Tom Metzger. Race and Reason Cable Public Access TV Show Of the 80s and 90s

Tom Metzger Speaks: Exclusive Interview With Avowed Ex-KKK White Racist

Tom Metzger is a racist. And, he doesn’t care that you know how he feels.

He’s not hiding under a sheet. He’s not operating in the shadows. He’s been around for decades, and he’s still here, with the same message.

Months ago, Staten Islander News Org conducted a red-hot interview with Tom Metzger, before the George Floyd murder.

While Metzger’s overt racism may shock some of our readers, recall the great extent of covert and unconscious racism that still exists in our world on the part of a good number of  people.

Many of our readers will find Mr. Metzger’s answers infuriating. We at SI News Org considered his responses interesting, as there were many misconceptions we had about his line of thinking. We were shocked and surprised at many of his answers.

White Aryan Resistance Special Issue - White Worker Beware!

White Aryan Resistance Special Issue – White Worker Beware!

Much of what he said was not what we were expecting, based on previous media reports about him.

You may remember Tom Metzger from the various daytime talk shows he frequented in the 1980s.

Or, from the much-publicized civil lawsuit he and his son lost, which resulted in the sale of their family home, in order to repay the relatives of a murdered Ethiopian man.

It was claimed his organization, White Aryan Resistance, was responsible for radicalizing the murderers. Metzger was found personally responsible, even though he never met the murderer, as it was claimed his publication was responsible for the murderer’s  radicalization.

Matzger claims he never advocated attacking or killing anyone, unless in self defense.

Or maybe you recognize Metzger’s name from his three attempts at running for public office. Surprisingly, Metzger netted 30,371 votes, more than the other two candidates, in California’s 43rd Congressional District Democratic Primary election, June 3, 1980.

Mr. Metzger founded WAR (White Aryan Resistance), and was also a former Grand Dragon of the California Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

Tom Metzger did not start out as a racist; his activism and protest against supporting the Vietnam War initially put him in contact with racist individuals and groups, also in opposition to supporting the unpopular war through their taxes.

He started out laboring on his family farm in Indiana,  and ironically later moved to a mostly-Hispanic area in California. Oddly, his neighbors never had any static with him.

Some of his later alliances are unexpected, considering his racist stance. Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam were among these curious affiliations.

In 1985, Metzger attended a Nation of Islam rally and spoke, lauding Farrakhan. On what were his praises of Minister Farrakhan based?

For Farrakhan’s “understanding” that Jews are “parasites” living off America, turning it into a “rotting carcass.” Perhaps that wasn’t quite so shocking after all.

Metzger was also invited to speak before the Black Panther Militia (originally the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense), organized in 1966, the 1960s and 70s counterpart to today’s Black Lives Matter movement.  The difference? The Black Panthers were quite violent, and actually fired shots at law enforcement officers.

If you are bewildered that a former KKK leader spoke at a Nation of Islam rally or to the Black Panthers, you’re not the only one. Yes; the interview will be an interesting read for most! You may walk away more puzzled than before.

Tom Metzger. Race and Reason Cable Public Access TV Show Of the 80s and 90s

Tom Metzger. Race and Reason Cable Public Access TV Show Of the 80s and 90s

Staten Islander News Service values all opinions. Even those most would tend to disagree with, or even strongly oppose. We feel that interviewing controversial figures is part of the true task of honest journalism.

Whoopi Goldberg was brave enough to interview Metzger in the 90s on her talk show; today it’s unlikely that could even happen without ending her career. It’s a different climate, one where everything is far more polarized, more black and white.

The claim that journalists are erring in giving a platform to unpopular, or even dangerous, views is without merit. Americans have a right to know the facts, and our Nation is built upon a system requiring a well-informed electorate.

And so, everyone should have the right to speak and be heard. If their ideas are ludicrous, let’s talk about that. Hiding information is definitely not in the Spirit of Democracy. Shouting down opposition is not the American Way.

Spirited debate and discourse, rather than discord achieved by yelling so loudly someone else cannot be heard, is our heritage.

