Curtis Sliwa At The Christopher Columbus Parade. Image Credit - Curtis Sliwa's Campaign

Curtis Sliwa Asks Why There Is No Christopher Columbus Statue On Staten Island, As Mayor Plans To Purchase Mothballed NJ Statue For Display

Says Columbus Statue Needed for Staten Island

NEW YORK CITY – New York Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa will be marching in the Columbus Day Parade on Monday, starting at 5th Ave and 44th St at 11 AM

Sliwa notes that while Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx have Christopher Columbus statues, the most Italian of boroughs, Staten Island, does not even have a statue.

Christopher Columbus Statue at Columbus Park, Brooklyn. Image Credit - Curtis Sliwa Campaign

Christopher Columbus Statue at Columbus Park, Brooklyn. Image Credit – Curtis Sliwa Campaign

“In the last few years, Newark, Trenton, and Atlantic City in NJ have mothballed their Christopher Columbus statues. Bridgeport and New Haven, in CT, have put their statues in storage,” Sliwa said

“As Mayor, I will reach out to these cities to see if we can acquire one of their mothballed Christopher Columbus statues for Staten Island,” Sliwa continued. “The statue could then be placed at either Mt. Loretto, scene of the annual Staten Island Italian Feast, or at the corner of Hylan Blvd. and New Dorp Lane.”


  • Avatar **** Columbus says:

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    • CRANK CRANK says:

      Nah, how about **** you?!

      What’s your issue?

      Come on here with a lot of vitriol but where’s the mind to back it up?

      • Avatar Up With Truth says:

        Columbus Day is just an imperialist festival honoring the priveged white conquerors. It’s disguised as what? It has no disguise! We’re literally celebrating whiteness and white supremacy. Columbus “discovered” North America with its many Native inhabitants. This is the pinnacle of whiteness, and it has to end. Columbus statues are like a statue honoring slavery, genocide, stealing land, and bowing down to the Europeans. I’m sure it’s all a secret plot by the whites to have this holiday. They never really explain it to us. Just the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. But why? Any Native kids in the room? Well, we going to celebrate the white folks who made your ancestors slaves and you didn;’t even see a penny back yet. With interest, every Black person should be a millionaire. So go ahead and bow to your white god. Your idol. Columbus Day purely represents white supremacy and that’s final.

        • CRANK CRANK says:

          I notice you only capitalize Native and Black. Not White

          • Avatar Up With Truth says:

            And I notice you have a Hitler mustache.

          • Avatar Up With Truth says:

            white is the dominant culture

            • CRANK CRANK says:

              That’s a cop out. Capitalize all, or capitalize none.

              I’m fine with Black, that’ makes sense. But to then have kids reading their textbooks and seeing every other group given respect, with a capitalization, it might make them feel inferior seeing they are the only ones not afforded this privilege.

              What does dominant culture even mean? This isn’t 1950. Or 1980, for that matter. Redlining’s dead. I have Black colleagues and Black neighbors. What in the world are you talking about?

              • Avatar anon says:

                ” But to then have kids ”

                Your words not mine. You see you are a white supremacist? You use the term “kids” to mean white kids. It’s obvious from your statement. That is precisely what “dominant culture” means. You gave a textbook example. White is the default. That creates a sense of otherness in children of other races. It’s a BLM world. Face it. Your views are old.

        • Joey Caputo Joey Caputo says:

          You are so lost. I don’t blame you. You’re just misled.

          Actually, Columbus Day was started by the WHITE establishment of its day to appease Italian Americans and Sicilian Americans.

          Why you might ask? Because the largest mass lynching in US history had just happened in Louisiana. No it was not Black men. It was Italians. ALL Italian, actually Sicilian. Sicily is Italy, but it’s also a different culture altogether.

          So your entire premise is false. Italians were just n****** to the WHITE people. You really need a history lesson. And just I write n***** because if my grandfather had to be called that, I can use that word. And, yes, he was called that. But slowly, we were accepted. We worked hard and contributed to society and got educated.

          Racism is disgusting. But here you are trying to divide us all with your words. I’ll celebrate Columbus Day every year because it is a celebration of Italian heritage and YES suffering at the hands of racists. I don’t think Columbus was a saint. I don’t pray asking for him to intervene with God for me. He was a man, and that’s it. The holiday has a history of overcoming oppression. And YOU want to take it away from us?????

          • Avatar Up With The Truth says:

            You’re celebrating “suffering at the hands of racists”? Did I just read that right. OMG. I am truly shocked. You came out and said that. You –dare– to use the N word. You dare. Who the f*** is you? You look white to me. Stay in your lane. What you write is pure fiction. But I like how you actually worship –us– and want to be down without having to have had dealt with racism. If I hear a white boy like use using language like that, Imma slap someone.

            • Joey Caputo Joey Caputo says:

              I obviously meant that we Italians were suffering at the hands of racists. If I was unclear, my apologies.

              But I’m not apologizing for saying the truth. Everything I said is 100% true.

              The only one you should be slapping is yourself, a wake up call to try to de-hypnotize yourself. Cold water works too.

              You’ve just got an agenda. I am all for equality for everyone. 1000% But don’t come at me with all this. I am not a racist, and no, I’m not a secret racist, either. If you met my grandma she’d try to feed you. Not persecute you. You misunderstand our culture. I’m sure of it.

              Your not the language police. I can use any word I choose. I explained my position as to why I use that word. I am definitely not wanting to be you. I love my Italian American culture. I appreciate Black culture, but trust me buddy, I am happy being me. You don’t know me so don’t make absurd assumptions about me.

              But how dare you!! for trying to take away my heritage.

              Also, we don’t say “use” like that. One person is not “use.” It’s like saying “ya’ll.” =)

              • Avatar Up With Truth says:

                I do like Italian food. I’m sure the homemade food is way better than I’ve had in restaurants. I might just take you up on that offer and meet your grandma. My grandma can cook! She makes pies and cakes and smoked meats and pickles and the meanest mac n cheese you’ll ever have. Her secret ingredient is raisins and collards. It sounds weird but trust me, it’s about as good as it gets! My grandma won’t let you out of her sight until you’re bursting at the seams, but her food is good, so you don’t care much. But for real now, you are not Black. It’s –you– who are hypnotized.

                How about this, now…they gave use (or is it you’se or youze) Columbus Day as a slap in the face. Why’d they pick a person who was an oppressor? They could have chosen America Vezpucci. Or why not just “Italian American Day” or something? Why does it have to be an “explorer”? No, if what you say is true and I don’t know that it is, they played you. You’re celebrating the kind of behavior that you encountered in the US. They make hypocrites of ya’ll every year.

        • Avatar Ian says:

          The “Natives in the room” as you put it, are the Native Americans, the ones Columbus wrongly called Indians, that we stole the land from. If you’re Black and descended from slaves, then I believe you deserve reparations. But the land was not yours.

          Columbus Day is just a cover for white activities that are unacceptable otherwise. So make it holiday and celebrate the tears and pain. We white people are very clever.

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