Opinion: Leticia Remauro In Common Sense Patriotic Response To Prominent New York Times Editorial Board Member Finding American Flags “Disturbing”

Borough President Candidate Leticia Remauro Calls On Staten Islanders to Proudly Display American Flags on Monday, June 14
June 10, 2021

Staten Island, NY – Republican/Conservative candidate for Staten Island Borough President Leticia Remauro is calling on Staten Islanders to show their patriotism by displaying American flags outside their homes and businesses on Monday, June 14th in celebration of Flag Day. While this is, and should be, standard practice for this day of celebration, her call was spurred by MSNBC commentator and NY Times Editorial Board Member Mara Gay stating she was “disturbed” seeing so many American flags during a recent visit to a friend’s home on Long Island.

Said Remauro, “America is the greatest country in the world. We are free to express our opinions and voice our concerns. I am saddened that Ms. Gay perceives the display of the American flag as a negative and I hope she does more traveling to other countries where people are truly oppressed to be reminded of the unique and ever expanding freedoms Americans enjoy. Until then, I urge every Staten Islander who loves America and who believes, as I do, that while not perfect, there is a lot about America to celebrate and commemorate, to proudly display the American flag in their home, business or vehicle on June 14, 2021 in recognition of Flag Day.

“But really,” concluded Remauro, “it’s not surprising that the New York Times and MSNBC would find a way to again insult patriotic Americans outside the self-dealing media elite bubble Ms. Gay resides in. I’m sure her remarks were warmly received in Brownstone Brooklyn where multimillion dollar homes are taxed less than modest single family homes in Staten Island.”

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Leticia Remauro

Leticia Remauro is a Staten Island advocate, small-business owner, author and former government official who served in the administrations of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Governor George Pataki and as Chair of Community Board 1 on the north shore of Staten Island. Ms. Remauro has been recognized by “City & State” as one of the “50 Most Influential People on Staten Island” and a “Power 100” honoree. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Professional Women in Construction - Woman of Achievement Award; the Associated Minority Enterprises of New York - Public Service Advocate Award and the New York City - Peacekeeper Award.



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    We are now living under a Soviet system.

  • Avatar J. Doyle says:

    I can’t believe this is happening. Are we at a point where we are replacing our system?

  • Avatar Goobin Raste says:

    So what are the military men and women and trans people fighting for, if not a flag????

    • Avatar Callie says:

      No one is fighting for a literal flag. It’s the ideas the flag represents.

    • Avatar zzzzzz says:

      It’s not that. The flag has become “adopted” by the far right. They co-opted the flag and now it means something different to many people. I see idiots driving around the island with giant Trump flags on the back of their trucks. Oh, that, and Trump Won banners. Anyone ever going to break the bad news to these people living under a rock?

      Anyway, the American flag is like a prop the right uses. Why? It should be against the law. Fly your flag on your house. That’s it. No shirts, no vehicle banners (I’m sure this is already illegal) and stop trying to tie the flag to your platform. You do not represent all of America.

  • Avatar No one even votes in these primaries. says:

    No one even votes in these primaries.

  • Avatar David Mario Curcio says:

    The Conservative Party of Richmond County is proud to have nominated Leticia Remauro as our candidate for Staten Island Borough President and urges Republican primary voters to likewise support her candidacy by making her their #1 choice. Since the founding of the Conservative Party in 1962, no Republican has ever been elected Staten Island Borough President without also being the candidate of the Conservative Party.

    • Avatar T.M.SMITH says:

      I support the Conservatives but not Republicans. Why? They’re not at ALL the same party! Wake up! The Republicans aren’t so conservative on a number of issues. And, they have a hundred and one agendas.

  • Avatar Are you really so woke says:

    So here we have some Americans who hate our nation. OK. Got it

    Our history is not perfect, but rather one of growth

    Rights for ALL has come a long way. Don’t be bamboozled by the bamboozling fools who act like they know, but live like they DON’T

    No country is perfect, and all the citizens would never ever agree as to what “perfec” might even mean

    But if we agree that we’re talking about civil rights and equality. No sane person can pretend that life in America is improving over time

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