To that end, we present our interview with Tom Metzger, America’s second-most infamous White supremacist after Dr. David Duke.

In this time of heightened racial awareness, this interview is especially interesting and important.

His answers may make you cringe. They make make you think. They make provoke and trigger strong feelings. That’s the point.

Mr. Metzger has lived a full life in pursuit of his goal of promoting White ideals and culture.  Here are some of his beliefs.

Tom Metzger Interview With Staten Islander News Service

Staten Islander News Org: Why do you think that David Duke’s foray into public office was a success, while your bid for election failed?

Tom Metzger: [Duke] was in a much smaller venue. I was in the largest congressional district in the United States the 43rd. And two years later I ran for United States Senate in California. The first race netted 56,000 voted the second for Senate 85,000 votes. I consider that a victory considering the amount of money I spent.

SI: When you were Grand Dragon of the KKK for the State of California, why did you organize border patrols? What did you learn from doing these patrols?

TM: To attempt to influence massive numbers of the American people to wake up about the dangers of open borders.

SI: How did you feel about Democrats and Republican in the past? What about now? What does “third-party” mean to you?

TM: I care nothing for political parties, only in their use. I feel the same way about political parties now as I did before. I was active in third-party politics for several years and found them just to be the same, only with less power.

SI: What exactly does the KKK mean to you, personally? How did WAR differ from the Klan?

TM: I identify with the original Klan as a organized guerrilla operation, unconventional warfare.

SI: Is WAR still around?

TM: White Aryan resistance is definitely still around and our website is

SI: What were the WarSkins? What did your group accomplish, in your estimation?

TM: The WarSkins were simply an voluntary association parallel the rest of the White Aryan Resistance.

SI: How do you feel that the FBI just put White Nationalists and Neo-Nazis on the same threat level as ISIS?

TM: I put the FBI on a similar position, but more dangerous to the American people than ISIS.

SI: Do you think White people are superior? What does that mean, exactly, if so?

TM: I hope so. It simply means that observation of the achievements of the White race are easy to see worldwide. Pick up a book on the history of technology and see how many White people are written about.

SI: You’re commonly referred to as a racist. Are you a racist? Is there a difference between a racist and racialist?

TM: Of course I’m a racist, racial separatists believing in the best interests of racial separation. There is no difference between a racist a racialist. Some timid right-wingers use [the term] racialist, thinking they can take the edge off the conversation.

SI: Are you an anti-Semite? Do you think that your third-party message was diluted because of your references to Jewish people? Even if your ideas were valid, the moment you spoke anti-Semitic sentiments, you were shunned and your ideas ignored.

TM: I am anti-criminal-Jews and their stepsister Judeo-Christianity and Christian Zionists.

SI: Why hate, and not love?

TM: It is weapon. Sometimes love is use of the weapon, but all men are both if they’re honest.

SI: Do you define yourself as a radical? What does that term mean to you?

TM: I am very much a radical, meaning going to the root of the problem.

SI: Should Jewish and Black people be afraid of you and your views?

TM: If they’re not a direct threat to myself or my race they don’t have to be afraid.

SI: What about fearing the Klan? Or, White Nationalists? Why or why not?

TM: I assume the same answer for all these groups but you’ll have to ask them.

SI: Are you a White Nationalist? Or, a White Internationalist?

TM: I’m White internationalist I call it Pan-Arianism.

SI: Describe a typical White Nationalist today. How about in 1988?

TM: A Pan-Aryanist dedicates his life in the support of his race and and his family.


SI: Do you think that your goals would have been better accomplished, and your viewpoint better received, with a nonviolent stance?

TM: I was never convicted of a felony and never served any time in prison. My record is cleaner than most. I was only ever convicted of a misdemeanor, unlawful assembly. Does that sound violent to you?

Anyone who swears [they’re] always [taking] a nonviolent stance is a liar or a fool.

SI: How do you feel about multiculturalism?

TM: It’s meaningless.

