Representative AOC Provides Updates On New Legislation, Chhaya Community Empowerment, Immigration

A Message from the Office of Representative Ocasio-Cortez

After recent rulings by the Supreme Court that threaten many Americans’ fundamental rights to privacy and bodily autonomy, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez introduced a series of that include a federal right to contraception, same-sex marriage, and codifying EPA’s authority to regulate emissions and protect the environment. She also voted in support of a House bill codifying the right to abortion.

We’ve also been busy in the district. Earlier this month, the Congresswoman visited Chhaya, a community organization in Jackson Heights, Queens that helps renters, homeowners, and small businesses stay in the area, despite rapidly rising prices. This year, the Congresswoman secured $2 million to help Chhaya purchase a permanent home in the neighborhood, so that they too can afford to stay.

Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez also met with several immigrant groups from NY-14, including Make The Road-New York, Mekong, Movement for Justice in El Barrio, the New Immigrant Community Empowerment, Adhikaar, African Communities United, Communities United for Status and Protection, Desis Rising Up & Moving, and Detention Watch Network. These NY-14 groups play a critical role in how we advocate for and legislate on behalf of our immigrant community — particularly in our district where half of our constituents are immigrants. We’re grateful for the time they took to meet with us and discuss how we can better support immigrants in the district.

Banner Image:  AOC Meets With Community Members.  Image Credit – Representative AOC

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

In January of 2019, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez was sworn-in as the youngest woman and youngest Latina ever to serve in Congress. Her first piece of legislation was the Green New Deal resolution, which envisions a 10-year national mobilization, akin to FDR’s New Deal, that would put millions to work in good-paying, union jobs repairing the nation’s infrastructure, reducing air and water pollution, and fighting the intertwined economic, social, racial and climate crises crippling the country.

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