Sam Pirozzolo For City Council

Press Release: NYC Candidate Sam Pirozzolo Introduces Plan To Eliminate Traffic Congestion, Increase Public Safety

For Immediate Release
Contact Nicholas Robbins 347-695-7703; [email protected]

New York City Council Candidate Sam T. Pirozzolo (R-50 C.D) introduced a plan to address a concerning spike in motor-vehicle and pedestrian incidents on Staten Island and give relief to one of the busiest and notorious roads in Staten Island: Rockland Avenue where 4 collisions took place in February 2021 alone.

Pirozzolo’s plan calls for the addition of another straight-through lane and left turning lane at the intersection of Rockland Avenue & Manor Road. Furthermore, the plan calls for a protected double-wide sidewalk on the southside of the street for pedestrians and bicyclists where they are now required to risk their lives by riding or walking in the street.

Sam’s plan also seeks to add a break in the pedestrian barrier at all intersections and opposite side of the street bus stops on Rockland Avenue. This includes installing crosswalks that give right of way to pedestrians while crossing the street. Finally, the plan calls for installation of concrete pads at ALL bus stops, so commuters have a safe and clean place to wait for the bus.

“I believe that with the new shopping center on Hylan Blvd and Beach Avenue, the horrible traffic along Rockland Avenue will only get worse. With improvements to the intersections, we can create an easier, quicker, and safe environment for community residents and employees, as well as safely increase Green Belt access to our hikers and bicyclists.”

Sam Pirozzolo

Sam Pirozzolo is a native Staten Islander. He is a frequent contributor to the Staten Islander, and is well-known and loved by people on both the Right and Left, in his North Shore community. Sam brings people together, instead of dividing, by speaking common sense and analyzing our island, and city's, issues, with intelligence and concern for all. He and his wife just celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary and have two beautiful children who attended both public schools and were home-schooled. Sam is running to be your City Councilman to succeed Steven Matteo. Councilman Matteo has done a fantastic job for District 50 and accomplished much for all of Staten Island. It is Sam’s goal to build upon Steve’s successes and try to bring common sense back into NYC politics.


  • Avatar J. Collins says:

    Face it. Staten Island is ruined.
    I moved out to Jersey fifteen years ago to escape this, and now every night on I-287 it’s the same thing.
    Why? They just build and build.
    I know people need a place to live and building drives the economy, but the suburban sprawl is not just SI anymore.
    We lived in Egbertville for over 35 years. Rockland was a mess then and when we visit our family, it’s no better today.
    What can we do? Move further out west, closer to the PA border? I refuse. We’re being driven into no man’s land.

    • Jenna P Jenna P says:

      No sympathy! You abandoned ship!

      I don’t like that the Greenbelt is maintained as it is. Cutting everything down in Tottenville Park in the name of ecology. Then pesticides? What a scam. The forest never grew back the same.

      Natural my ass.

  • Avatar StatenIslander.org_Editor says:

    It’s the responsibility of every citizen to GET INVOLVED in the issues they are passionate about. How? There’s a million ways!

    Instead of doing this on the island, however many years ago, you took off, thinking the problem was with Staten Island.

    The problem is with community apathy.

    I also wish the island’s development had been more…judicious…but here we are.

    I’m not leaving. You probably shouldn’t either. You’ve already been driven from your home once because of over-development.

    And, another fact: New Jersey is getting developed like CRAZY pretty far out west. You’re going to have to live in the mountains if you’re looking to avoid that. If that’s your thing, enjoy.

    Otherwise, get active and fight for your community. Overdevelopment has many hidden costs.

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