SI: What do you think about the Black Lives Matter movement?

TM: Black violence protected by White liberals.

SI: Do you believe that compassion for all is a positive and essential quality for citizens to embody?

TM: You must live in a dream world that doesn’t exist. Large amounts of people don’t deserve compassion or empathy. Compassion should be dealt out sparingly [to] people who deserve it.

SI: Why just help your own group? Why shouldn’t all people band together to help everyone, regardless of background?

TM: That’s just more fake liberalism that doesn’t exist and will never exist.

SI: How can people of different races, religions, and national origins get along, while living together in the same city or town?

TM: Negotiate either peacefully or violently.


SI: How was your experience in the Army with people of different backgrounds? How did the Army combat bias? Was it a success? How did you find serving alongside people of other races and faiths?

TM: My first experience with numerous Negroes was in the military since I was raised in an all-White area. I got along with Negro soldiers if they were good at it. I found that if you had two Negroes in your outfit it worked out all right. But any more than two and the unit went to hell.

SI: Do you feel that White people should have their own homeland?

TM: Of course we should have our own homeland but not just all Whites, only those who deserve it. Large percentages of the White population today would have to be re-educated or excluded.

SI: What about Black people? What about Jewish people? Why total racial separation?

TM: These people are on their own; they’re not my responsibility. I don’t want to live with them or over them.

SI: Why did you and your son end up being found guilty in the 1990 case, in the death of an Ethiopian man?

TM: The entire case was a set up. It was a civil trial. I had never been to Portland, nor my son. We didn’t know the people, never met the people that were involved in the fight. My son and I were up against one of the richest legal teams in the country and I could not hire an attorney. One attorney we talked to wanted $100,000, which was impossible. So even though we knew [we] were going to lose, we handled our own case. And even a lot of the press said we did a good job.

SI: Was this a just and lawful decision, in your eyes? Were you encouraging your White followers to kill, or harm, Black people?

TM: I have never encouraged anyone to kill anyone or even seriously injure them, neither has my son. We have stressed 100% free speech and always practiced it. Most people are hypocrites and only believe in free speech if it’s their [own] free speech.

SI: “Another name for separatism is balkanization.” How do you feel about this? Do you think that you’re helping to keep the people of the U.S. divided, and thus conquerable and weak? Are hate movements “controlled opposition” created by American’s enemies abroad, and within, to divide us all?

TM: I can really see where you’re coming from or where you’ve been educated, how you’ve been educated. So I don’t blame you for the way you think because you have no choice like most of the rest of the young people in this country. The people who keep you divided in this country is your government, and in the military-industrial complex, in the corporate dictatorship, not people like me.

SI: Why can’t diverse people just get along in peace, in your estimation? What must be done to accomplish this?

TM: You’re too repetitive in your questions. More like an interrogator.

SI: You state that White people, and all people, should support their own peoples first. After that, shouldn’t we all take care of *everyone* in our society?

TM: If we take care of our own people in our own family properly we won’t have time for everyone else. Others must be responsible for themselves.

SI: What is your current social and political platform, in a paragraph or two?

TM: Survival of the fit.

SI: What do you think of nationalized health care?

TM: They will figure out a way of screwing it up no matter how you play it.

SI: How do you feel about basic health care as a human right?

TM: Basic healthcare should be based on state and community standards based in free enterprise with limitations.

There is no such thing as a human right. There only privileges granted to you by the powerful and the ruling class. The rest is all smoke and mirrors.

SI: If we’re all Americans, shouldn’t all of our fellow countrymen’s welfare be of our common concern, and not just those from our own group? Shouldn’t Jews care about Christians, Whites about Blacks, and Hindus about Muslims, etc., if we’re all Americans?

TM: There you go again with that nonsensical mythology.

SI: Do you think your ideas seem outdated, with tolerance and inclusion being the most popular themes today among young people?

TM: Unfortunately you believe mythical propaganda that does not exist. And is not capable of existing under other than a blanket of lies.

