This is what the speed cams look like.

Updated Staten Island Speed Camera Map

The Speed Camera Map, provided by Staten Island News Service to alert drivers to lowered speed limits and areas where they might receive a fine for exceeding said limits, has been updated.

The interactive, clickable map can be zoomed into, and is useful for trip planning.  As stated previously, the purpose of this map is NOT to encourage drivers to speed.  It is, in fact, to fulfill NYC’s stated purpose for these speed cameras, which is to reduce speeds on roads in school zones and to prevent traffic accidents.

Having the speed cameras hidden and unknown serves only to charge drivers more fines, and does nothing to prevent accidents or reduce speeds,  This is due to the lag in receiving a ticket and then changing behavior.  It can take up to two weeks for the speed camera tickets to be processed, and in those two weeks, a driver who was speeding would continue to speed until receiving notification of the location of the speed camera.

A speed cam on Goethals Road North.

A speed cam on Goethals Road North.

Thus, knowing where the cameras are, and thus where the school zones are, will help drivers to reduce their speeds where necessary.  If you know of any speed cameras in your neighborhood that we may have missed, please email us at [email protected]


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