Rep Ocasio-Cortez Weighs In On Ukraine/Russia Conflict


It has been a very difficult time for our country and the world. Russia’s violent invasion of Ukraine is indefensible. As President Biden laid out in his State of the Union address, the U.S. is working with European allies to support Ukrainian defensive efforts and apply economic pressure to Russia to cease its invasion. While the Congresswoman has long opposed broad sanctions that could cause indiscriminate harm to civilians, we support President Biden’s targeted sanctions on Putin and his oligarchs. We also strongly concur with the President that U.S. troops on the ground is not the answer.

Ukrainian Flag. Image Credit - Max Kukurudziak

Ukrainian Flag. Image Credit – Max Kukurudziak

Additionally, we believe that we must work with our allies to prepare for a refugee crisis on a massive scale, and we have renewed our call for President Biden to raise the refugee cap – so that we can both welcome Ukrainian refugees and the many refugees from across the world whose dire circumstances have sadly not received the same global concern. As Rep. Ocasio-Cortez said last week, “How the world treats Ukraine, and Ukrainian refugees, should be how we are treating all refugees in the United States.”

As this conflict continues, we will provide updates, and we welcome you to share your thoughts with us. In this difficult time, we take comfort in being a part of this wonderful NY-14 community.

Banner Image: Russian Buildings. Image Credit – Social Income.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

In January of 2019, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez was sworn-in as the youngest woman and youngest Latina ever to serve in Congress. Her first piece of legislation was the Green New Deal resolution, which envisions a 10-year national mobilization, akin to FDR’s New Deal, that would put millions to work in good-paying, union jobs repairing the nation’s infrastructure, reducing air and water pollution, and fighting the intertwined economic, social, racial and climate crises crippling the country.

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  • Avatar Ronda says:

    AOC! Thanks, girl, for keep[ing poltiics OUT of this.

    Really, many thanks.

    It’s about those suffering, that’s it.

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