Lawsuit Filed in Federal Court Charging Mayor de Blasio With Violating Basic Civil Rights


New York, New York: A lawsuit was filed in federal court asking for an injunction against Mayor de Blasio’s vaccine mandate policy that is set to start next week.

The lawsuit filed by Attorney Tricia S. Lindsay on behalf of business owner and candidate for Borough President Leticia Remauro, along with Staten Island resident, Jane Frangos states, “The government of the City of New York led by Mayor Bill de Blasio is violating the constitution of the United States and is unjustifiably wreaking havoc on the lives of a substantial number of New York residents and visitors. New York state, including New York City, is no longer under a COVID-19 state of emergency, yet Mayor de Blasio’s latest proclamation slated to take effect on or about August 16, 2021, which identifies the citizens he thinks are permitted to lead normal lives while in New York City, is a glaring and dangerous instance of government overreach gone wild.”

The lawsuit is the first of two that will be filed by Ms. Lindsay on behalf of Ms. Remauro and other business owners, residents and employees who will be negatively affected by the mandate. The second will be filed in New York State Supreme Court.

Said Tricia S. Lindsay, Esq. “The United States Constitution guarantees citizens the unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those words have true meaning, yet government officials, with an assist from the news media and big tech, are using a virus as an excuse to trample our freedoms. This is unacceptable and must be fought thoroughly and without exception because once we forfeit our rights we set a dangerous precedent for them to be permanently removed.

“This lawsuit is important because it challenges our judiciary to decide whether we are truly protected by our U.S. Constitution or if it is just a piece of paper with some words written on it – words that can be erased once government officials proclaim a state of emergency. We are teetering on the precipice of what is the foundation of our American freedoms. How it is decided will set a precedent for everything that follows.”

Restaurants will be affected by the mandate.  Image Credit - Nenad Maric

Restaurants will be affected by the mandate. Image Credit – Nenad Maric

Said Leticia Remauro, “I fully support the use of the vaccine to control the spread of COVID 19, however, controlling a pandemic can never include the trampling of individual liberties. The choice to be vaccinated is a private one between a person and his/her physician. I must never be mandated or coerced by the government.”

“I am one of many people who recovered from COVID and still possess a high level of natural antibodies. My doctor has advised against vaccination because it could adversely affect my immune system. There are others for whom the vaccine is not an option due to their medical history. Some people have a religious or or personal opposition to taking the vaccine. Children under 12 are too young to take the vaccine. The mandate would disenfranchise all of us.”

Some people who have taken the vaccine are also opposed to the mandate. Staten Island resident Jane Frangos is vaccinated but is opposed to sharing her personal medical information with non healthcare professionals.

Said Ms. Jane Fangos, “I am a 75-year old diabetic woman who took the vaccine, however I object strenuously to mandating that others be vaccinated if they want to remain employed or if they want to participate in leisure activities. I have a family member whose physician advised against taking the vaccine due to health concerns. This person masks up and follows social distance protocols when we are out. The mandate means we will no longer be able to go out to dinner or a movie together. The de Blasio administration is quickly moving to limit the rights and liberties of individuals against our U.S. Constitutional guarantees. It must be stopped!”

Other New York City residents who will be part of a lawsuit being filed in State Supreme Court had this to say:

Said Rosemarie Saladino, owner of The Marina Cafe on Staten Island, “My family owned business has been operating for more than 40 years. We have not received guidance from New York City for how to handle the collection of vaccine information or how to discern whether vaccine documents are valid and true. I’m hearing that there will be random checks by the Health Department and fines if we aren’t doing things correctly. How can we do things right if we don’t know what is expected of us. The Mayor is saying he wants people to lose their jobs if they aren’t vaccinated, this at a time when we are hard pressed to find workers. We can’t survive under this rule. Once again he is putting our businesses in jeopardy. People are already canceling events.”

Said Heshy Tischler, Brooklyn business owner and radio personality, “We have been dining indoors successfully since February using masks and social distancing. The proof is that New York’s COVID numbers went down and leveled out. Scientists have told us that vaccinated people can get and spread the Delta variant, so why would we mandate that people get vaccinated in order to frequent bars, restaurants and gyms? This is just another illegal rule from Mayor de Blasio that infringes on our rights and liberties as Americans and New Yorkers.”

Said Tony Herbert, Chairman of the New York Multi-Cultural Nightlife Chamber of Commerce and Conservative candidate for Public Advocate said, “Once again this Mayor is handing down arbitrary and capricious mandates that pit New Yorkers against each other and negatively impact businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, yet this Mayor seems hell bent on putting them in the untenable position of having to turn their customers away or face fines. His mandate will disproportionately affect people of color and those whose religious beliefs prevent them from taking the vaccine. He is setting a dangerous precedent that will have unintended consequences.”

Said Bill Pepitone, former NYC police officer and Conservative candidate for Mayor, “Mayor de Blasio’s decision to require proof of vaccination from anyone entering a restaurant, gym or other indoor venue is the exact type of government overreach we have come to expect from this administration and epitomizes what motivated me to run for Mayor and restore common sense to New York City. Socialism has no place in these five boroughs and we will not stand for this infringement on our liberties.”


Leticia Remauro

Leticia Remauro is a Staten Island advocate, small-business owner, author and former government official who served in the administrations of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Governor George Pataki and as Chair of Community Board 1 on the north shore of Staten Island. Ms. Remauro has been recognized by “City & State” as one of the “50 Most Influential People on Staten Island” and a “Power 100” honoree. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Professional Women in Construction - Woman of Achievement Award; the Associated Minority Enterprises of New York - Public Service Advocate Award and the New York City - Peacekeeper Award.

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    Beware of this attorney. Do not sign her as your attorney get a second opinion. This is to make sure your case is not frivolous and duplicated if you already tried to do it on your own. Don’t get scammed under the guise of I believe you have a strong case.

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