Staten Island’s Outgoing Borough Presdent Announces Funding For Snug Harbor Little League. Field Lights Will Finally Be Installed, So They Can Hold Games In Autumn, Extending Their Season

October 18, 2021

STATEN ISLAND: The only Little League field on Staten Island without lights is on track to be illuminated

Borough President James Oddo joined representatives of the Snug Harbor Little League at the field this morning announcing the capital allocation of $600,000 to the league which will be used for the installation of field lights. Currently, the league is the only little league on Staten Island without lights which impacts their ability to hold Fall games, limiting their overall season. With this funding, lights will be able to produce a direct illumination on its three fields without any impact to the surrounding neighbors.

Baseball Field Lights. Image Credit - Alex Caza

Baseball Field Lights. Image Credit – Alex Caza

“Throughout the 22 years I’ve been in office, we’ve built a lot of fields, so being able to, in the waning days of my time in office, come back to a great Little League complex and help out, it’s a good feeling,” said Borough President Oddo. “I firmly believe really important things happen on these fields – the camaraderie , the friendships and life lessons all happen here. I appreciate what you all do at the league, and I thank you for what you all do for these kids. Let there be lights!”

The league has been trying for years to get lights approved for the field, and received that approval from Community Board 1 after a company was hired to run lighting tests on its three fields. Numerous signatures were also acquired after the league’s Dennis Thomson knocked on about 100 doors in the neighborhood to get the community’s approval for lighting.

The Strikeout King. Image Credit - Ben Hershey

The Strikeout King. Image Credit – Ben Hershey

“This has been an ongoing battle for as long as I can remember,” said Anthony Varvaro, the league’s incoming president. “This is going to be an improvement for the community, and it’s going to give these kids a better opportunity. The future is looking bright, literally, for the boys and girls of this little league.”

“It’s always about the kids first, and winning second,,” said Dean Pecorale, current league president. “We always try to keep this league as family oriented as possible, and make the best with what we have. This is more than we’ve ever had. I would like to thank Mr. Oddo for this allocation to the league.”

Banner Image: James Oddo Announces Funding For Snug Harbor Little League. Image Credit – BP James Oddo

James Oddo

James Steven Oddo is an American attorney and politician serving as the Borough President of Staten Island. Oddo had previously served as a member of the New York City Council.

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