Grape Tomatoes By Katherine Kenny

Sam Pirozzolo Shows How To Start Your Outdoor Herb And Vegetable Garden


Grape Tomatoes By Katherine Kenny

Grape Tomatoes. Image Credit: Katherine Kenny, license by CC 2.0

During this time of lockdowns and social distancing measures caused by the Covid-19 virus, many parents are trying to think of activities that they can do with their kids while they are cooped up in the house. Not only is gardening a great homeschooling activity, it is also an activity that has an interesting outcome, as your kids will get to eat what they grew.

Join Staten Island’s own Sam Pirozzolo, who has created this useful video on Facebook to teach Staten Islanders how to easily start their own backyard garden with some of the simplest to grow vegetables and herbs.

He includes oregano, thyme, and tomatoes, classics of backyard gardens, along with other vegetables. Mr Pirozzolo shows how incredibly fun it is to start these plants, along with creative ways to label and keep track of them.

Follow along with Sam as he shows you his technique for growing backyard vegetables.

This can also help us to have an abundance of fresh greens, veggies, and herbs that we can share with our neighbors, especially those home-bound elderly people in our neighborhoods.


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