About StatenIslander.Org

Here at Staten Islander News, we believe that Staten Islanders should have access to important news, stories, editorials, and photojournalism that affects their world. That’s why we’re billed as Staten Island’s Hyper-Local Paperless. We don’t cut down forests so you can feel guiltless knowing we don’t add to the footprint of environmental damage in bringing news to you.

Staten Island is a unique place; extremely diversified, with many ethnicities, races, and people from different nations, sharing a roughly seventy square-mile piece of land. There’s also a significant range in socioeconomic standing, with residents ranging from those without means, to a thriving working middle class, to areas with the most beautiful expansive homes around.

For the most part, Staten Islanders live in peace. Against all odds, we Staten Islanders find a way to manage, to co-exist with each other. Everyone cares for their neighbors, and religion, race, and everything else matters little. That’s what makes Staten Island unique.

We feel that Staten Islanders should remain informed about the important issues affecting their lives. Our writers seek to remain objective and fact-find with careful research. Their articles are painstakingly composed, so that they are both interesting and factual.

Our readership is limited, but growing steadily by word-of-mouth. We are happy to be known as Staten Island’s Alternative News Source.™ We may not publish the volume of content that many other online newspapers do,however, we assure you that what we include is timely, relevant, and interesting.

-Staten Islander News Org Editors.