Car Accident On Bayonne Bridge Richmond Terrace Exit

Car Skids Off Richmond Terrace Exit Ramp Just South of the Bayonne Bridge, Hits Pole

This evening a car lost control while exiting  the  Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Expressway, I-440 South Richmond Terrace exit, the very first exit in NYS and after vehicles cross the Bayonne Bridge from New jersey’s Bergen Peninsula.  As a light mist fell around dusk, Port Authority Police, as well as a tow truck driver, could be seen working to secure and clear the area.

At 7:25 PM, a Nissan Versa car spun off the off ramp, hitting a pole as a result. The car apparently  skidded into the light pole and spun nearly all the way around, after the driver, a New jersey woman,  claimed that the steering wheel wouldn’t turn freely.

The incident blocked traffic from exiting I-440 South at the exit for nearly an hour.

As a result of the collision with the pole, the car was damaged, and the light pole was damaged as well, now leaning at a slight angle. The light pole will be replaced, if necessary.

There were no injuries, no secondary collision with any other vehicles, and no one was taken to any area hospitals.

The exit ramp was completely re-done along with the raising of the Bayonne Bridge road-deck and its approaches, recently completed after five long years of work.

While the exit ramp is curved and slightly graded, the wet roadway possibly played a part in this mishap.

Drivers, remember to slow down when it’s raining, or even drizzling. After a light drizzle, tar and rubber are a serious hazard. In a downpour, such detritus is washed away. If you lose control of your vehicle, try to break and come to a slow stop, rather than jamming the bakes hard.

Car Accident On Bayonne Bridge Richmond Terrace Exit

Car Accident On Bayonne Bridge Richmond Terrace Exit


Car Being Towed Away with Significant Front-End Damage


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