Press Release Re Nicole Malliotokis, Others Win By Conservative Party of Staten Island

Press Release: Conservative Party Of Richmond County Endorses 2021 Candidates And Staten Island Secession

22 February 2021 / For Immediate Release

Contact: David Mario Curcio, Chairman, Tel. 718.370.3604

At its annual nominating convention on Saturday, February 20, 2021, the Conservative Party of Richmond County endorsed the following candidates for election contests this year:  Leticia Remauro for Staten Island Borough President, George S. Wonica for New York City Councilman, 50th District, Joseph C. Borelli for New York City Councilman, 51st District, and Brendan T. Lantry for the New York City Civil Court Judge, 2nd District.


“The Conservative Party of Richmond County is proud to endorse each of our nominated candidates for elected office this year,” said Chairman David Mario Curcio. “More than 80% of the county committee participated in the vote, either in person or by proxy, the most by far in well more than a decade.  In keeping with our longstanding tradition of using secret ballots, the election was conducted with the highest level of integrity, with a very talented field of candidates competing for the nominations.”


“I am proud to be the Conservative Party candidate for Staten Island Borough President in November’s General election and I look forward to going on to win the Republican Primary on June 22nd,” said Leticia Remauro, candidate for Borough President.  “The Conservative Party has always stood up against the cancel culture. The overwhelming support I received from the county committee demonstrates the Staten Island Conservative Party’s commitment to bringing fairness and balance to a lopsided New York City government.  Like former President Donald Trump did on a national level, my goal will be to give all conservative minded voters a voice in planning the future of Staten Island. I want to thank the Staten Island Conservative Party, led by Chairman David Curcio, for the honor of allowing me to carry their line in November.”


“I am humbled and honored to carry the banner of the Richmond County Conservative Party for the 50th City Council District,” said George S. Wonica, who, in addition to his candidacy for the mid-island council district, also serves as Vice Chairman of the party.  “As a small businessman and active member of my community, I have witnessed and felt the burdensome regulations and taxes that have stifled our Borough and driven more and more people from our Island. I plan to push a ‘common sense’ approach and will be a non-stop fighter for my constituency, for items both big and small. The status quo is a ‘no go’ for me.”


“There is no greater institution in the state of New York that has been fighting against radical progressive thought,” said incumbent City Councilman Joseph C. Borelli in referring to the Conservative Party.  “I am proud to carry their banner again this year,” added Borelli as he seeks re-election in the 51st District on the south shore.


“It has never been more important to have sensible, fair-minded jurists to preside over the cases pending in our courts,” said Brendan T. Lantry, candidate for Civil Court Judge.  “I’m humbled and thankful to the Conservative Party, and Chairman David Curcio, for their endorsement and support.”


With no interested candidate at present for the north shore’s 49th District of the City Council, the county committee authorized the executive committee to make an endorsement at a later date should there be an interested candidate.  The Executive Committee also approved a formal resolution endorsing the municipal secession of Staten Island from the City of New York and the establishment of an independent municipal government.  “Working with our endorsed candidates this year, we are fully committing to advancing the cause of secession,” said Chairman Curcio.


The convention began with a moment of silence in memory of the late Rush Limbaugh, who recently passed away at the age of seventy.  “For more than three decades behind the golden microphone, Rush Limbaugh was America’s Anchorman and his excellence in broadcasting will greatly be missed,” said Chairman Curcio.


Election Day is scheduled for Tuesday, November 2, 2021, with Conservative Party candidates on Row “C”.

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