John Matland, Running Against Rep. Malliotakis In Tuesday’s Primary, Has Different Ideas For Our District


Our country and our district are at a crossroads. For too long, establishment Republicans have repeatedly disrespected the hard-working voters who have placed their trust in them.
They repeatedly say one thing during campaign season while doing the exact opposite in Washington when they think no one is
paying attention.
Well, We The People are paying attention and will no longer tolerate this repeated abuse!
This is why I am running for Congress to represent Staten Island and Southern Brooklyn in New York’s 11th District.
In Congress I will be a strong Republican who will:
End ALL Vaccine Mandates.
Oppose ALL Speed Cameras.
Support the 2nd Amendment.
Stop wasting taxpayer funds in other countries.
Stop Driving Up Inflation.
My opponent, Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis on the other hand:
Voted while a Member of the New York State Assembly to strip religious exemptions for parents not to be forced to vaccinate their children.
Voted for Biden’s fake “Infrastructure” Plan that had funding for Speed Cameras Nationwide.
Voted with the Dems on multiple anti-2nd Amendment Bills.
Voted to burn billions of taxpayer dollars outside of the USA, further driving up inflation.
New York 11 was one of President Trump’s strongest districts in the 2016 and primary and voted strongly for him in 2016 and 2020.
Nicole has publicly stated she wished she never voted for him while she was running for mayor but will claim to support him when it helps her earn votes.
Our district deserves better than Nicole Malliotakis. Its voters deserve a Congressman will be held accountable for the promises he has made for a change and this is why I am asking for your vote on Tuesday, August 23rd.
Together we can return our voice to government and bring back proper representation.
Banner Image courtesy of Matland’s campaign


John Matland

John is not a career politician. He is a healthcare worker that lost his career to unjust arbitrary mandates. From watching government corruption spread further into corporate corruption, he knew he had to act. He ascended to a leadership role for healthcare workers in the summer of 2021 and would go on to be terminated due to the mandate deadline. The loss of his career did not stop him from battling tyrannical measures, instead he became a prominent name in the right to choose battle, giving many speeches throughout NYC. It became evident to John, in November of 2021, that the politicians had largely sold the people out. On a cold night, John stood in front of a DSNY garbage truck to display how thousands and thousands of workers throughout NYC felt. This act was a sign of the dedication he has to the community. The politicians were not there sacrificing themselves to bring attention to all the workers and families that were destroyed by these measures; it was regular citizens. This is where it became evident, career politicians are exactly who lead us here and they do not have our best interests at heart. John pledges to be the most transparent politician of all time and listen to the voices of the constituents, not just his own.

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