Massage Therapy Interstate Compact Bill Would Allow LMTs To Work While Travelling


Deadline for Comments on the Proposed Interstate Massage Therapy Compact Draft Bill

Since September 2021, ABMP has been working with a group of practitioners, educators, and regulators to draft a massage therapy compact bill that would make it easier for massage therapists to move from one compact state to another so long as they maintain a home state with a home license.

In short, seven states would need to pass the compact bill for the compact to go into effect. At that time, massage therapists who live in those states would be able to temporarily work in other compact states if they meet certain criteria outlined in more detail in our informational post. If a massage therapist is permanently moving to another state, they would need to obtain their license by the endorsement process, meeting the requirements of that state.


This is the beginning stage of drafting the compact bill—it may take another 18–24 months. There is an opportunity to amend the bill language through August 31, and your comments are important.


ABMP has provided an overview of how an interstate massage compact would work.

The final Zoom listening session with regulators for ABMP members has been rescheduled to Tuesday, August 23, at 4:00 p.m. ET, and you can register here.

If you would like to provide feedback, you can do so at the SurveyMonkey link on our legislative post. Comments are due August 31.

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