31st Annual Bread Of Life Food Drive Partnership With BP Fossella, DA McMahon Announced


Catchphrase “Fight Hunger, Not Each Other” strives to encourage working together for good

​Borough President Vito J. Fossella was joined by District Attorney Michael E. McMahon and Bread of Life Executive Director Joseph Delaney today to announce a partnership for the 31st annual Bread of Life Food Drive.

This year, Bread of Life is using the catchphrase “Fight Hunger, Not Each Other” to give students an extracurricular outlet and opportunity to contribute to the community in light of recent violence in schools. Students in both public and private schools will lead and participate in the drive to fight food insecurity across Staten Island. At the end of the drive, the food collected will be given to over 20 not-for-profit organizations on Staten Island.

“The Bread of Life food drive is a Staten Island tradition that helps foster the good that we all find within the students of our local schools,” said Borough President Fossella. “There has always been a common theme with the Bread of Life food drive. It highlights the importance of working together for the greater good, helping so many Staten Islanders who experience food insecurity. I want to thank DA McMahon for partnering on this wonderful event which has been spearheaded for decades by Joe Delaney, Dr. Bob Griswold and Notre Dame Club President Tom Ventrudo. Your efforts have changed the lives of so many, and we thank you for your service.”

“For the past 30 years, the University of Notre Dame Bread of Life food drive has brought together local schools, volunteers, and organizations from across Staten Island to provide much-needed food items and support to our neighbors in need,” said District Attorney Michael E. McMahon.

“This year’s theme, “Fight Hunger, Not Each Other,” encourages Staten Island students from all backgrounds to unite under the common cause of ending hunger by working together. Just as importantly we are helping our students understand the hurt that violence against each other can cause and that there are better, peaceful ways to resolve disagreements. I am equally proud to partner with Borough President Fossella and his office to continue this wonderful Staten Island tradition, and I thank Joe Delaney, Dr. Bob Griswold and Club President Tom Ventrudo for their tireless work to create a lasting culture of giving and peace in our schools throughout the borough.”

“I thank Borough President Fossella and District Attorney McMahon for bringing together the students of our Staten Island schools to fight hunger by participating in the annual Notre Dame Bread of Life food drive,” said Bread of Life Executive Director Joseph Delaney. “The leadership of these two distinguished public officials can only serve to inspire our students to join together in a common cause that will lead to a greater unity of our young people, as they become a significant force for good within our schools and throughout the Staten Island community for years to come.”

The Bread of Life has raised almost two million food items from over 100 local schools, and distributed donations to 25 not-for-profits on Staten Island throughout its 30 year history. This year, participating schools will collect non-perishable items between March 28 and April 9.

Banner Image: BP Fossella and DA McMahon at the annual Bread Of Life event. Image Credit – BP Fossella


BP Vito Fossella

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