Candidates Call For Scrapping “Vision Zero” Plan As Failure In Preventing Pedestrian Fatalities, While Success In Increasing Driver Confusion, Filling City Coffers

Staten Island, NY: Leticia Remauro, Conservative Candidate for Staten Island Borough President, George S. Wonica, Conservative Candidate for NY City Council 50th District and Tony Herbert, Conservative Candidate for NYC Public Advocate are calling on Mayor de Blasio to scrap his ill-conceived “Vision Zero,” which has failed in reducing the number of traffic-related pedestrian fatalities in New York City.

A recent New York Times article pointed out that “Every three days on average, a car kills another pedestrian. At least 189 people — including 87 pedestrians and 12 cyclists — have been killed by crashes on city streets through Sept. 14, [2021] up nearly 26 percent from the same period last year and the highest number of deaths in that period since 2013, according to city records.”

Said Remauro, “Once again, the Mayor has failed in delivering basic services to New Yorkers. He told us that speed cameras would keep pedestrians safe. He told us that lowering speed limits would reduce traffic accidents. He was wrong on both counts. Inconsistent speed limits are leading to increased driver frustration and paranoia, creating a less safe driving environment. Hidden speed cameras are picking the pockets of drivers traveling at what were once lawful speeds while removing police from what used to be part of their job – traffic enforcement. When police were in charge of traffic enforcement, they would catch drivers who were actually speeding, and oftentimes uncover other unlawful behavior. If the Mayor truly wants to make our streets safer, he should take a page out of Mayor Bloomberg’s book and install Smart Traffic Light technology throughout our city like his predecessor did with Midtown in Motion.

Vision Zero Day of Awareness: Evening Biking. Image Credit - NYC Department of Transportation

Vision Zero Day of Awareness: Evening Biking. Image Credit – NYC Department of Transportation

Said George S. Wonica, “Everyday I hear complaints from senior citizens who are confused by the inconsistent speed limits from one street to the other. On Staten Island, our default speed limit was 30 MPH with some roads at 35 MPH and a few at 40 MPH. For a borough that isn’t served by public transportation, changing speed limits inconsistently from block to block causes driver confusion which results in traffic jams and traffic accidents. Our buses are crawling along streets at a snails pace which reduces ridership. Add bike lanes that end abruptly into the mix and we have a recipe for disaster. The Mayor has to face facts, “Vision Zero” isn’t working. We need a new idea to move traffic and keep pedestrians and cyclists safe. It’s time to look for new technology to help us.”

Said Herbert, “The Mayor has caused chaos in the streets as he has in almost every other area of New York City. When challenged to answer why, he defaults to blaming the police department for lack of enforcement. The same police department he chose to defund. Well, New Yorkers aren’t buying it. The blood of the cyclists and pedestrians who died since “Vision Zero” was enacted is on the Mayor’s hands alone. It was his crazy plan that got us here and now we need the insanity to end. Let’s give the police the tools they need to keep our streets safe for everyone. Let’s return speed limits to the consistent default of 30 MPH and get rid of these cameras that were nothing but a money maker from the beginning. Give the police department the tools they need to keep us.”

Banner Image: Vision Zero Day of Awareness 2019. Image Credit – NYC Department of Transportation

Leticia Remauro

Leticia Remauro is a Staten Island advocate, small-business owner, author and former government official who served in the administrations of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Governor George Pataki and as Chair of Community Board 1 on the north shore of Staten Island. Ms. Remauro has been recognized by “City & State” as one of the “50 Most Influential People on Staten Island” and a “Power 100” honoree. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Professional Women in Construction - Woman of Achievement Award; the Associated Minority Enterprises of New York - Public Service Advocate Award and the New York City - Peacekeeper Award.

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