Press Release Re Nicole Malliotokis, Others Win By Conservative Party of Staten Island

Conservative Party Reminds People To Vote Conservative By Expanding County Committee Membership and Promoting “Vote Column C” Campaign

The Conservative Party of Richmond County held a special meeting of its county committee on September 28th for the purpose of filling vacancies and to promote its “Vote Column C” campaign for this year’s general election. Thirty new members were added to the county committee, raising the committee’s total membership to more than two-hundred and the most in many years. In addition, the committee elected Angela M. Mirizzi as Treasurer, George J. Passariello as South Shore District Leader, and Joseph A. Kovac as East Shore Associate District Leader to fill vacancies in those executive committee positions.

“The Conservative Party has always stood for our nation’s founding principles of faith, support for law enforcement, family rights, educational choice, and fiscal discipline,” said Chairman David Mario Curcio. “These are values shared by the candidates whom we have endorsed and nominated in the upcoming general election.”

Column C. Image Credit - Dawid Zawiła

Column C. Image Credit – Dawid Zawiła

The Conservative Party is the only political party on Staten Island that uses a secret-ballot vote at its nominating conventions. At this year’s convention, more than eighty percent of the committee participated in the vote, the most in many decades. At that convention, the county committee nominated and endorsed Leticia Remauro for Staten Island Borough President, George S. Wonica for City Council (50th District, Mid-Island), incumbent Joseph C. Borelli for City Council (51st District, South Shore), and attorney Brendan T. Lantry for Civil Court Judge (2nd Municipal District, East/South Shores).

The five county organizations of the Conservative Party in the City of New York have also jointly nominated and endorsed Bill Pepitone for Mayor, Anthony Herbert for Public Advocate, and Paul Rodriguez for Comptroller. Each of these candidates for citywide office, along with the candidates nominated by the county, will appear on Column C of the ballot.

The county’s executive committee has also endorsed Republican Pat Rondinelli in her campaign for City Council (49th District, North Shore), along with Civil Court Judge Ron Castorina and attorney Paul Marrone, both Republicans, for election to the New York State Supreme Court.

New York State. Image Credit - Steve Richey

New York State. Image Credit – Steve Richey

Earlier this month, the Conservative Party of Richmond County hosted a fundraising reception where all ten of the aforementioned nominated and endorsed candidates addressed a capacity crowd in attendance.

Election Day is scheduled for Tuesday, November 2, 2021, preceded by nine scheduled days of early voting. Candidates nominated by the Conservative Party will each appear on the ballot on Column C.

The Conservative Party of Richmond County encourages voters to VOTE COLUMN C and to VOTE NO on all five ballot proposal questions which will appear on the reverse side of the ballot.

Election Day. Image Credit - BP Miller

Election Day. Image Credit – BP Miller

Editor’s Note: The five questions that will be on the reverse side of the ballot are as follows, according to Ballotpedia. The links below point to a brief summary of each ballot proposal, so that readers can be informed about these important issues:

Proposal 1 Makes changes to the redistricting process in New York

Proposal 2 Creates a state constitutional right to clean air, clean water, and a healthful environment

Proposal 3 Authorizes the legislature to pass a law for same-day voter registration

Proposal 4 Authorizes the legislature to pass a law for no-excuse absentee voting

Proposal Increases the NYC Civil Court’s jurisdiction from civil cases involving $25,000 to $50,000

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