Press Release Re Nicole Malliotokis, Others Win By Conservative Party of Staten Island

Conservative Party of Richmond County Announces Nominations and Endorsements Of 2022 Candidates

The Conservative Party of Richmond County has nominated and endorsed Senator Andrew J. Lanza and Assemblyman Michael W. Reilly Jr. for re-election to their respective offices.  Senator Lanza has represented the 24th Senate District since 2007 and Assemblyman Reilly has represented the 62nd Assembly District since 2019.  Also nominated and endorsed by the Conservative Party are Sam T. Pirozzolo for State Assembly from the 63rd District and Mary Alice Kavanagh for New York City Civil Court Judge from the countywide district.


“The Conservative Party of Richmond County is proud to support the re-election campaigns of Senator Lanza and Assemblyman Reilly, both of whom have distinguished themselves in the state legislature with solid conservative voting records,” said Chairman David Mario Curcio.  “We are also enthusiastic about the candidacies of Sam Pirozzolo and Mary Kavanagh, each of whom has the experience and qualifications to serve our community well in these important elected offices.”


“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Staten Island Conservative Party,” said Senator Andrew J. Lanza. “As we look towards November, it is crystal clear that New Yorkers have been harmed and betrayed by left wing policies. I look forward to working with Chairman Curcio and the members of the Conservative Party in the fight to defend individual liberty and restore economic opportunities for all.”


“I am proud to accept this endorsement from the Conservative Party of Richmond County, and I humbly thank Chairman Curcio and party members for their support,” said Assemblyman Michael W. Reilly Jr. “I will continue to be a staunch advocate for the restoration of public safety and a defender of our individual freedoms.”


“I appreciate the confidence Chairman Curcio and the Conservative Party has put in me to be the standard bearer of conservative values as we work together to take New York State back one district at a time,” said Assembly candidate Sam T. Pirozzolo.  “I won’t let the party down and I won’t let the good people of the 63rd district down.”


“I thank Chairman Curcio and the Conservative Party for their faith in my ability to uphold the sacred laws of our State and to treat all parties that come before me with dignity and respect,” said judicial candidate Mary Alice Kavanagh.  “I am humbled and honored for their support and endorsement of my candidacy for Civil Court Judge.”


Last December, the Conservative Party of Richmond County announced its re-election endorsements of both Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis and Assemblyman Michael Tannousis, both of whom represent districts that include portions of both Richmond County and Kings County.  Nominations of candidates representing districts that include multiple counties are made by the State Conservative Party, based upon the joint recommendations of the affected counties, which is the case for both Congresswoman Malliotakis and Assemblyman Tannousis.


“I thank the Conservative Party for its continued support as I stand up against the failed Biden-Pelosi policies that have given us hyper-inflation, made us less safe and given government bureaucrats more control of our lives,” said Congresswoman Malliotakis last December.

“I will continue to fight for conservative values and common sense policies in Albany at a time when a radical progressive agenda continues to plague our state,” said Assemblyman Tannousis last December.


In addition to the county’s nominees, the New York State Conservative Party has nominated the following candidates for statewide office:  Lee Zeldin for Governor, Alison Esposito for Lt. Governor, Michael Henry for Attorney General, Paul Rodriguez for Comptroller, and Joe Pinion for United States Senate.


Election Day is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2022, with Conservative Party candidates on Column “C”.


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  • Avatar R Della says:

    I wanted to contact the Staten Island GOP OR this Staten Island Conservative party to see how one can be assigned as a poll watcher for upcoming elections. However, both organizations are Not yet Organized to make it easy to contact them let alone make efforts to secure our elections. Your web site issues to not make it EASY to make contact and are disorganized. So, in a last effort to contact, I pose the question above and await a reply. Thank You.

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