Saint Adalbert Saint Roch Parish on Staten Island

St Adalbert’s St Roch’s Roman Catholic Parish

Saint Adalbert Saint Roch Parish on Staten Island

Saint Adalbert

Saint Adalbert St Roch Parish are one parish, where both of the churches are used for celebration of Mass and the sacraments.  Sunday masses are celebrated at different times at each church, and other community events take place in both churches, and can be found in their calendars.

From their website: “The Church of St. Adalbert and the Church of St. Roch merged into one parish as of August 01, 2015 under the archdiocese’s pastoral-reorganizational plan known as “Making All Things New.”  Both the churches are used for the celebration of Masses and sacraments on a regular basis under one administration. The parish office is located at 602 Port Richmond Ave., Staten Island, NY. The parish offers religious education for all ages on Wednesdays at St. Adalbert School, 355 Morningstar Road, Staten Island, NY.


Check out their website for more details


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