SI: In the 1980s, why did your Klan’s security force confront protesters exercising their free speech? Shouldn’t all Americans have had a voice, even those opposing you?

TM: I never stopped anyone in my life from free speech. If you look carefully at my actions in the streets you’ll find the violence is always to cut off my free speech. I never openly attacked anyone. I had to fight in the streets for my free speech.

SI: What do you think of “cancel culture” today?

TM: I am not aware of it.

SI: How do you feel now that comedians are being stifled for politically-incorrect jokes? Do you agree that jokes are harmless ways of expressing things we cannot feel comfortable with saying, otherwise, and actually encourage brotherhood beyond our own group? Or, do jokes about groups just perpetuate hatred?

TM: Or, as I said, I’m a total advocate of free speech. Comedians such be able to tell any joke they want without interference, just like people in the streets should do be able to do the same. Political correctness is the enemy of everybody.

SI: Why did you host the Race and Reason cable TV show? How long did it run? What were your most memorable moments? Strangest guests? Most important episodes?

TM: About 15 years. I love all the episodes pretty much equally. You can see several on YouTube if you look around even though I’ve been banned.

SI: “We feel we’re an island of free speech in a sea of controlled and managed news…only 26 corporations control the media in the United States.” -From Race and Reason Cable TV show. How do you feel about your statement today?

TM: Even more so!

SI: Do you think that surrounding oneself only with members of one’s own group can be limiting? Why or why not?

TM: Competition in all things.

SI: Can people of different backgrounds learn from one another’s culture? If so, in what ways?

TM: Yes, many ways too numerous to mention.

SI: Do you think accusations of “cultural appropriation” are without merit? Why or why not?

TM: Is that anything like GENE hijacking?

SI: How do you feel about the current homelessness situation in the US? What about the struggling working class?

TM: Homelessness is a direct product of the ruling class and the corporate power. In California, Ronald Reagan closed all the mental hospitals and turned people into the streets back in the 80s. They also did it in other places across the country. It’s crony capitalism.

SI: Why does WAR’s logo feature a Swastika, a traditional Hindu symbol?

TM: [The] War logo does not feature the swastika. However the swastika is an ancient symbol many races and cultures know as a good luck symbol. I don’t rejected it, but I don’t flaunt it either.

SI: What does the Swastika mean to you, personally? Is this meant to invoke the Nazis?

TM: No,  I am not a national socialist and probably would’ve been put in a concentration camp if I lived in Germany, being a freethinker [and] not liking to take orders from anyone.

SI: Is this to instill fear in others?

TM: Not in my eyes.

SI: Why is WAR’s motto “Let them hate … As long as they fear!” (a quote from Roman emperor Caligula)?

TM: That was also quoted by national socialists in this country. [I] might’ve repeated it once or twice, but is not my favorite.

SI: How many people currently claim membership in the White Aryan Resistance? Are all members White? Are women welcome?

TM: White Aryan resistance has no membership, no membership card, no flags, no regular meetings, no uniforms. I consider myself a Lone Wolf which I have been most of my life. I’m not in the right wing or the left wing.

SI: Why is your website called “Resist?” What exactly are you claiming to be resisting?

TM: Anything I consider a danger to the White working class.

SI: How did you feel watching Mr. Roy Innis strangling your son on The Geraldo Show?

TM: A perfect example of an anthropoid-protected Republican.

SI: Were you there?

TM: No.

SI: Did this event help you realize violence is not the answer?

TM: If anything it reaffirmed my feeling that sometimes violence must be used. If I had been there and saw him viciously choke my son I would have used whatever violence I had to use to bring him to his knees.

SI: What is your opinion of Adolf Hitler?

TM: Had the world by the world. [He] blew it with two great mistakes. Number one: the attack on England. Number two: the invasion of Russia. Russia should have been the ally. With Russia as an ally, which they wanted to be, the West would’ve been powerless against a United States of Eurasia.

SI: What does the word Aryan mean to you?”

TM: “Noble Ones,” Sanskrit.

