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Staten Islander: No-Slant News

Staten Islander is your hyper-local No-Slant News™ service.

What does this mean, precisely?

For one, it means that we do our best to report facts, rather than editorialize news. Far too many newspapers are really in the business of selling a viewpoint these days. Here, you’ll find that our mission is to reestablish the news media as an objective entity, an institution dedicated to truth.

Additionally, we print editorials and stories from all viewpoints.  Just because we’re concerned with fact, doesn’t mean there isn’t room for opinion, far from it! That means that we might print a far-Right article one day, and a far-Left article the next.  We may print stories and editorials from individuals embodying a plethora of philosophies, some absolutely apolitical, others enmeshed in politics start to finish. Our goal is to bring you variety, to intellectually stimulate Staten Islanders.

We respect our readers and believe that you have the ability to sift through various ideas and perspectives. We are not selling a position here. Nor do we wish to help build the ever-present isolation box that is today’s media.

What’s the harm in being exposed to diverse ideas? Why not read articles penned by people with opposing viewpoints? This is the start of dialogue, a process central to the proper functioning of our Republic. Discussion is essential! If you don’t like what you’re reading, by all means, leave a comment.

Or, consider writing your own editorial piece; as long as you aren’t attacking anyone personally, we’ll consider publishing it. That’s especially true if you’re a Staten Islander, New York City resident, or New Jerseyan. We’re all in this together, and that means we all need to share our voices, we all need to be heard.

There actually is a distinct harm in the converse.  Utilizing digital platforms that filter ideas and only present us with news that fits our worldview is absolutely limiting. It’s not about changing how you see the world; it’s about listening to others’ ideas, and then accepting or rejecting, based on the merits of the ideas brought forth. We’re mature enough for this. I assure you.

This is the digital version of the public square. We do our best to present news and views worth reading. We believe that our job is to edify and educate our readers. And, that means readers of all ages, from all backgrounds. Staten Island gets a bum rap, again and again. To again mention New Jersey, perhaps that’s the only other place with so bad a reputation. But anyone who has spent even a minute on Earth knows that reputation is often fraught with inaccuracies, sometimes blatant misinformation. Staten Island is more than just a sound bite, or a joke about a dump or racism.

In reality, Staten Island is an amazing place, an island-world of its own. Maybe it’s the tolls that keep us isolated. Maybe it’s just the rumor and invective. Either way, Staten Island is not the home of bias and hate, though some media outlets might have you believing this in short order. In fact, it’s jsut the opposite.

We don’t have areas populated by a single religious, ethnic, or racial group. Nor do we have socioeconomic segregation; here, you’ll find million dollar homes just down the street from public housing.  We’re all mixed, but in the end it means we’re less mixed up than cities and towns with strict delineation of who lives where.

At the local supermarket, people of all races and religions shop together. It’s customary here to strike up conversations while waiting on line, or over the bananas or tomatoes while inspecting the produce. That’s how things should be. We may look different, we may have different views, but we share respect for our fellow islanders.

No-Slant News isn’t just a tagline; it’s a deep philosophy rooted in the concept that a news service is here to bring the reader the stories that are important, while doing so in a manner that is clearly unbiased.

We want to bring you the stories that are not printed elsewhere. And so, we’re on a mission to uplift Staten Island, creating a hyper-local publication that fulfills its goal of presenting original and thought-provoking pieces.


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  • Satanic Imp Satanic Imp says:

    No slant? We shall see. We shall see.

    It’s so easy to have noble convictions, but following though with them is the question.

  • Avatar $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ says:

    I heard your paper had a shakeup and half the staff is out.

    Just give this another year and it’ll be a dead website.

    Trust me.

  • Avatar Shelby says:


  • Avatar J ** U ** S ** T ** I ** N S ** M ** I ** T ** H says:

    Certainly aint gonna be you, my Satanic Imp friend.

  • Avatar David Mario Curcio says:

    In a time when trust in the media is at an all-time low, the Staten Islander is an asset to our community and a welcome alternative to the mainstream corporate media.

    • Avatar Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeezil says:

      Why don’t we have more people in politics like you?!

      I remember when “News & Views” meant just that. We had Current Events in school and learned the difference between opinion and fact pretty young.

      The world sure has changed…

      • Avatar Jessie says:

        I can honestly say, this paper actually doesn’t put a slant on things. It’s a good reminder of why we bother to even read the news. Oh, and paywalls. They infuriate me. I’m not the only one.

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