The Decades-Old NYC Development Plan For Staten Island That Most Islanders Never Knew About

Did you ever ask yourself, or your neighbors, or family, why Staten Island turned out the way it did? The lament of lifelong Islanders has always been that Staten Island was a utopia, ruined by over-development. And while the building industry is undeniably one of the driving forces behind the Island’s hometown economy, putting bread in the mouths of many families for generations, there is truth to the notion that infrastructure did not keep up with the pace of new homes built on our Island.

What if Staten Island had not been part of New York City? Maybe you, the astute reader, cannot make the connection, but that’s only because the information is not quite well known. There is, in fact,  a compelling case that an independent Staten Island would have taken a far different path to its future, now our present day.

In the accompanying YouTube video, discover that Staten Island’s current situation of overcrowding can be directly attributed to our being part of the city, and the route taken to development was actually dictated from afar.

Watch and learn, and discover how it happened that Staten Island was slowly transformed from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s bucolic “Walden Woods”, to the present-day mess we all know and endure. Of course, Staten Island remains one of the best places to live that you could possible choose in the entire NYC/NJ Metro region.

However we can all imagine how much better life here would have been, with residents and Staten Island government calling the shots, instead of NYC leadership, a mere five miles away by Ferry, yet worlds away, in terms of ideology and persepctive.

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