SI: What is a Skinhead? Was it just an ’80s punk style? Is it dead as a movement?

SI: What do you think of Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.?

TM: A small-time preacher that would’ve gone nowhere without Whites and Jews and big business. His opposition to the Vietnam War is what got him killed. My friend James Earl Ray was used by the FBI to do the job. He was in no way a lone killer. The feds opened the doors for him.

SI: How do you feel about Mahatma Gandhi?

TM: Britton allowed him the power because they were tired of financing India and they could replace their occupation by controlling the exchequer of the money. In controlling the money, they didn’t need a standing army.

SI: What about Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam?

TM: I had a respect for Malcolm X as a warrior for his people.

SI: One of the reasons the United States came into being was to combat trans-national corporations like the East India Trading Company, as Americans’ quality of life and enjoyment of rights was adversely affected by such trading blocs. How do you feel about trans-national corporations in the U.S. today?

TM: As they exist today, I despise transnational corporations.

SI: What do you think about large corporations in the U.S. not paying a cent in taxes?

TM: They would either pay taxes or get the same treatment some of the Chinese got in China: up against the wall.

SI:  “Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, *except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted*, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” -Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. How do you feel that slavery continues to this day in our nation’s prisons? What about how this relates to disparities in powder cocaine/crack sentencing in the 80s and how it disproportionately affected Black people?

TM: Wage slavery is everywhere whether in the prisons or out.

SI:  Do you think the world would have been better off had Adolf Hitler, instead of forcing Jews to leave Germany or face internment in concentration camps, chose instead to pay for their safe passage to Mandatory Palestine (now Israel and the Palestinian territories) at their own choice, even providing a stipend to start a new life in the Middle East? This would have cost far less than a bloody war, in terms of both lives lost and monetary cost, and both Germans and Jewish people would have had homelands, and there would have been far less suffering for all.

TM: Many thousands of Jews were already assisted to go to Palestine. Since Jews are not a race, Hitler should have allowed the German Jews who were non-criminal to remain in Germany as citizens. As it is, large numbers of Jews that went to Palestine are technically Germans with German blood and had served as their science foundation. World War II was a disaster to the White race with 55 million people dying. The White race may never recover from that genetic loss. No one really wins the war.

SI: What do you think about the former practice of segregation in the South?

TM: It was making the best out of a bad situation. First there should’ve been no slaves brought into the colonies at all as they had plenty of White indentured servants that they could call on, plus develop technology. Slavery slowed down the development of technology. Both the Whites and the Blacks lost, only the rich won. The poor White working class in the South should’ve driven out the slaveowners and killed them. Then negotiate to take the Blacks back to Africa.

SI: What does national socialism mean to you?

TM: Just words till I see it in action. However there [are] forms of national socialism I could probably work with such as Gregor and Otto Strasser‘s version before Hitler sold out to the industrialists.

SI: How do you feel about communism?

TM: Russia was never communist, it was operated by state capitalism. Communism is impossible. Just like modern-day liberalism.

SI: How would you define, or describe, your faith? How does your faith inform your views?

TM: I am a freethinker or an atheist, whichever you choose. I feel religion is one of the main problems with mankind. Christian Zionism is the biggest threat from religion to the United States.

SI: Are you anti-Catholic? Anti-Christian? Why?

TM: I was baptized Catholic and I have belonged to Protestant churches too, but in 1980 I left religion.

SI: Do you feel that your support of national socialism is contradictory to your anti-communist efforts?

TM: Not at all but there is no national socialism, at least no party, no structure, no real membership. And, even national socialism is so misconstrued by Hollywood and so forth that it’s unusable.

SI: Do you think the Southern Poverty Law Center does a good job protecting Americans from hate? Why or why not?

TM: They do a good job job of making lots of money and instilling more hate. Hate is growing not receding.

SI: How would you define hate speech?

TM: It has no legitimate definition. Speech is speech. Hate crime is just a crime.

SI: Why did you state on a 1990 WAR telephone hotline message: “We will put blood on the streets like you’ve never seen. And advocate more violence than both world wars put together.”

