Casa Belvedere Hosts Italian Movie L’Arminuta Next Tuesday

This summer, enjoy some special Tuesday nights out under the stars, experiencing fine Italian films with English subtitles at Casa Belvedere. We will take you throughout beautiful Italy with movies that will make you laugh and also reflect.

What are you waiting for?
It is time to gather again under the stars and watch movies!

L’Arminuta, By Giuseppe Bonito (2021)

On a midsummer day, a 13-year-old girl is returned to her real family she didn’t know she belonged to.

She lived for much of her life with a loving mother and father, then suddenly she loses everything about her.

She is no longer a young girl of high hopes; she is simply the Arminuta that is the returned.

From a middle-class family, she finds herself living in a difficult reality in the Abruzzo countryside, in an empty, dull, and too-small house for a family of five.

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Banner Image: Movie graphic.  Image Credit – Casa Belvedere

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