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We at StatenIslander.Org New Agency are always happy to review submissions for inclusion in our electronic periodical. We value what your unique perspective brings, always.

Not all submissions will be approved, however, we will always make a good-faith attempt to include as much reader-generated content as is possible. Content may not be immediately published, however, we will make an earnest attempt to do so in a timely manner.

That means that you have a voice on this Island! You can now be heard. Your images and videos can now be seen.

As of August 18, 2019, no payment shall be remitted for any articles, editorials, stories, images, or videos. The copyright shall remain in the name of the contributor, however, contributor grants StatenIslander.Org unlimited rights to print, and re-print said content, either within our e-newspaper, or on any of our networked platforms.

All content must be owned by the contributor. That means that the photos and video must be your own, or have been licensed to you by the photographer or videographer. The same is true of content; you just be the original author, unless you have assumed either full copyright by written agreement, or have limited rights to re-publish.

Any content outside of copyright may be included for publication. That includes educational material, as well as any material that exists beyond the statutory time limit for copyright protection.

StatenIslander.Org respects internationally copyright-protected material that may have been authored, or registered, in another country.

If material submitted is not your own, and you have written permission from the creator to include such material on StatenIslander.Org, photographs of the agreement may be sent to our newsroom.

Material submitted may be edited, for brevity or clarity. You, the contributor, must agree to these terms. Content may never be altered in such a way as to distort, or alter, the author’s intentions, or main ideas. We are not in the practice of manipulating others’ words, however, we do assert editorial control over what is published.

Submissions will be credited to the person submitting the content. If the person submitting, is doing so legally (see above), but is not the original content creator, both the contributor and original author or artist, shall be noted, in StatenIslander.Org.

To submit, please e-mail or call (718) 889-1560 for more information.

For editorials, News Agency may choose to include a disclaimer at the end stating that this is not necessarily our opinion. We reserve the right to include this statement, however, we also reserve the right to not necessarily do so.