TM: Ironically, that was stated by a man who turned against me. [He] gave it in his speech after he consumed a pint of whiskey and I had no idea he was going [to] say it. I would not say that.

SI: Do you feel violence ever has a place?

TM: Of course. At least our government thinks so.

SI: When would this be? Is this viewed as a “last resort” for you? Is violence valid for anything other than self defense?

TM: Yes, last resort.

SI: Do you feel violence de-legitimized your message? If not, why not?

TM: The media always equate violence [with] me, but I don’t commit violence and have never attacked another person, unless they attack me. The media creates violence and promotes violence and profits by violence.

SI: According to the SPLC web site, an undated commentary on your website stated: “Jews are supreme masters of manipulation and deceit. They run and distort our foreign policy because lazy and corrupt non-Jew leaders had previously found them valuable as grifters.” How do Jewish people who simply work, pray at temple, and take care of their families, fit into all of this? Isn’t the issue more with the ruling class, comprised of the ultra-wealthy of all lands and faiths, working in concert? Why choose Jews as your focus?

TM: Working class Jews are just as much a victim as others. My statements have to do with the ruling class and economic class of the Jews, not the everyday Jew. I worked for Jews before; they treated me fine.

SI: “Love is stronger than hate.” How does that statement make you feel? Do you really believe this?

TM: No, I don’t believe that. Whether you like it or not, I believe hate is a stronger force than love, not to say I don’t appreciate love.

SI: Again from SPLC: “My total concern is with the survival of the White European people in North America.” — 2002 MSNBC interview. Do you feel that your efforts have accomplished this goal? In what ways, if so?

TM: I have not achieved that goal and the race continues to slide down more. And there’s not much I can do about it except try to wake up some people.

SI: Can someone be pro-White (or pro-Black) without being a White (or Black) supremacist or neo-Nazi or anti-this or anti-that?

TM: Yes.

SI: Do you feel that anti-trust laws need to be renewed? Why is this important, if so?

TM: Very important and Trump should do it immediately.

SI: What does the term “corporate socialism” mean to you?

TM: Bernie is right about that. It is corporate socialism that exists today. Socialism for the rich.

SI: How do you feel about humans colonizing Mars?

TM: I’m all for it but I’m not fanatical about it. I prefer Orion.

SI: You are said to be homophobic in media reports. How do you feel about the LGBTQAI movement today? Drag queen story hour?

TM: I don’t approve of the homosexual lifestyle but I’m not in a position to persecute anyone who is. I’ve never attacked anyone for being homosexual and I had dialogue with people that were homosexuals, and I don’t look under any bed for some, which is a statement Hitler made. When they ask[ed] him about homosexuals, he said, “I’m not looking under beds.” lol

SI: What has time taught you?

TM: Time flies.

SI: What views have you changed or refined with time, and why?

TM: Too many to go into now.

SI: How do you feel about ageism?

TM: As long as your breathing any age is wonderful.

SI: What do you think about “fake news”?

TM: There’s too much of it.

SI: Do you have any Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Black, Hispanic, Native American, Asian, or otherwise non-White friends or associates?

TM: Over the years I’ve had several non-White casual friends or should I say associates. I can’t remember any sleepovers, though.


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  • Avatar B. Smith says:

    Not exactly what I’d have expected him to say but he’s still a racist.

    • Avatar Jensen says:

      I was shocked that he didn’t identify with the Nazi movement.

      Also about his alliances with black groups.

      Truly a radical.

      Personally I think all races can live together in peace. They do in my family and on my block.

    • Avatar Dirty Hairy says:

      It was everything I was expecting. haha What did you think he was going to say? That he goes out at night and burns crosses? Don’t be so gullible.

    • Avatar Matt Q Citizen says:

      He’s a racist piece of s**t either way. To all the Jewish and black readers out there – don’t forget that trash like this hides everywhere. Be prepared. You’re not in Disneyland.

