Sandy Ground Museum

Sandy Ground Historical Society

Sandy Ground Museum

Sandy Ground Museum

The Sandy Ground Historical Society has been home to free Blacks who were oyster farmers, blacksmiths, midwives, and other working men and women, who were fleeing Maryland in the early 1800’s.  Students and adults alike can visit their museum to learn about the early history of this settlement, along with presentations and other events.

From their website: “As the oldest continuously inhabited free Black settlement in the United States, Sandy Ground is a place of great historical significance. Founded in the early 19th Century, the community arose from a settlement of free Blacks from New York, Maryland, and Delaware. By harvesting oysters and farming, this fledgling community was able to thrive and became a safe haven on the Underground Railroad. Today, Sandy Ground is home to 10 families that are descendants of original settlers. The museum educates and inspires the public with exhibitions, photographs, and art documenting the history of Sandy Ground and African Americans. A visit to Sandy Ground guarantees a lesson in our Nation’s history.”

Visit their website for more information  and to contact them, or visit their museum at 1538 Woodrow Road in Staten Island.

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