New York City Bars, Restaurants and More Can Be Open Later

Governor Cuomo: Many Businesses Including Gyms, Bars, Fitness Centers, and More Can Now Remain Open Until 11 PM

Governor Andrew Cuomo (Kevin P. Coughlin/Office of the Governor)

In a hint at turning the corner in combating this pandemic and starting on the path to economic recover, New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order that bars, restaurants, gyms, fitness centers, and certain other businesses, can now stay open until 11PM, up from 10PM previously. This is great news for those business owners who have been struggling to make ends meet while dealing with being unable to accommodate the preferences of their customers.

It is commonly known that most people who visit bars stay out well past 9 or 10PM, usually until much later than that. Since the pandemic started, most people who would have gone out at such late hours have had to restrict their activities and preferences. But now, gyms, bars, and other venues that generally cater to more “night owl” types will be able to stay open an extra hour.

These new rules are also set to go into effect for New York City, so those types of businesses on Staten Island will also be able to remain open for an extra hour. All capacity restrictions of 25%, are still in effect and will be for the foreseeable future.

All of these allowances go into effect today, Monday the 15th of February. So anyone celebrating President’s Day by going to a bar or nightclub will be able to stay out an extra hour later. For those who want to get in shape by going to the gym but have been unable to get their in time due to their own schedule restrictions, their favorite gym and fitness center can be open an hour later as well.

From the Governor’s press office: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that, given the continued decline in hospitalization and infection rates throughout New York State, he has signed Executive Order 202.94 extending closing times for bars, restaurants, gyms and fitness centers, casinos, billiards halls, as well as other State Liquor Authority-licensed establishments, from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. statewide beginning today.

“Hospitalizations and the positivity rate continue to decline, and with the holiday surge now in our rear-view mirror, we must keep taking steps to further re-open the economy safely and responsibly,” Governor Cuomo said. “Accordingly, I have already signed an Executive Order to move the closing times for restaurants and bars to 11 p.m. statewide, and now we will do the same for gyms and fitness centers, casinos, billiards halls and any other location with an SLA license. As we move forward, we will continue to follow the science and data and take these kinds of steps to help us finally return to normal.”

Perhaps one day soon, New York City will finally return to its former glory, and be in an economic boom. As far as now, these are baby steps on the path to recovery, but baby steps are better than stagnation, or no steps at all. l

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