Speed Camera Protest On Staten Island Today!


Speed Camera Protest | Part 3

Organized by Johb Maitland, running for Congress

Staten Island residents will gather to protest the unconstitutional taxes levied via surveillance without due process.

Hylan Blvd & Lincoln Ave, Staten Island, NY 10306

August 18, 2022
6:00 PM



John Matland

John is not a career politician. He is a healthcare worker that lost his career to unjust arbitrary mandates. From watching government corruption spread further into corporate corruption, he knew he had to act. He ascended to a leadership role for healthcare workers in the summer of 2021 and would go on to be terminated due to the mandate deadline. The loss of his career did not stop him from battling tyrannical measures, instead he became a prominent name in the right to choose battle, giving many speeches throughout NYC. It became evident to John, in November of 2021, that the politicians had largely sold the people out. On a cold night, John stood in front of a DSNY garbage truck to display how thousands and thousands of workers throughout NYC felt. This act was a sign of the dedication he has to the community. The politicians were not there sacrificing themselves to bring attention to all the workers and families that were destroyed by these measures; it was regular citizens. This is where it became evident, career politicians are exactly who lead us here and they do not have our best interests at heart. John pledges to be the most transparent politician of all time and listen to the voices of the constituents, not just his own.


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