  • Avatar Dave S-----r says:

    Great interview. As a practicing Jew, I found this most interesting. I was shocked that his position on the Jews in Germany was that they shouldn’t have been murdered, deported, or deprived of citizenship. A shocker. I feel we do have home having races living side by side but progressives need to get their act together. Knocking down statues helps no one.

  • Avatar Duane says:

    Why did Metzger bother with the author of this crap?
    The only “hate” here is ANTI-WHITE HATE by the author who is too cowardly to even disclose it’s name (I’m sure I know what group it derives from)….
    The dimwit author tells you what to think (hate Metzger and White Racial Consciousness) before he even pukes anything on the page and thinks we are dumb enough to buy his BS….

    • Avatar 818SCOOTY says:

      I disagree. This paper is not a white power rag. It’s middle of the road, and at least they were curious enough to inquire.

      Do you see many other newspapers either online or IRL asking Tom for his opinions? They’re all scared s**tless.

      I thought the questions were fair. Yes the presentation was a bit skewed. All the customary BS framing it all a certain way. But the readers of this paper are smarter than that. They see the world without a filter and so that doesn’t matter.

      What mattered was what Metzger said. That is all.

      • Avatar staten island resident for 23 years says:

        The readers are smarter? I guess you haven’t ever been to Staten Island. hahahaha

    • Avatar Clancy88 says:

      Duane, your full of f****g s**t.

      This interview is fair and balanced.

      There’s no anti-white hate anywhere. Get a f****g clue.

      Its people like you who make white nationalists look dumb.

      You like preaching to the choir. That does a lot to help.

      They even put Tom’s website in there. When was the last time you saw that?

      Please stop. You’re only shooting yourself and all white people in the heart.

      Look around you. You think the average Joe is going over to Stormfront? We’re way past that. The average white man is out yelling black lives matter!

      And white people out in the countryside are even against you. You polarized things too much. Blame yourself.

      Wake up! There’s practically no time left. You’re probably fine with turning white people off to white racial positivity. F**K EM you probably say. I say it again, please get a clue. You’re winning no hearts or minds with that attitude.

      • Avatar go away says:

        Nice. A bunch of white power i****s arguing publicly. Guess what? You aren’t fooling no one! YOU DO NOT REPRESENT ME! Go away. Your not wanted here. This story was worth reading. Your comments are a joke. I am not a BLM liberal. I don’t want to have anything to do with hate like the kind you spew either. Your NOBETTER

      • Avatar a white man who sees you hiding under that sheet says:

        “winning hearts and minds”? I cringe at the thought that in some dark basement people like you are plotting a great white future. Get real.

        I admit some black and white people are racist. But they’re nothing like you.

        “there’s practically no time left” lmfao! I think you missed your boat. That sailed in the sixties when segregation was made illegal.

        White people are not behind you. White people do not support you. You are filled with hate and we can see it clearly.

        You disgust me. Talking like other white people are somehow pawns for you to manipulate. It’s not like that. My mind and heart are not for sale.

        The truth is the KKK is about as far from what you claim it to be. You and your ilk enjoy it all. The lynchings. The cross burnings. The pure hate.

        You are far from superior but rather the worst examples of white people.

      • Avatar Freud was wrong says:

        “Its people like you who make white nationalists look dumb.”

        Metzger is an international-Aryanist

  • Avatar 818Scooty says:

    “hate Metzger and White Racial Consciousness”


    • Avatar ,,,,,,,,, says:

      Oh please. Stop your BSing. The entire article is a hit piece on Metzger. Face it buddy, you’re either-

      This so called “newspaper” reports the same way as every other fake news site and actual paper in the United States, 1/10 truth 25/10 fake

      [deleted] [deleted]

      • Avatar Not my master says:

        R*****k math.

        1/10 + x = 1

        Should be 9/10, not 25/10.

        Shows you brain capacity.

        So much for the “master race.”

    • Avatar Slavoj K. says:

      Are you kidding me? Metzger even says the interviewer sounds like an interrogator! You must be brain damaged.

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