recount from happening. They will stop at nothing to win. Trump is still in control. Everything you see is fake. So now with the votes destroyed we have Joe Biden. Isn’t that convenient? I knew the world was headed downhill July 4, 1976 when I saw neighbors being arrested for lighting fireworks off in the street. I think Trump really means what he says and won’t let us down. They fired a missile to make it seem like it was the crazy dude who probably doesn’t even exist. Try finding out about him online and there’s nothing. But they did manage to destroy the election evidence.

        • Avatar Indigo Joe 754 says:

          I know it’s a very late response but here goes:

          Why would voting machines be in a building where cables and stuff are? I think someone was pulling your leg.

          These buildings are very secure and therefore have controlled access. No way some vote counting thing was taking place “in there.” It’s not a convention center, it’s a DATA center!

        • Jesse Jesse says:

          You need help. That’s a crackpot theory!!

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